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ᚒℳaℛiℰᚒ  ≫CrossFit Level 1 Trainer≪ ❁"Love Is My Religion."❁ ❊~Ziggy Marley ❥J.R.


My Other Half. 🌓

So I'm in love with the new peg board. Thanks to @tarastudinger and @dawson.rabb!!! Now I just gotta work on the whole "don't get the peg stuck" thing.😆 #itwasntmecoach #imgonnagetitbackthough

17.4! Not too bad for the obstacles I've been faced with this week. Proud I was able to get through this one, and especially with all of my people there... AND ON A SUNDAY! @juliethered @ericaml89 @chrisrottigni @stuttering_fool ...and of course @jason_t7 thanks, you're all the shit.❤😉
Bring on 17.5 BABY!

Like father like daughter.
Well he's actually an L2 now... but I'm on my way. 😉
CrossFit Bucket List:
- @CrossFit L1 Certified✔️
- Now I just need to workout with @katrintanja @anniethorisdottir and @brookeence 😂

200 Club! It's about damn time. I threw 205 on there just to see what would happen... not much. If CrossFit has taught me one thing it's that I must love my challenges as much as my accomplishments. Hard earned accomplishments only come with great challenges, it's up to you to choose how to work through it. Laughing or crying it off usually works for me.😉 @crossfit

Muscle Ups❤ So proud of those stunningly active chest to bar pull ups @jason_t7 has going on in the background. @crossfitvisalia @crossfit

We don't know how to resist a fun challenge. And no, we did not plan our festive colors... we're just that awesome!☃️🎄❄️❤️ @jason_t7

It's not about the Winter Formal, it's about who you choose to spend it with. Love these three.🌻🌺

Kindred Spirits ❂ ☾

Other Half. ❂ ☾ ...and damn is he handsome.😉

Just having some fun.😋

Love my crazy CrossFit girls.❥

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