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Tara Tucker  Filmmaker, Producer/Writer @tuckerhessprod, Wife, & Mother @bridgemarietuckerhess 🌸 tuckerhessproductions.com

Bridge’s very first (of many) walks on the beach. Thanks for capturing the moment with these wonderful photos @jessicaambats! We had a blast with you and Ella. 💛 #bridgemarie #beachday #somanyfirsts #shelovedit #suchanicebreakfromallthisrain!

Bridge. One month. 2/17/19 #bridgemarie

We did it. 9 years of friendship. 7 years in love. 5 years of marriage. 1st baby. 1st “family date” to a restaurant. And it was a success. It all was. @brandonhess222 Thank you for being my forever Valentine. It’s all just so good. I love you.

Every baby has their own path to venture into this world. When Brandon and I found out I was pregnant, we knew early on that it would be a goal to give birth naturally & un-medicated. There is no right or wrong way to give birth, but it was our preference. This set us on a journey which led us to a 9 week birthing class. On the night we went to the hospital, Brandon and I felt prepared to dive headfirst into the unknown, as educated and mentally prepared as possible. But, the course we had imagined soon changed. After laboring all night and morning, and after my doc and nurses at Cedars monitored our daughter’s heart rate for hours, which fell too low during each contraction for some unknown reason at the time, our OBGYN made the call and told us we had to have a C-section. He had said, it was either going to be a scheduled C-section or an emergency one. With our daughter’s health on the line, we asked no more questions. At 11:51AM on January 17, 2019, Bridge Marie was born. She was lifted out of my womb. It was her beautiful journey. The umbilical cord had wrapped at least once around her body which was the reason her heart rate couldn’t handle the stress of the contractions . In truth, there was a bit of mourning of the ideal birth story we had envisioned - but in the end - the health of our beautiful baby girl was all that we could ever care about. We are so thankful for the entire team at Cedars, the amazing nurses, my obstetrician who performed the surgery so masterfully I can hardly even see the scar left behind, our doula who emotionally held our hands, my mom who gave us all the support we could ever hope for and, of course, my husband, who stood by my side the entire time, held my shaking hands as they performed the surgery and who whispered through his tears in my ear once Bridge was born, that our baby girl was perfect……she was beautiful….she had ten toes and ten fingers and the NICU team on standby were no longer necessary - all her vitals were wonderfully healthy. And in that moment, our lives had forever changed. Now a family of three. More in love than we could have ever possibly prepared for. And the rest, is history.

One of the best features written on my dad for the Air & Space Magazine which beautifully sums up my dad’s journey and career for the last 42 years as a solo aerobatic pilot. It hints at what is next for him and unveils the plan for his Challenger III flying machine to be hung at the entrance of the ‘Thomas W. Haas We All Fly Gallery’ at the National Air & Space Museum in Washington DC. (Article link in profile). @teamoracle

3 generations of ladies right here. We are incredibly grateful for all my mom’s selfless help these last 12 days easing our transition into parenthood. She’s been a God-send! Love you to the moon & back @colleen__tucker #bridgemarie #12daysyoung

The sweetest of moments. #bridgemarie #pinchmyself #lovelovelove

Family/Friends: Bridge has her very own private IG page @bridgemarietuckerhess. Follow along if you’d like more daily updates/photos/videos of the cutie.

Bridge. One Week. 1/24/19 #bridgemarie

One week of firsts including our first outing to the pediatrician’s office and a blow out on the doctor’s office floor after her diaper-less weigh in. #bridgemarie #yougogirl #7daysyoung #parenthood #isthebest

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