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wow wow wow, 21 🥂 it’s ya champagne birthday! you’re super cute and smart and always have interesting facts to share. thanks for being a good pal and loving me even though you’re totally out of my friend league, you’re way too cool for me. all in all, i’d rate you a solid 9/10. points deducted bc we talk about plans that never happen and it upsets me. but way to go! you’re doing so well in life and i’m v excited to see what you’re gonna be doing in a year. i love youuu and i’m sad i never see you ✌🏼pce out 20, hello ability to legally drink in america even though we’ve been able to legally drink in canada for two years now 🙃// #whattababe #birthdaygirl #birthday #favouritepeople #selfie #latergram #friends #pals #vsco #vscocam #vscocamgram #vscogram #vscogood #vscogrid #vscogallery #vscofilter #vscogang #vscoph #vscophile #vscophoto #vscoselfie #afterlight

when you give up sugary things and desserts for lent and your step-pa makes sure you know that they’re having mint chip ice cream later 🤷🏻‍♀️💭🍦 it’s okay, i’ll be okay

a year ago i got to speak about our value and identity in christ, to a little community that we got to pour into on tuesday evenings and it was one of my favourite moments in a rough season, to see their polite smiles as i spoke in english and the revelation as the words were then translated into a language they understood (ayyy ce qui est bon, français???) “... and because of that act, nothing can separate us from Him and who we are in Christ. our weaknesses and mistakes do not diminish our value as a human being, or as a precious child of God.” what a way to enter into valentine’s day, a day all about love, remembering the greatest of Loves and that we can find our identity and value deeply rooted within it. how greatly are we adored. ❤️

slow sips • kyle lionhart.

“i know now, Lord, why You utter no answer. You Yourself are the answer.” • cs lewis

cold rooms and blanket capes. cold toes and wool socks. cold fingers and a gallon of hot chocolate. the world covered in a cold blanket of white. it’s not the same if you’re not in dunham???? 🙍🏻‍♀️ everything is 5x better in dunham 🤷🏻‍♀️

There’s hidden gold in these jars of clay, and all these hidden crowns will be revealed one day • cory asbury, water and dust 🕊the weather felt warmer today so it’s basically like i’m right back in this spot.

this year is already turning out to be all about love. i get to watch as those i hold dear to my heart start their new adventures, becoming examples of unity and love rooted in the gREATEST of Loves; i get to step out from the shadow of self-doubt and lies, planting and watering the seeds of self-love and worth; and finally, i get to dwell in the love of my Papa and let him speak truths of love and greatness into my life, fighting with me for breakthrough - the sweetest part is that i get to lay the shame down and all these preconceived ideas and i get to rest in the truth that Love has already won for me 🕊 i’m forever singing We Dance - Steffany Gretzinger & Pieces - Amanda Cook

“I used to hate using ‘love’ liberally. I felt it was a sacred word only to be used in very special occasions. Now that I’m older, I’ve come to the realization that love should be shared and felt and received with reckless abandon. Love these characters, love this food, love things in the moment, even if they may seem tiny and insignificant to others. I think it makes life a little more soft around the edges.” ✨ i hated using the word love because i saw how others would say it in a romantic sense and often end up hurt, or they’d say it for whatever reason that i would decide was a dumb thing to use such a strong word for. i built more layers of the wall i had constructed around my heart because there was no way in heck i’d let that happen to me. people would say “i love...” and i’d make a face and get a sour taste in my mouth. but that’s such a boring way to live. it’s so much more beautiful and fun to love the overlooked things, the details, the obvious, and the bigger pictures; and to use the word love with and without reserve... it makes life a romance. (@isabellemeowww imy and ur ability to find everything romantic)

“I think of my anger and bitterness, and I can’t help but hear Christ telling me to lay it down. When we hold onto what causes us to grow angry or even more bitter, we lose the energy to pursue God. It is a tiresome thing to hate, to hold onto a pain that should have been long let go. It’s not easy to let go, but it is necessary; so we must ask God to take it from us, and in that request we lay it all down.
Weary traveler, maybe you are exhausted because you are carrying more burdens than you are supposed to. Let go of the past, and allow God to heal you and restore you. Because in that restoration, you shall see a loving God desiring for you to chase after Him, and you shall finally have the strength to do so, because you no longer spend it on things that give no joy at all; So live, love, forgive, and move on. This is worship, this is faithfulness, and this is obeying God even when it hurts.” 💡T.B. LaBerge, Go Now

days full of love + laughter in my fourth favourite city 💕abby-gail, im thankful for your genuine interest in hearing (and not just listening) me ramble and catching the gold within the messy stories, and your hunger for a deeper community and adventure (im sorry we’re not in the financial situation to just go. it saddens my heart greatly). i just have such a soft spot for you in my heart and i’m so v excited to see what Papa has in store for you this year - and what treasures he’ll reveal as you prepare for this super cool thing called 🤟🏼mArRiAgE 🤟🏼 xoxo ya fave bay pal 😘

pieces - amanda cook 👩🏻‍🎨 bad moods are often cured by painting while worship plays quietly in the background, also awkward bunny slippers + tea help, too.

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