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i would personally like to thank hoobastank for getting 11 y/o me thru the lows with ~the reason~ + i would like to thank not only God but also jesus for being good and faithful and getting 21 y/o me thru this wild ride called life (which i did not agree to go on, but 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️) ((also @isabellemeowww guess what inspired this piece of aRt! 🙃 i need help))

(it’s tomorrow already in germany sO 🙃 ) charlotte, meine kleine meerjungfrau 🧜🏻‍♀️🐡 you are the epitome of bringing heaven to earth, to allow your heart to remain soft and childlike, to stay curious, to reach first for God in seeking his will, his way of seeing the broken people you are so passionate about reaching, and his truth. you’re the cutest little german girl in all of germany probably, and i so dearly miss your laugh and how sometimes you make cat noises in your sleep and how you are so quick to pray with the sick, weary, and hurting. i just love the little things that happened in our 6 months together! like walking around downtown montreal + handing out little bags to the homeless, praying for Arise + Shine, late night worship sessions on the dock. please, little lottie, pray with me that Papa allows us to reunite soon - sending voice messages, although i treasure them greatly, is not the same as talking laughing and crying and dreaming and praying together in person. i hope you enjoy your birthday, and that you notice the little things that create the more memorable moments. you’re so precious and deeply loved, Daughter! 💖

the last bookstore, DTLA 〰️ tbh my only view of america for the longest time was from the internet and all the news articles of cops shooting the unarmed + innocent black men and children and the ones about all the crazy americans and bad things that happened, so i hardened my heart towards americans bc i thought y’all were wack but then i was convicted by the Holy Spirit + reminded that God made americans too and loved them just as much as he loves canadians or the dutch or africans (like, if the good Lord loves u then i guess imma have to try and do my best too), and then i was called to LA where i got to meet americans with the biggest hearts + who would become some of my downright most favourite ppl. lol so happy fourth of july i guess 🙆🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ xoxoxo

il est appelé «la belle province» pour une raison. proud to be born and quarter-raised in québec, esp the eastern townships 😍 (also hbd to the country that brought the world poutine, maple syrup + hockey)

isn’t it wild how you can get to a point where you don’t find comfort in the lies, a place where you once found refuge and comfort is now unsatisfying + uninteresting? like, when you’re stuck in your head and the lies try to make their way into your thoughts and dig deep into your spirit + heart, where you would once have to fight hard to rip the weeds out before they took root, you easily fend them off. the lies of “you have no worth” and “you are unlovable” are now able to roll off your shoulders with a condescending “your words are weak, enemy. your lies are feeble. i know Truth, and i live truth.” but also like, obvs sometimes ur not on ur A-game and the enemy is able to slide right on in 🤷🏻‍♀️ it’s a battle, and the victory is found in the goodness and faithfulness and pure truth of our good lord and saviour, J. C.

lover of orchids, all things edible, young and the restless + your girl, Shirley 💕 thankful to have had you for 21 years, Papa. the eastern townships will always feel a little more desolate, but i’m thankful for all the memories that are held there. i hope you woke up in a field of your favourite flowers + that you were greeted by everybody you had been missing + that you’re in your glory, with two feet, food in your hands, and pen in your shirt pocket 💕

the word “mountain” is wHacK but lemme tell u a lil secret, lettering is 10x harder when ur poking string thru fabric over + over again. but like i’m not mad about it. you see i do this thing where i try to do something and it comes out like utter shit, and now nobody expects anything of quality (did you sEE my bumble bee + honeycombs, o lOrd. or my apple pie?!) from me so one day when i do something that comes out a-ok people are gonna be lik o hEk !!! and that’s all i have going for me in this current season in life 🤗

papa john every ten minutes probably: “anybody got an extra leg?” 🤸🏻‍♂️happy father’s day to my papa, the local legend himself, the guy who raised the wildest group of boyz, the man who knows i’ll pour him juice or give him three grapes just to have my granny come running around the corner yelling “john!!!!! u can’t have that!!!”

I will uproot all things from out my soul that bind me to my life of empty dreams • henrik ibsen 🌿

one time on outreach one of the locals asked me “avez-vous Whats App?” and i was like “no, i’ve never heard of them.” and it took me maybe three days to realize what they were asking. i thought they were talking about a band. (ft abby’s wet feet from waterfall exploring) 🌿🌞

“i should buy it.” “do it.” welcome to the fam, lil bb denver. 🌾

with the Spirit brooding over water, Heaven meets earth 🕊

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