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BEER & SKITTLES // In the office until 10.30pm last night, followed by a 2am con call with the US, 7.30am breakfast meeting, then headed to Brisbane for 6hrs for 2meetings, then back for a 9pm meeting in sydney.
It's not easy being a founder. The moments of self doubt, 'the struggle', making complex decisions with never as much information as you'd like, trying to align people & product & profits, knowing that ultimately the success or failure of the company rests solely on your shoulders.
So it might look like beer & skittles from the outside, but the reality is a lot of personal sacrifice and digging for that grit to not just survive another day but thrive and move the needle.
What makes it worth it? The team. The customers. The investors who've had your back since it was just blue sky thinking. The mentors who remind you that you really can endure & that nothing worth having comes easy.
So to other founders on this journey, I wish you strength and know you are not alone on those days you can't possibly fathom continuing on. Remember that this is what separates the women from the girls. If you want to be great, this is the challenge. If you don’t want to be great, then you never should have started a company.

GET CREATIVE // Countdown is on for @qutcea Creative3 conference
💥see you there! 💥

SHARING STORIES // check out the full interview on our @theright.fit YouTube channel!

BACK TO BLACK // Rain + grey skies in Melbourne today. Lucky for layers.

☀️// @kat_thelabel

CRISP // nothing beats hotel sheets

PATIENCE // as some of you know, I had a knee reconstruction a few years ago (bone transplant, the works!) and I still get frustrated when there's things I can't do in my training. I'm not naturally a patient person (really?!) and I'm trying to learn to cultivate some stoicism and as BN reminded me this morning to just "Be. Here. Now." and be grateful for all the things I can do.
Practice, practice, practice...

FEELS // with @smithandink 🖤

NOT MONOCHROME // 😂 thanks @happysocks for breaking my black and white bad habit 🖤

INSPIRE // all of these amazing women I met through our incredible creative community @theright.fit
It's been such a pleasure working with their brands over the last 6 months and seeing them go from strength to strength. Blessed to be a part of their journey in building epic brands.
@ivyerlingerphoto 🖤


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