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Tara Violet Niami  LA. AFI alum. Feminist Iranian American with a πŸ“·, DP, & musician. Freelance model. Contact for work at taraviolet9@gmail.com


Zoom in πŸ” #fbf self portrait with my younger brother when I was a teenager and he was still a kid. Shot on 35mm Fuji film I remember wanting to make images of the two of us and coercing him to participate. I love this guy.

Do you live *update* near Wisconsin or are willing to come over there (my previous wording confused people-not Shooting in nyc or Chicago those are just cities near Wisconsin...) and want to lend a hand with the short I am about to shoot the first week and a half of July? Are you a boutique camera house, a grip gear owner, a grip, film school grad wanting more experience etc who wants to help out a small beautiful film based on the director's real life experiences set in real locations? Depicting familial dysfunction, girlhood and motherhood? Directed by a woman, produced by a female producer, shot by me starring all women? A film we are shooting on super 16 pulling out all the stops to make that happen to make the film feel true to the 1990's and capture the world of these girls and women in the spirit of Lynne Ramsay Andrea Arnold and cassavetes? A proof of concept for the feature film version?
β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” I joined this project out of passion and love for the material, visual references and admiration of the director's commitment to her vision. It is rare I come across a story and script full of subtle emotions and visual poetry. If you can help us in anyone please dm me ✨
This is Mason who will be one of the leads in FOLLOW THE ROSES. Shot by director @jensteele πŸ’—

A release. Cece at twelve, throwing leaves-from "My Own Private World." #girlgaze

Having a material form and face and body being seen as representative of your character by society is weird. It is hard to love the skin you are in when you are surrounded by images of idyllic beauty- those who are super wealthy who have the funds to eat only the most organic foods which cost a fortune and have a personal trainer and ultimately have a skinny body that looks perfect in every piece of clothing they try on. Ideals of curvaceous womanly beauty "this is how a woman should look."
It has taken me years to slip into my skin and be ok with how I look. Friends saying I looked anorexic and mocking my body did not help. My body was analyzed in self portraits in college as if that was okay-my 'concave body.' A song lyric of mine actually goes "I am not just a Body/I am more than my body." My child likeness has been fetishized by men who are drawn to my perceived innocence. I have been turned into a manic pixie dream girl by others-a dreamy girl in vintage clothes instead of a strong woman.
When I cut my long hair short in college, which shocked some who questioned me cutting off 'my beautiful hair,' I felt so relieved. I felt it was more me. Plus I had to have more confidence now that I couldn't just hide behind my hair.
This is all to say this is how I look, this is my body, but i am more than that. I am a living breathing feeling human being.

Dear dp's!! πŸŽ₯ Advice for shooting SUPER 16 in regards to film stocks/pulling and pushing (my experiences are with 35?). Favorite indie films shot on SUPER 16? (Yes I know of BLACK SWAN, JACKIE and CAROL). My favorite cinematography on 16 includes this film Corpo Celeste shot by Helene louvart, morvern callar and Reinhardt's films judging by stills as I need to see them all...I emphasize that films shot with natural and available light with a lot of day scenes are ideal references as the short I am shooting is a day summer film. Thanks πŸ’—

#corpoceleste #helenelouvart #womeninfilm #super16

I cannot wait to be behind a camera again soon. The suspense is building! This is from the set of DESTROY MY BEAUTIFUL WICKEDNESS dir by destiny Thomas prod design by @lilybartenstein costume by @damadesign and shot by me

#womeninfilm #femaledp

@beetav is a magical human being, this super short video she made of me on a phone is magic. It was taken on a photo adventure. this place was out of my dreams and reminded me of days of heaven one of my favorite films ever...I want to go back here and see this heavenly light. I am wearing here my mother's dress and a shredded Edwardian jacket that tore after I wore it too much. Ps follow Bee she is an amazing artist. πŸ’•

#femalegaze #daysofheaven

Bee as an Italian widow in the dying desert sun. shot on my phone. Film photos coming soon)


Happy Father's Day baba. I love you so so much and am lucky to be your daughter. Thank you for inspiring me and supporting my creative efforts since childhood. Thank you for bringing me to your film sets, taking me with you when I was little, to foreign countries when you were attending film festivals, teaching me about filmmaking, and supporting me when I was struggling after I lost my mentor and went through a creative block. You are a hero of mine which I have told you many times already. So proud to have grown up too with you teaching me about my iranian heritage and allowing me to find my own identity and path.

Today is destiny's birthday. she is one of the bravest people I know she's overcome serious adversity and difficult circumstances to fight forward and make her mark as a filmmaker. Destiny writes female characters who after years of repression erupt in anger at their toxic environments and traumatic experiences suffered. this is a representation of women that you barely ever shown in film; it is refreshing to see female anger & intensity come to the surface. I feel honored to have worked with her and call her my friend. Keep blazing on spirit of fire πŸ”₯ ps I will keep you all posted on the date and time of our thesis premiere when it is locked but it will be in the near future!

#womeninfilm #traumasurvivor

How I feel right now. The 2 baby hummingbirds my family has been taking care of when they have fallen out of the nest while their mother has been gone both died yesterday and today. Nature is cruel to the weak. Philando Castile's murderer walked free yesterday. Injustice prevails. #blacklivesmatter The fire in England recently was saddening. This world breaks my heart. Thank goodness for art where I can get out my emotions, where I can contribute to stories that need to be told so as to generate empathy and change media perceptions of marginalized oppressed and abused peoples. As a dp by the way I am pushing myself to seek out projects that pertain to those conversations instead of hollow art. If it wasn't for art I don't know how I would function and process my grief over all of this. This is @meredithadelaide dressed in my clothes a projection of myself onto her mixed with her own ability to emote vulnerability and intensity. Shot on slow European bw film and pushed 2 stops I believe...shot at the height of golden hour

#fbf one of the first times I professionally modeled and my first time in a Lookbook! Photo by Jacqueline de milla styled by turner. This was how I met and befriended @samanthapleet @patrickpleet and met @emilyrosetheo for the first time. ⚑️⚑️⚑️⚑️⚑️⚑️⚑️⚑️⚑️⚑️
It was empowering to be wearing these amazing clothes that made me feel beautiful. Especially having struggled with body image growing up, and in the Lookbook my body and face are on display. The collection combined all my stylistic loves. I recall going to the premiere of the fashion film and the opening for the new collection and was so moved πŸ’— Samantha I am so happy I met you and that we have collaborated and stayed friends for now I believe 4 years.

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