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Thank you!!!! What an amazing convo! Love you guys!!

Happy Sunday! 🌸A lot of you have been requesting that I do some kind of LIVE broadcast sharing basic info on crystals and simple ways to connect with them! Join me today on IG LIVE at 4pm EST to chat! I'll be explaining what crystals actually are, how to cleanse and charge your crystals, and how we can use them as tools for healing. Today's focus will be on Emotional Balance & Healing along with Q&A and other fun surprises! 💎 See you then!
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@indigo11shop Featured Crystal of the day #RoseQuartz 💎 Available in the May Crystal Set on sale now, only 5 days left to purchase❗️FREE SHIPPING!
Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. Known to be soft and soothing to the heart, it is also a stone of deep emotional healing. Whether you're looking for a more loving relationship with self or with a partner in a romantic relationship, this beautiful pink crystal serves as an ally to help bring balance, self care, feminine sensuality and compassion into your life. 💕
Emotional Balance & Healing crystal set on sale until 4/25! Limited quantity available!
Link in bio to purchase!

I remember her! 😝#tbt

#rp @indigo11shop | Featured Crystal of the day #AragoniteStarCluster💎 Available in the May Crystal Set on sale now, only 6 days left to purchase❗️ These stones are powerful allies for the healing and balancing of the emotional body. They can assist in maintaining a center of serenity in trying circumstances and in discharging subconsciously held tensions relating to past emotional wounds. Meditation with these beautiful and uniquely shaped crystal clusters can open the inner eye to visionary experiences of past lives and forgotten events in this lifetime. Aragonite Star Clusters can facilitate a real adventure of exploration, wherein one may cruise the archives of one's soul history, recovering beneficial information for soul advancement. Also wearing or carrying an Aragonite Star Cluster can enhance one's feeling of emotional strength and confidence, allowing one to become a "human star" emanating love and compassion for others. {Source "The Book Of Stones}
Each crystal in the Emotional Balance & Healing Set will be featured daily for a more in depth view on the properties of each stone!
Limited quantity available, almost sold out.

#rp @indigo11shop 🌸Kicking off the Monthly Crystals Sets with the magical month of May! 🌸 Emotional Balance & Healing Set $55
Every month there will be a limited amount of sets and a limited amount of time to purchase to ensure all sets get shipped out on the same day! (The 3rd of every month)

Each month I will feature different sets of crystals with collaborative properties and various themes, no subscription necessary.
The theme for May is EMOTIONAL BALANCE & HEALING which includes:
#Amethyst▪️#Aragonite▪️#GreenCalcite▪️#Malachite▪️#RoseQuartz▪️#ClearQuartz▪️Pink Himalayan Salt Rock▪️1 bundle of sage▪️Downloadable instructions on how to cleanse, charge and connect with your crystals.
This will make a remarkable #MothersDay gift! ❗️Deadline to purchase 4/25 11:59pm PST❗️
{Link in bio}

#Merkaba stay spinnin! 👾 🔯I understood the concept but couldn't really relate or truly connect until I actually had my own experience within my Merkaba! A Mer-ka-ba is a vehicle that we all have surrounding us that allows our light bodies to travel to different dimensions, worlds and realities once activated/spinning. It acts as a portal to other realities and through intention can literally "take" you anywhere! -- One night I was picked up by an actual Merkaba ship (a shared vehicle) in the astral and was shown so many different realities and it was one of the most beautiful yet indescribable experiences I've had in a while!
There are various meditation techniques that can help you activate yours intentionally. Soon, we will actually need to depend on our etheric vehicles for reasons I don't care to disclose just yet. In the meantime, I highly suggest you look into what the hype as always been about since the "beginning!" Tap IN, as it may be the only way OUT.

I know, I know, I'm now 7 months into my Freeform Loc journey and still no official update! Ya girl has been really busy! 🤷🏽‍♀️ But for those who are interested in how these babies are forming, here's a little snippet for you! 😁
Same low maintenance regimen, shampoo with Pure-Castile Soap, condition with Nature's Gate Daily Cleanse conditioner and spritz with Rose Water to refresh and moisturize.
I have no more shrinkage as 97% of my locs are fully formed and now I will finally start to "see" my growth length wise! (And for those who don't know, yes my locs formed naturally from my Afro with no manipulation)
If anyone has any questions about freeforming, leave them below!
Who else is freeforming? Show me!! OR tag your favorite Freeformer so I can obsess over them too! 😝
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{P U R P O S E} How does one go about "finding" purpose? One doesn't "find" purpose anywhere, you FEEL purpose and act accordingly. Believe it or not, you brought your purpose here with you as soon as you were born, but allowing yourself access to the universal data and utilizing it is where the real work comes in.
What has been the theme of your life's work? Your purpose will reflect in your natural gifts/talents, some career choices, how you interact with people, how you express love and inspire others to do the same. First question I suggest asking yourself is, how can I be of service to others? The answer should roll off of your tongue with ease if you already possess a sense of self awareness... but if you're still searching, I suggest reflecting on your life in hindsight taking a good look at what you've already been doing with minimal effort. Start from there, acknowledge it and explore the new depths of yourself that you may have been overlooking.
Purpose is not a JOB, but it can be acted out through a job. Purpose is not attached to standards or expectations that you've set for yourself, its the FLOW that creates it flawlessly. Just take a moment to LISTEN and dial in to the frequency of what you call purpose. Remember, the jobs and roles we play are simply vessels of purpose, not actual purpose. Purpose is the essence of who you are, who you've been and who you're bound to become. You can't put purpose in a box or slap a job title on it. You LIVE it as it fuels the fire of your existence.

My inner nightly view 💫
Why not explore the constant beginning and never ending?

Inspiration. 💕 @calmacarmona #freeformlocs

EVERYTHING! ❤️ @xoliviadavinax 📷#rp @loclivin #freeformlocs

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