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Tarmo Thorström  A lace artist and a teacher. From the town of Rauma, Finland, but appearing also in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Blast from the past! Gorgeous @viivipumpanen shows how to pose with my lace frames 😎 These great photos of Hans Lehtinen really cheer up the gray days of October ☀️
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Okay, who took my bobbins?! But seriously, or actually quite the opposite, I was visiting the art town Mänttä-Vilppula and posed a little for photographer Marko Marin. Such an interesting experience!
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"He's a lumberjack and he's OK! He sleeps all night and he works all day!" Swipe to left to see the black and white version!

Tarmo came for a visit over a week ago and of course we had to take some moody shots in my small kitchen studio. I used a 80cm softbox with a grid and a speedlight. The background was already a mess on top of the stand so I decided to take some inspiration from far far greater photographers than I am and just left it as it was.

Well, if you got to sit on a bus then better make it worth something. Right? #bobbinlace @onnibus

This week I'm a volunteer worker in one of my favourite festivals, the annual Rauma Festivo. I'm the personal driver, le chauffeur, of the artists. When I have free time between transportations I grab my travel pillow and make some lace. Because why not 😆 Check www.raumafestivo.fi for more info. (I highly recommend!) #rauma #raumafestivo #festivo #kamarimusiikki #chambermusic #pitsi #lace #pitsinnypläys #bobbinlace

Rauma Lace Week started yestarday. One of the works on display in the Lace Centre Emelia's exhibition is an international cooperation project "Bridge that connects us". Two years ago I joined that communal lace work representing Finland. Now the work is in Rauma and it has gotten one new participant. Rauma Lace Week is every year in the end of July in the town of Rauma, Finland. Check www.pitsiviikko.fi for more info. #bridgethatconnectsus #pitsiviikko #rauma #pitsi #lace #bobbinlace #spets #niplispits #emelia #pitsikeskusemelia

If somebody wonders why I'm not participating any lace festivals this summer, Finnish or other countries', it is because I'm travelling the whole summer. For the first half my friend is with me. If weird travelling is in your interest then follow our travel account:

Regrann from @tour_de_rossija - Greetings from St. Petersburg, Russia! #tourderossija - #regrann

Lace is from me, the rest from:

Regrann from @hermandia_collection - HERMANDIA´s Special Collection bow ties are launched in Monaco in June 2. The Charity event was an amazing event. The exclusive event gathered 100 private guests in a beautiful villa in La Turbie and all five special collection SÖÖR bow ties found their new happy owners after auction. Profit went to the Good Planet Foundation.
Stay tuned in this amazing story as I post more from the media that was present.
Hermandia by Hermanni Vuorisalo @hermandia_collection #söör #bowtie #söörbowtie #hermandia #hermandiacollection #finnishdesign #puinenrusetti #mensfashion #craftmanship #quality #sustainablefashion #fundraising #charityevent #yannarthusbertand #thegoodplanet @Hh_riviera #bonart #hhriviera - #regrann

I'm still alive, though I haven't made much for a long time. But as a blast from the past here's something I made based on Veronika Irvine's tesselace research. This Canadian researcher, mathematician, computer programmer and a lace maker made a computer program that creates patterns for bobbin lace making. But it is only a sort of route map for the pins and and the order of the stitches. The lace maker has to decide what to do in each pin. This is my study based on a pattern named 3x6_12. Check out tesselace.com #bobbinlace #fibrearts #mathematics #veronika_irvine #pitsi #nypläys #крушево #niplispits #spets #knyppladespetsar

I humbly thank you, @sp_creative_crafts :) Regrann from @sp_creative_crafts - Day 27 #marchmeetthemaker is recommend a maker

There is so many great makers here in Nottingham- and some of us have a great time catching up and do some Making with a drink (#beerandbobbin )@maltcross for #stitchandbitch once a month so shout out for @makeandfable @bertieandpoppet @hb1jewellery @hopetheblackdog and etc etc that are fabulous makers

There is some fabulous #lacemakers that are so inspiring @tarmot @mantzalin @eolgerin just to mention a few.

#recommendamaker - #regrann

Post scriptum
I recommend @eukariootti

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Monet pitävät pitsinnypläystä naisten harrastuksena. Taiteilija Tarmo Thorström​ @tarmot haluaa omilla töillään rikkoa näitä stereotypioita. #IhmisyydenÄärellä

So, who's going to be my 800th follower? To celebrate you all 799 friends of bobbin lace let me introduce you to a very special bowtie that is made of wood, wool and bobbin lace. It is my collaboration with designer Hermanni Vuorisalo from Turku, Finland. Very unique, very stylish. Designed and hand made in Finland. Visit www.hermannivuorisalo.fi to see more of his SÖÖR bowties. This is one of a very limited edition, so if you are interested follow @hermanni_vuorisalo to stay tuned for lace bowties. #hermannivuorisalo #söör #bowtie #woodenbowtie #lace #bobbinlace #designfromfinland #pitsi #nypläys #puurusetti #madeinfinland #handmade

Ikinä en ole mitään tehnyt ajoissa. Paitsi nyt tein poikkeuksen ja kävin laittamassa Vanhan Raatihuoneen pitsivaloteokseni kuntoon odottamaan sytyttämistään. Vanhaa valoa Spectaculum 79 Ceti syttyy 25.11.2017 Vanhan Rauman jouluvalojen kanssa. // Once in my life I'm not late doing something. I was preparing my annual winter artwork 'Ancient light' lace light projection in Old Rauma. It will be put on with Christmas light on 25th November 2017. #vanhaavaloa #vanharauma #vanharaatihuone #rauma #pitsi #pitsitaide

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