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Taryn Southern  Artist | Technologist | Cat Lady | #AI #VR #AR #Crypto evangelist. i live in the future.

3.25.18...time’s up now
no going back...
to where we all came from
this is it
our filtered lives...
look at what we’ve done



Still coughing up dust but...BEYONCE MADE IT ALL WORTH IT! #coachella #beyonce

Last month I had the opportunity to debut the second single from #iamAI at the @nytimes AI Summit. I finally posted the 2D version of the video this week, so if you haven’t had a chance to see it, head to youtube.com/Taryn. You can watch either the 2D or 360 VR versions there - which one do you like better? Really proud of this song, composed with @amper_music AI, VR video animation and direction by @dannybittman.

Finally, proof! I used to sleep with my pet hamster (RIP Butterscotch.)

March 17. 2018. To say I was surprised would be the understatement of the year. Yes, yes, yes. With all my heart.

3.3.18. i’ve been working on a project here in brooklyn. i have a cozy apartment, and a mural of faces guard my street. there’s a cute cafe around the corner i frequent for sweet almond matcha lattes and a little french restaurant i visit for crepes. Brooklyn, i like your style.

This is not a photo from the future or an episode of Black Mirror. This is a real-world demo of current AI technology that can be used to identify faces, ages, and emotions...anywhere, anytime. (Fortunately it thinks I’m younger than I really am 😝) In all seriousness - is the notion of privacy antiquated or has safety become more valuable?

A Happy Birthday to my bright, funny, beautiful little sister @kara.southern!! She was born on Valentine’s Day, my little love baby, so this post is a day late but she deserves a week long party for 3-0 😍 I love you Karebear!

It’s time for The G R A M M Y’s! I’m so excited to announce I’ve partnered with @ibm for tonight’s awards to share their artificial intelligence insights throughout the evening. (You can also see for yourself at Grammy.com/Watson!) The future of creative collaboration is here ☺️ #WatchPartyIBM #GRAMMYs (also, thanks to all of you who helped me pick out my dress tonight!)

N Y w i n t e r

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i haven’t posted much lately. 2017 came and went with a number of unexpected creative and logistical challenges (as life does!) so i was antsy to get back to reality and roll up my sleeves in the new year.

the creative process is really 10% creative and 90% process. making stuff is hard. that’s also what makes it rewarding.
i can’t wait to share everything with you, when the time is right.

Breakfast buns in China #latergram

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