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Oceans are the lifeblood of our planet. Did you know we only protect 2% of our marine surface area even though 71% of our planet is covered by water? Over 1 billion people rely on fish as their primary source of protein and over half a billion people count on the oceans for their livelihoods. This spectacular photo by @taro.smith reminds us that we need healthy oceans to support our way of life. #MoreMarineProtectedAreas #marineconservation #ocean #oceanconservation #healthyoceanshealthyplanet #whale

Happy World Turtle Day! We wish these little ones and their brethren luck in this world! #worldturtleday #tortuga #seaturtles

Bridging gaps and exploring the Irish countryside🍀🍀🍀. Although I have a Japanese first name and was born in Tokyo, I have just as much Irish blood flowing through my veins (half) but never been to Ireland before. It's been a bit of homecoming and feels incredibly familiar. Here @amyippoliti opens her heart to the sun in The Burren (a surreal limestone region covering many square kilometers). The area is like a lunar landscape with fauna reaching for life between the cracks. #homecoming #ireland #yoga #burren #ireland

Boulder sky en fuego🌤🔥❗️#paradise #skyonfire #sunset #bouldercolorado

May the Fourth be with you! Honu = Yoda the Turtle; Yogini= @amyippoliti #maythefourthbewithyou #starwarsday #oceanforce

Me filming a very special survivor. This manta was speared and survived despite having a gaping hole clear through its back to the gill rakers. You can see the white hole just behind the white markings on the right side. We filmed this manta for many minutes as cleaner wrasse dipped and out the hole to clean its wound. It's still unfathomable that these gentle and sentient creatures are hunted solely for their gill rakers that are falsely touted as having medicinal value. I was ecstatic that this lucky manta escaped that fate. We are lucky to have areas protected by @misoolecoresort and @misool.foundation where this manta was able to find sanctuary. Thank you to @shawnheinrichs for capturing this special moment. #manta #marineconservation #naturelovers #nature #mantamonday

Look closely! A manta ray stealthily hovers close to the reef with a pod of spinner dolphins zoom by while @shawnheinrichs films the posse in the background. It's always a treat to be with either underwater species but a true rarity when you can capture them in the same frame 👌🏼📷🐬❗️#tbt #travel #dolphins #manta

Underwater gliders reef manta + OCEANIC MANTA = 💙🦈🐬💙❗️ Seeing two species of mantas and ritualistic dance with each of is but only one of the many special encounters a diver may see after a decade of hard conservation work by @misool.foundation at @misoolecoresort #mantaray #marine #indonesia

Our world provides in miraculous ways and on top it throws in added bonuses like this scene🌈⛰. Please consider reciprocating on this Earth Day and donating to your favorite conservation non-profit today. Here are some of my favorites @wildaid @oceanicpreservationsociety @oceana @misool.foundation @conservationorg @nrdc_org #earthday #wondrous #world

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