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Auset NTRU Gaia  Certified Reiki Healer; Inner Beauty & Freedom Activist; Crystal Shop Owner @indigo11shop 💎🔮💎 Register for my 5 Week Crystal Workshop below! ⬇️


FINALLY! I've launched my very first 5 WEEK Crystal Healing: Mind, Body & Soul Elevation Workshop! 💃🏽
Registration is OPEN now until June 10th! Click the link on my bio page to REGISTER TODAY!
You guys have no idea what it took to get HERE! I have you guys to thank for being as supportive as you have been every step of the way, thank you! 🙏🏽

Happy Happy Birthday!! Last night we celebrated this amazing woman! @iamlisaprice 🦋 A great mentor and inspiration, I am truly grateful! May this new cycle be full of purpose and light!
Peep the tattoos! Shout out to @kaitlin_june for drawing up both mine and Lisa's tattoo art! They both mean so much so us. Ain't she rocking hers though?

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Peace to the E L E M E N T A L S. Water is life💧Air is life 💨Earth is life 🌳Fire is purification 🔥Spirit is EVERYTHING ✡️ #gratitude

Guess who's coming to #Montreal?!! Join me June 3rd & 4th at @natural_hair_congress_canada_ at the Loft Hotel and check out my workshop "Deeply Rooted Beyond Beauty" as I dive deeper into how my hair journey was a huge catalyst to my personal freedom! Get your tickets at NaturalHairCongress.com! Hope to see you there! #NHCC17

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Someone asked if I still consider myself a "hair blogger," if companies still reach out to me, if I still care?
Answer: I was never really a hair blogger, but I did get caught up in the industry side of vlogging as I allowed big brands to own my voice and content and it became quite suffocating, pointless and boring. I had to ask myself why I started sharing such an exciting journey in the first place.. Then I had to ask myself if I honestly still felt the same way? The answer was no.... soooo why was I still making the same videos? Same damn reviews different products? Are my viewers actually inspired by this content?
My mission in anything I do is to empower women to become free enough to at least get to a point of being unapologetic about who they are and what they believe.
I do my own thing... I've always did. It's a natural way of being for me, even if no one understands the drive behind it. Trust me I "lost" maaaaaad followers!! Lol!
I honestly don't care if brands reach out to me. The "influencer" marketing approach is done... its time to find other ways to authentically market to us... Its become an over saturated circus. I'm not losing sleep or money by saying so and I'm not really saying anything new. This is why ppl are laughing at these bra ads, because it's quite transparent and obvious... ANYTHING that I do or any brand that I partner up with, must be authentic! Period.
The biggest test was when I decided to freeform loc my hair.. Oh no, what is she going to do without her curls? What brands are going to want to work with her now? Is she OK? Loc'ing my hair actually freed me up to focus on what my actual purpose is.. It also freed me up to create my own path, on my own terms and I've never been happier! I will be forever grateful for the 2009, Taren916 journey because that was my first real life example of what following my heart creates. As I follow the same formula, going back to what works (authenticity), It's just time to take it to another level as our journeys should always evolve and align with our growth and mission at heart.

Ready to say peace out to this leather! ✌🏽Bring on the heat!

For those looking for a good authentic crystal/metaphysical shop in NYC, one of my favs is @aumshanti_shanti_shanti on 14th Street between 2nd & 3rd! I've ran into a few of you there already!! The vibe is always right! The good ones are always in the cut! 💎☺️ #aumshantibookshop #crystals

{FULL video link in bio}
#LucidLiving is a platform dedicated to empowering women to embrace the essence of who they truly are both spiritually and personally. Too many opinions from others can get in the way of us actually living our lives to it's truest and highest potential. Claim your personal and spiritual authority by first making the decision and not being afraid to detach from what no longer serves
Join me on this journey and become a part of the Lucid Living family by offering and sharing your experiences, resources and support, while also receiving the support you need! My goal is to create a safe and judgment free space both virtually and personally for those seeking enlightenment on their own terms and at their own pace.

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Claimed authority is your weapon. No weapon shall form against those who KNOW.... better

Open wings 🦋, open arms and an open heart will get you "there".... 🙏🏽

You guys asked for this on a previous post 😌 #Merkaba Necklace On sale now by request exclusively for 24 hours! Get yours today ONLY! $25
Link in bio to purchase!
I understood the concept but couldn't really relate or truly connect until I actually had my own experience within my Merkaba! A Mer-ka-ba is a vehicle that we all have surrounding us that allows our light bodies to travel to different dimensions, worlds and realities once activated/spinning. It acts as a portal to other realities and through intention can literally "take" you anywhere! -- One night I was picked up by an actual Merkaba ship (a shared vehicle) in the astral and was shown so many different realities and it was one of the most beautiful yet indescribable experiences I've had in a while!
There are various meditation techniques that can help you activate yours intentionally. Soon, we will actually need to depend on our etheric vehicles for reasons I don't care to disclose just yet. In the meantime, I highly suggest you look into what the hype as always been about since the "beginning!" Tap IN, as it may be the only way OUT.

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