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Taro Smith  •Photographer📷•Conservationist🦈🐬• Founder of 90 Monkeys• Founder of Boulder Cycle Sport• Owner - Pro Peloton•Boulder, CO and underwater

Remoras giving a new meaning to chasing tail #sharkparts #nosharkfinsoup #shark

A little sunshine to brighten the day ✨🐠💫 #oceanlove #cute #coralreef

“It is the responsibility of artists and it has been artists who have brought change to the world.” ~Robert Rauschenberg —
Happy Earth Day! #earthday #blueplanet #yoga #manta #rauschenberg #art

Epic times filming ufos orbiting Amy in Raja Ampat #Repost @amyippoliti
These jellyfish live with their many siblings in a lake in Raja Ampat. We climbed over jagged volcanic rocks with gear to encounter this rare occurrence! There are roughly only 11 known jellyfish lakes around the world. What fun to swim and hang out freely with #jellyfish that don’t sting! 📸 Kudos to @taro.smith for this incredible shot. ❤️ Thank you @prAna for the rash guard because we didn’t want to wear sunscreen in order to protect the jelly fish’s habitat!

We thought we were hallucinating 24/7 with non-stop vibrant colors underwater and above the sea the colors of Raja Ampat! #heaven #coralreef #sunset #rajaampat #indonesia

#tbt to one of my favorite moments of 2017 #interstellar #space #eclipse

Big and little! These are two of my favorite underwater species. The diminutive but turfy clownfish and the giant manta ray. Each time the manta circled over the top of the pinnacle the clownfish would line up to say hi then observantly watch direction the manta was going until finally they would stare off longingly as she floated away. I was in awe of the sentience and awareness between species What are you favorite ocean animals? #clownfish #manta #reef #oceanlove @lmlightlife @nauticamhousings @backscattervideophoto

Giant delights #tbt #oceanlove #whales

Hello friend! Tiny clownfish rise out of their anemone home to greet a giant manta coming in to get cleaned. True to its legendary status, highly protected and conservation success story, Misool delivers on its status as a megafauna hub along with vibrant reef life. This manta floated with us for what seemed an eternity and was so blissed out getting cleaned that she startled herself accidentally bumping in the fan on the center of the frame. So honored to have the opportunity to capture a favorite macro species in vivid color along with a giant ray. Such epic underwater experiences with @amyippoliti @shawnheinrichs @marshall_lally @sabinegt #blessed #mantaray #clownfish #rajaampat #misool

Home for 12 days off the grid in Raja Ampat. Three days of travel to and fro...100% worth the pilgrimage to this sacred marine sanctuary. Images coming soon! #Repost @amyippoliti
It’s hard to believe this vibrant island of life was once a shark finning camp only 13 years ago. My mind is blown and my heart is full after 12 days exploring below and above the waters here. The founders of @misool.resort, Marit and Andrew Miners stumbled across Batbitim Island on a 2005 dive trip and collaborated with the local community and tribal elders to establish this Marine Protected Area and “no-take zone”. 15 full time paid rangers patrol the area 24/7 to ensure that the fish here know how special they are. .
Studies have shown that in 13 years this designated area, double the size of Singapore, has had a dramatic biomass increase of 200%! That’s the magic of letting nature regenerate itself. More photos and videos to follow - we are finally back in range of more robust Wi-Fi!
#misool #rajaampat #westpapua #indonesia

#Repost adventures with @amyippoliti
If you’re wondering why I’m not teaching this month it’s because I’m heading back underwater for a two week journey into the boonies of #WestPapua #Indonesia at #RajaAmpat with @taro.smith and @shawnheinrichs! SO PUMPED. Stay tuned for tales and photos of the adventure!! 💦🐋🐳🦀🐬🐠🦑🐟🐡🐬🐳🐋 #packingmode . #yoga #underwateryoga #freedive
Photo by @taro.smith

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