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Tariq Zaidi.  Photographer. Documenting stories from around the world. Featured in BBC, Guardian, NatGeo, CNN, WashPost, Der Spiegel, GEO, El Pais…


Ram fighting is a contest between two rams (usuaslly large horned male sheep), held in an open field. Photograph by @tariqzaidiphoto#Uzbekistan #ram #ramfighting #culture #cultura
Held, mainly in Nigeria, Uzbekistan and Indonesia. Ram fights rarely result in the death of the defeated ram, as the loser often is allowed to flee the arena ©Tariq Zaidi Photography. All Rights Reserved.

Mucubal Men dancing in the night around their campfire. Mucubal boys and men usually wear a simple loincloth, which they then accessorize with the traditional huge Omotungo knives. Southern Angola. Photograph by @tariqzaidiphoto #angola #tribe #mucubal #namib #dance #fire

Cut off after 27 years of civil war and buffered to the south by the roadless wilderness of the Namib, nomadic tribes still wander Angola’s remote south-western corner, driving their goats and cattle between waterholes as they have for centuries. With every step that a rapidly-developing, oil-rich Angola takes towards modernity, the long-held isolation of these ‘lost’ tribes’ is in danger of eroding. I travelled with Joan Riera (an anthropologist specializing in animistic societies of Africa) searching for the last vestiges of tribal culture in Angola. We travelled from village to village and market to market, showing people archival photographs of rare ethnic tribes from the 1930s-1950s, asking if anyone knew or had seen people like those shown in the photographs. ©️Tariq Zaidi Photography. All Rights Reserved.

A Mundari tribeswoman washes herself in the Nile at sunset. South Sudan. Photograph by @tariqzaidiphoto #Mundari #Southsudan #woman #nile #bath #wash ©Tariq Zaidi Photography. All Rights Reserved.

Mursi Girl With Lip Plate, Omo Valley, Ethiopia. Photograph by @tariqzaidiphoto #ethiopia #mursi #surma #suya #omo #omovalley #scarification #lip #lipplate #tribe #culture.
The people of the OmoValley in Ethiopia have lived their lives virtually undisturbed by outsiders for centuries. What’s more, the region in which they live is even more ancient. The site is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and according to UNESCO, the area is “unlike any other place on Earth in that so many different types of people have inhabited such a small area of land over many millennia”. Interestingly, apart from the Mursi and Surma people in Ethiopia a tribal people called the Suya in Brazil also wear a very similar lip plate. ©Tariq Zaidi Photography. All Rights Reserved.

The delicate art of training an eagle is handed down from generation to generation. Photograph by @tariqzaidiphoto #eaglehunter #Mongolia #goldeneagle #horsemen #Kazakh

Western Mongolia is one of the least densely populated places on the planet. Surrounded by glacier-wrapped mountains, arid plains, barely any trees and temperatures which fall below -40C, life can be brutally hard for the nomadic families who make their homes and tend their cattle here.
It is also one of the few places where you will still find Kazakh eagle hunters. The ancient art of training a golden eagle to hunt for foxes, marmots and even wolves, may have been practiced for 4,000 years, but is still very much a part of daily life for the families who depend on it for their survival.
Hunting with eagles is not the only tradition the Kazakh nomads cling to in a rapidly changing Mongolia. With their own language, clothes and customs, this community live by a strong code of unwritten laws which structure an ancient, transient way of life in a stark but beautiful terrain. ©Tariq Zaidi Photography. All Rights Reserved.

The Mentawai Sikerei, shaman, have a strong connection with the spirit world and through this, and their expert understanding of natural medicines, they are able to offer protection from illness and death for their people. Sikerei are the community’s doctors. Pictured here is Sikerei, Aman Ipae. Photograph by @tariqzaidiphoto #Indonesia #westsumatra #siberut #tribe #mentawai #onassignment @asworldsdivide

The Mentawai, an islander people situated on a remote archipelago off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. They formed a lifestyle and a sustainable existence by developing a culture which pays reverence to the land, plants, animals, water and sky – all that provide them life. The native people and this indigenous lifestyle flourished here for thousands of years. But over the past few years, through the introduction of nationalized development and civilization programs, the Mentawai has experienced significant change. All that remains of their lifestyle today is a tiny community of tribes-people living in the remote hinterlands of Siberut Island, trying desperately to maintain their native way of life. ©Tariq Zaidi Photography. All Rights Reserved.

Very pleased to have my story from Georgia published today @vice #georgia #jews #diaspora #reportage. Temp link to article in my profile above (or copy/paste this link in your browser bit.ly/2BXie0g). There was once a thriving Jewish population in the country of Georgia. Now, just 3,200 Jewish believers remain. Photographer Tariq Zaidi (@tariqzaidiphoto) went in search of those who stayed and found a proud and protective community lost in time. See more photos from the series at VICE.com.

Washing hangs in one of the corridors of the dilapidated IBGE building. Favela Mangueira community, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Photograph by @tariqzaidiphoto .
In 2011 there were plans to make the abandoned IBGE buildings in Mangueira into a cultural center, expected to be completed by the end of 2012. The Housing Department put together a package of R $ 150 million ($ 46 million), which covered other projects for Mangueira as well. Nothing as yet has been implemented at the abandoned IBGE building. #rio #favela #brazil #globaldev #Inequality #Mangueira ©Tariq Zaidi Photography. All Rights Reserved.

Very pleased to be featured on @gettyreportage with my image from The White Building, Phnom Penh, Cambodia alongside such talented photographers doing such great work. Please check out their work too. ・・・
Each week, @GettyReportage highlights the work of others who share our passion for visual storytelling in our #ReportageSpotlight. Here are this week's selections, by (left to right): @aurelie_dunienville, @guipietriphoto, @ivanrulyov, @mykolas_juodele, @aileen__devlin, @schmoogle, @lorenzo_munzlinger, @rod_menaf, and @tariqzaidiphoto.
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Portrait of Woman, Omo Valley, Ethiopia. Photograph by @tariqzaidiphoto
The people of the Omo Valley in Ethiopia have lived their lives virtually undisturbed by outsiders for centuries. What’s more, the region in which they live is even more ancient. The site is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and according to UNESCO, the area is “unlike any other place on Earth in that so many different types of people have inhabited such a small area of land over many millennia.” There are nine main tribes that occupy the Omo Valley: Arbore, Bena, Daasanech, Dorze, Hamer, Karo, Konso, Mursi and Tsemay. #omo #omovalley #ethiopia #proudwoman #portrait #tribe

A resident at the White Building. PhnomPenh, Cambodia
The White Building (called "Bodeng" locally), was a huge, iconic 1960’s apartment block in central Phnom Penh, earlier this year (Aug 2017) the building was demolished to make way for new modern living and office spaces. The multiple apartment block was built to house artists and low-income workers in the time of Cambodian urbanisation in early ‘60s. It was a place of creativity, inspiration and extremes. Photograph by @tariqzaidiphoto. #Cambodia #whitebuilding #gentrification #child #stairway #bodeng #PhnomPenh ©Tariq Zaidi Photography. All Rights Reserved.

Pilgrims waiting to emerge from inside a tunnel at Bet Giorgis or the House of St George, Lalibela, Ethiopia. This hand-carved, 12th-century church is connected to 12 other churches by a series of tunnels, designed to protect medieval worshippers from attacks, but also to symbolize the movement of pilgrims from darkness to light. Lalibela, Ethiopia.
#Ethiopia #Lalibela #Pilgrims #worldheritage #christmas #BetGiorgis ©Tariq Zaidi Photography. All Rights Reserved.

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