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F I N D I N G / B A L A N C E
For me that’s all about staying soft enough so I can sway myself into what works & settle into the stillness of now. Family. Work. Community. It all works better when I work on myself first. Thanks @glamourmag @aveenous for capturing some of my morning moments. #positivelyradiant #stralayoga

Huge thanks to my friend @yulady for sharing her story and a bit of our super fun history on the @stralayoga story today. Go have a look through for some major throw backs. Jane Fonda and Tao at the studio, our first training (check for some familiar faces) making DVDs in LA and loads of laughs in between. Do you guys want to see more takeovers from our friends? Love you Yulady. ❤️ #stralayoga #bekindallthetime

Good morning from Brooklyn! @stralayoga Spring Ready-to-Lead starts this Saturday and we’re so excited! Let the ease simmering begin. 🌱 #stralayoga

Getting wild over here celebrating the launch of @sofitukker Tree House! 🏡 This album is crazy 😝 insane 🌈 super 🎈 fun on repeat dancing 💃🏻 our way through Christmas 🎄#sofitukker #treehouse

I did an interview with a NYC yoga teacher who confessed he didn’t like me because “I got picked.” My response? Pick your damn self and stop blaming your unhappiness on what you think other people have. No one is here to choose you and make your dreams come true. No one chose me I chose myself. The difference is in daily actions. Some people do things every day in the directions of their interests because they have to. They are drawn to. They wake up needing to. I have to do. I can’t not do. It’s how I am. I can’t even change it. If I didn’t discover yoga I would be doing this with tacos or whatever. Thankfully yoga is a bit more productive than tacos, but everyone loves 🌮 Lots of people are like this. Success isn’t something that is lucky or happens ever. If you are someone who is like this you probably don’t even notice your “success” because you are so busy needing to do the things every day that drive you. Success is something people see when they put together a timeline of your story and know nothing about who you are and what drives you. They see the images and get all crazy that it’s you and not them. It’s even crazier to believe someone’s success takes away from someone else’s potential. If you are in the mood to hear me defend my life story according to the internet and one yoga teachers (male) point of view check the link in my story. It’s long, maybe have a listen in the 🛀 or while doing something productive. I’d hate to waste your day. Have a good one! #stralayoga

Yoga. Rocks. Swings. Bread. What else is there really? 🎈

Back on the @whotels yoga 🧘🏻‍♀️ fun 💫 wagon 🌈 this round is a new project kicking off W Fuel Weekend @wpuntademita May 25-28 retreat (join if you can) 🦄#detoxretoxrepeat I’m joining a team of talented trainers 💪🏽 @ochosystem @jasonwimberly @ashleyguarrasi & rad DJs 👁 @iamamayzing @alansalomon @vashtie it’s gonna be a big experience to just have a guess at the 🌋epic-ness. Also this might be Mamma’s first solo trip while Daisy and Mike storm the castle for a couple days. I might just stay awake after 8 (and cry 😭) but then get over it and realize D&D have a great time together and the world doesn’t revolve around me being within 3 feet of her forever (crying now while writing 🙈) No seriously come to 🇲🇽 We will have a blast, do lots of @stralayoga and we can workout in the other classes next to each other for support. Don’t make fun of me too much when I try to do the burpees with ease. 🍭 I’m excited to get up early and meditate in this room exploding with creativity. 🦄💡🌺

Waiting for the ideas 💡BD (before Daisy) I look back and wonder what I did with all that open time. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Seriously I got a lot done but I think I also watched a lot of movies and stared at the wall a fair bit. 🙈Anyone else have that? ⚖️ Because things need to be more scheduled now I take time each week to literally wait for the ideas, you know, the really good ones. It’s turned into what I can only describe as a primal activity in human psychonaut travel 👁💫Usually it’s first thing in the am before she wakes up or after 8 when she is in dreamland (yes I know how lucky we are she has turned into an awesome little sleeper) Taking this time has helped me find and do the most useful and inspired things (we started a new online video site omg and we’ve refreshed and evolved all @stralayoga programs and have some really cool announcements for everyone in our community that I’m super proud of coming soon) Without this time I’d probably be churning along with the same things forever and miss all the ways to improve and evolve. It’s like an executive meeting with my board of directors (but just with myself 🐱) So if you come over and you see me just sitting, this is what’s probably going on. 🌈🙏🦋 p.s. come over ! We are getting trees 🌳

Presents! 🎁 Because it's a good idea to practice 💕 every day, we're giving away this brand new 30 Minute Daily #stralayoga practice 🌈 video (with a super juicy 🦋 restorative ending). To have it make sure you're subscribed to our 👍 newsletter. (Link up top) we’re sending it out in this afternoon’s 📝 (ONLY ONCE) Here is a preview to start breathing deep. xo 😘 Tara (I know I just posted same @stralayoga but this is too fun not to share here too) Happy Weekend 🌺

Happy 😃 to share this 10 minute practice (link in video highlights above) 🌿 you can do to drop stress, gain clarity, and feel better now. #stralayoga Happy Friday. Soften. Breathe deep. @stralayoga Let your breath do the work for you as you go along for the ride.

Getting into 💫 t h e w i n d o w 💫 with as much ease as possible. 1st part of today’s shoot. Headed toward the second. More for you soon. So excited to share & feeling energetic being so productive for you. Classic pic @stralayoga 🌱

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