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Tarryn Williams  Owner/Coach @ OPUS Fitness Coach @ Serotonin S&F BA. Psychology Helping people change their health, both physical and mental, to achieve their goals.


Flying through hump day πŸ™Œ

Today's set courtesy of @coach_rhys , adapted from @serotoningroup anaerobic session:

30secs Work
45secs Rest
X5 Rounds per station
4mins rest between stations

A: 6 KBS + Max cals AD8 remaining time
(12, 11, 11, 11, 10)
B: 6 DB GTS + Max cals Ski remaining time
(7, 7, 7, 6, 7)
C: Max cals Row
(12, 11, 11, 10, 11)

Max efforts = short, sharp and nasty but worth it😀😀

Fresh AF πŸ˜‹
Alllll the colours, all the nutrients... real food

My new favourite lunch - fresh salad, sprouts, chilli herbed chicken with red rice and homemade satay sauce 😍


One of the best things about training is the feeling at the end. That being the fact that it's over... and the positive endorphins of course 😝 Today's doozy:

EMOM x5 rounds
Min 1: Ski x12 cals
Min 2: Deadball OTS x15
Min 3: Row x15 cals
Min 4: DB Push Press x15
Min 5: AD8 x 20 cals
Min 6: Rest
Min 7: Rest

Only just scraped through this one, missing the 3rd row as I was too busy focusing on how hard it was and how much I had left, than just staying focused on getting through each minute
Mindset is key. Work to do 😬

Program courtesy of @ashleighcampbell91 ... coming to an @opusfit session soon 😈


As a personal trainer, being able to train is a massive part of my day. Being strong and fit is also closely linked to my identity, is the basis of me being a role model for my clients and keeps me mentally sane and focused

I'll admit I threw a little 48hr pity party for myself when I found out I needed surgery on my knee but since getting my mindset right and sorting out my rehab, I've learnt a lot of lessons from this injury.

1) LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. I ignored the signs and pushed through niggles and pain which ultimately caused more damage. Humans are 100,000+ years old, our bodies will tell us when something is wrong if we're willing to listen

2) IT'S OK TO SLOW DOWN. Either I've become a massive clutz in my 30th year, or more likely, exhaustion and fatigue since opening OPUS has made me more susceptible to injury. Focusing on sleep and recovery these past few months has benefited my energy and training massively

3) I'M A BETTER COACH. Not just from a training perspective but also from a mental perspective. I'm able to coach my clients through an injury more effectively; getting them to buy in to their rehab, shifting their comparisons from what their injured body can do now vs what their body used to be able to do and focusing on the long term benefits of laying the right foundations. Plus reminding them that a few short months of modified training is a small blip in their lifetime age of training πŸ‘΅πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈ .

Hindsight is everything but I've learnt a lot from paying attention and shifting my perspective moving forward, for the benefit of myself and my clients. Here's to 2018 being injury free 🀞


Comparison, to others, is the thief of joy

Often when I have new clients start, they walk in feeling a little nervous, a little bit apprehensive, maybe even a little bit intimidated. And they look around the room whilst training and compare themselves to everyone else in the room, as if they are in the exact same stage of their fitness journey. And for some, that comparison, sucks the spirit out of them. It knocks their confidence, it makes them think they'll never get to that level and it sometimes makes them wonder why they even bother trying and then they give up

Trying out some one arm planks this morning and trying to hold on for 30secs, I remembered years ago when I first started and I could only plank on my knees and then progressed to my forearms, then worked on increasing the time etc

So stop comparing yourself to others and compare you to you. Compare yourself now to where you were 2 weeks ago, to what you were capable of 2 months ago, to what you will be capable of in 12 months if you keep at it

We all have the ability to get stronger and fitter through our own effort, hard work, commitment and consistency ✊


No Usian Bolt times here but I'm just happy to be able to run on the back of solid rehab work, despite a torn meniscus and misaligned ACL in my left knee

Today's morning work:
100m Sprint
40secs rest
Last set πŸ‘†πŸ‘† @garminau

Despite injury, there is always some form of movement you can do if you're prepared to do the rehab and get creative. Don't give up on your training or your body - the natural high you get from a training session and the physical and mental benefits are irreplaceable 😊


Because what girl doesn't love being on the receiving end of flowers 🌹😍

What a morning and what an even bigger year!! Today marks 1 year since we opened OPUS Fitness and I couldn't be more happy or proud of our space and clients πŸŽ‰

Every day I'm grateful for the work I do and the privilege it is to help so many people with their health and wellness. It's not easy at times to run a business but it's worth the trust that my clients place in me to help change their health. I'm honoured that so many people choose to come and train with @ashleighcampbell91 and I at @opusfit ❀

Thank you to all our members who make our crew what it is and thanks to all those who have supported Ashleigh and I over this past year


Accurate πŸ˜‚
To all the people who have to deal with me, you the real MVP 😝


12 months ago we opened our private studio space and we want to thank all our clients and friends who have supported OPUS over this time. This past year has flown by so quickly but what a year!
I am so proud of what our clients have accomplished during this time, both old and new, as they strive to find their strongest, fittest, healthiest self. And @ashleighcampbell91 and I feel priveleged that our clients choose to train with us at OPUS

So we invite you all to come down this Saturday 28th October to celebrate OPUS so far. Doors open from 730am with a big training session to start at 8am

All welcome πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜€β€ .
Comment below to book your spot or call me on 0426 485 778. See you Saturday 😁


What's your purpose for training?
For me, it's the confidence it brings me, in my body and my capabilities. It's the mental clarity I receive after a solid training session that sets me up for my day. It's the feeling of accomplishment you get after you've tested your limits and boundaries. And if you've never experienced the positive endorphins of a solid training session, you're missing out

So for me, I don't have a specific tangible goal. But rather, a feeling that I'm chasing. And even though the sessions can be hard, the feeling you get after is 100% worth it ✊

Today's banger conditioning set:
Every 3mins x15 rounds
Rds 1-5: 500m Row
Rds 6-10: 500m Ski
Rds 11-15: 35cals AD8


Hill sprints for breakfast πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸ’¨
12 x 100m
Done and done βœ”

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