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Tara Violet Niami  LA. AFI graduate. Feminist Iranian American with a πŸ“·, DP, & musician. Freelance model. For commissions email taraviolet9@gmail.com reel below πŸ‘‡


From my 35mm short TRAPPED. She is haunted by the memory of him-triggered by physical touch. Props to Federico for agreeing to take on this role and for his sensitivity to the subject matter in working with my lead actress. We had a very safe environment to work in. (Why we need more female filmmakers and dps tackling female sexual assault and trauma on screen! And obv non binary trans and queer filmmakers depicting said subject matter but just tired of the cis male gaze) Was fun shooting night exteriors on 35 and figuring out how much I wanted the viewer to see without having crushed blacks or overlighting. @lida_sputnik did a great job gaffing.

Turn your brightness up. A still from my film Trapped about a young woman recalling and processing her trauma. (Shot on 35mm! Thanks @kodak_shootfilm ) A film I am proud of about an issue I hope to continue to explore in my work as it is rarely depicted subjectively through the survivor's perspective and not sexualized. Directed written edited and cinematography by me. Dialogue less and all visuals and sound with music by @drumandlace Had two amazing operators on this Thomas fedak and @sappneck . Light ✨ by @lida_sputnik Telecine 🎞 by fotokem costumes by Edna Jones and πŸ’„ and hair by Jax Moreno

#fbf that one time I acted and it was my first time as a main role as an actress (thankfully without dialogue). For @samanthapleet 'S fashion film visions directed by @maximilla @sarahsophief shot by graham willoughby (whose cinematography was gorgeous!!)

#tbt me at thirteen when I was a teen taking self portraits on a point and shoot stacking my camera on tables and books. I had just discovered Flickr. This was around the time I started feeling like an outsider because of my infatuation with art and my penchant for old things that labeled me as a retro hipster. I hid behind my bangs and was shy in my lanky tallness. But honestly I am glad I never made a solid effort to change myself to please others. I stuck to being my weird arty self and that has paid off in the long run.

Dolores Haze, 2011. Inspired of course by Lolita, a book that is beautifully written but is also perverse and heartbreaking. Certainly not a 'love story' as some have described it but more a story of a girl's innocence being stolen from her by a predator. Took this thinking about her character, how Humbert saw her and how she saw herself and used my youthful features to look childlike. Seemed fitting to post this as I referenced my innocence being fetishized in my previous post. To those who read that post, liked it and or commented thank you. Also I may have posted this on here before and if so sorry for the repetition.

Me too. (This is going to be the most vulnerable I have been on here.) Via emails and messages from stalkers and creeps since I was 15 years old who fetishized my body and innocence. By someone from a bar who took things too far when I was drunk and feeling depressed. By a stranger who grabbed my waist on the street in public but late at night. To the creep on the subway who took my photo and touched himself. The flirtations on set by men who feel entitled to my romantic and sexual attention. The teacher who was sexist and put me down in class in college and felt I was better as the constant subject for cinematography class but not behind the camera. the time I was creeped out by a photographer who degraded women and tried to make me look sexy. Being hit on by fellow artists at events at parties who I did not owe anything. Being touched by a stranger I had only just started a conversation with who told me I would make a good girlfriend. To guys who I did not consent to who tried to get me drunk before making a move on me. The guys who I wanted to hang out with during the day but asked to get drinks with me at night. To being manipulated emotionally by a guy that from then on I felt men only wanted me physically and never emotionally thereby starting a cycle of being broken by unavailable immature manipulative guys. ‼️ I honestly think that some of my emotional struggles over the years and issues with how I viewed myself through the lens of desire as well as my internalized anger were because of all of this. ‼️ And of course being catcalled and asked out on the street and yes I was often in conservative long clothes. For a long time I felt these experiences were not serious and that they were normal. I became numb to them. I blamed myself for feeling broken used and unwanted. No longer. None of this was my fault.

Last night I watched the sun set over this lake with two talented folks after exchanging stories over dinner about cinematography and looking at photos together. It was beautiful. I feel so lucky to be here in Nevada. I know I am posting a lot of photos of myself but it is to mark my time here.

This morning

Thinking back to the premiere of the thesis I shot with @dt.storyteller @lilybartenstein @mariana_montesval I have so much love for my parents who have supporter my artistic vision since I was a kid making art. My father an indie filmmaker himself got me onto his first feature set at 4 as an extra. He gave me an opportunity to shoot stills on a blues doc he did in south central when I was in high school which led to my future jobs as a film still photographer. I read his scripts growing up and he showed me classic films to watch. He was after all a film teacher for 15 years. It was my father who pushed me to apply to afi when I thought I did not stand a chance as a 21 year old straight out of college. ————————————–————My mother, an Intellectual well spoken strong lawyer who was in picnic at hanging rock and befriended peter weir as a teen showed me art at an early age, encouraged my vision, and taught me skills to be able to articulate what my art is about. She also is a model to me of a strong woman-she has worked in law for 20 years and has spoken on law panels and been honored as a fantastic lawyer in her trade. I adore them both.

Another creepy image ☠️ me by @barnesfoto from the first time we shot together when I was 19 and long haired (sorry cannot post any photos from the job I am on due to NDAs but I will share pretty Carson nature photos in my stories)

Happy Friday the 13th! (Means my favorite holiday Halloween is coming soon). Here is @sleepysita surrounded by eerie branches, from 2010 I believe.

#tbt back for a sec! Here is me at 6 in New York City on Halloween riding a pony all dressed up. Felt fitting for where I am at amongst horses and deer and all sorts of creatures 🦌🐴

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