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so i just bought a new laptop + in honour of my retired one, i would like to share with u a lil memory of when i bought it 4 years ago, 2014, just about to enter grade 12...
🔮💫🌪🌬 (thats supposed to b like a lil montage that brings us to the past okie)
me: *typing on laptop model to see if i like the keys, idk actually*
cute employee that came out of nowhere: hey, lookin at laptops
me: haha yeah
dude: whats are you using it for?
me: sChoOl
same dude: oh yeah? what are you going to school for?
him: ... me: im only in high school
cute employee: oH *slowly backs away and leaves me in the dust*
me to nobody: 🙃😗... uh, i still need help tho???? 🌬🌪💫🔮 (thats us coming back to the present)
also here’s an unrelated photo bc i havent taken any recently due to being busy w cambodia prep (three days ppl!!!) xoxo bYe

our lives are a Christ-like fragrance rising up to God. but this fragrance is perceived differently by those who are being saved and by those who are perishing • 2cor 2:15 🌾 #anaromapleasingtothelord

in two and a half weeks i’ll be leaving for cambodia and the Good Lord has come thru aGAIN and blessed this trip abundantly already! 👈🏼😎👉🏼 my church fam just hosted a lil fundraising night + we raised ~$1600 (we had all of our necessary funds AND above raised already so this is all extra to further our ministry in cambodia) im so v excited. pls pray for me as i finish preparing for this trip - i still need to make several big purchases 🤧 and pls pray that i never find a spider in my bed. amen. god bless.

i want big city adventures + a good playlist 🌞

dts journal excerpt: “...this past week was about Fear of the Lord, and it was aLOT. like, my head is 2x bigger with questions and confusion and awe. ANYWAY, during an application time, our speaker Gab, had set a scene of a river in the room and related it to how we trust God. are we on the shore? are we at our ankles? knees? are we in over our heads? i felt like i was knee deep so i went and sat where i thought i’d be. but i sat down facing ~the shore~, which probably confused everybody but there was method to my madness. i couldn’t possibly trust You more than i do. i don’t know how, i don’t know where to start, i don’t know anyyyythiiing. am i even knee deep? and as i was sitting there, i thought “okay God, i really need somebody to come talk to me.” and i dont know why, i just wanted to see if God was listening? idk. but nobody came. so i sat there, like cool cool, and i just kept talking to God and thinking about stuff. and then Gab came and i was like “ahhhHHHHhHhhhh” (thats me internally screaming). Gab said he saw me wearing a crown and that i was picking things up that i thought were beautiful and putting them on my crown, but it was heavy and weighing me down, and God just really wanted me to know that the crown He gave me was enough. I was enough. and i was like cool!!!! so after he left, i thought some more and i had this image of me dancing in a river with Jesus, full of joy, and He was leading me closer to the middle of the river. i thought it was so weird, and i was like, nEXT. i kept thinking and talking to Papa, sitting with my eyes closed. and tHEN, Dev came a knockin’ and i knocked him back cause i was sTARTLED (me in real time: i still laugh about that). he said he had a vision of me dancing in the river with jesus and that i was so joyful and that He loved seeing that from me and He loved playing with me and loved my little quirks. And He wants to bring me deeper out into the river. And i was aMAZED, what the heck! i just had that vision and Devon just came and affirmed something!...” (cont’d in comments 🤷🏻‍♀️)

«entends le cri de nos cœurs, Tu es Roi, seul vainquer. libérés, nous proclamons Ta grâce, Ta majesté.» 🌞🌴 voici deux femmes rayonnantes de Dieu. marie-claude, une québécoise, et charlotte, une allemande. j’aime comment Dieu rassemble les nations et comment les relations se répandent dans le monde entier. elles ont tous deux des dons et des appels uniques sur leurs vies, et c’est tellement agréable de voir comment elles travaillent pour le Royaume. je les aime beaucoup, et elles me manquent. merci Jésus pour les médias sociaux.

happy doggo day, pals 🐶✌🏼 here’s a throwback picture of gypsy, the wildest pup livin his best life on the island. i really loved watching him chase invisible bugs and eat the dead bodies of spiders 🤷🏻‍♀️

why not - hilary duff 🌞 (also ps it’s spring!!!!!! amazing 🌷💕)

this year is already turning out to be all about love. i get to watch as those i hold dear to my heart start their new adventures, becoming examples of unity and love rooted in the gREATEST of Loves; i get to step out from the shadow of self-doubt and lies, planting and watering the seeds of self-love and worth; and finally, i get to dwell in the love of my Papa and let him speak truths of love and greatness into my life, fighting with me for breakthrough - the sweetest part is that i get to lay the shame down and all these preconceived ideas and i get to rest in the truth that Love has already won for me 🕊 i’m forever singing We Dance - Steffany Gretzinger & Pieces - Amanda Cook

“I think of my anger and bitterness, and I can’t help but hear Christ telling me to lay it down. When we hold onto what causes us to grow angry or even more bitter, we lose the energy to pursue God. It is a tiresome thing to hate, to hold onto a pain that should have been long let go. It’s not easy to let go, but it is necessary; so we must ask God to take it from us, and in that request we lay it all down.
Weary traveler, maybe you are exhausted because you are carrying more burdens than you are supposed to. Let go of the past, and allow God to heal you and restore you. Because in that restoration, you shall see a loving God desiring for you to chase after Him, and you shall finally have the strength to do so, because you no longer spend it on things that give no joy at all; So live, love, forgive, and move on. This is worship, this is faithfulness, and this is obeying God even when it hurts.” 💡T.B. LaBerge, Go Now

vous êtes merveilleux. vous êtes beau. vous êtes magnifique. vous êtes digne d’amour et d’amitié. votre cœur est gentil et doux, mais vous ne laissez pas les gens marcher sur vous. 2018, l’année que vous embrassez votre cœur de lion. ✊🏼 (also @ the translation, idk what happened 🤷🏻‍♀️ i just dk)

sometimes i try to journal and i get as far as writing the date before giving up ☕️✍🏼 it was one of those days. it was one of those years?????

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