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tardthegrumpycat tardthegrumpycat

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Tard The Grumpy Cat  Official Account: @realgrumpycat

on her period... 😳

Sometimes i wish i could just say this out loud to some people... #grumpycat #funny #cats

For the Game of thrones fans.. Should they bring grumpy cat into Game of Thrones? #whowillrulethe7kingdoms #gameofthrones #grumpycat

seems reasonable to me #grumpycat

What will his first act as president will be? #grumpycat

i dare you tag an angry girlfriend/boyfriend ❤️

what if grumpycat was your psychologist?

Grumpy hates you.

#arcticpenguin mocks me (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻

Apparently, grumpy doesn't like santa.

grumpy is back 😳

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