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Tara Stiles ❤️  #stralayoga honored to be part of @stralayoga

30 minute Daily Yoga Practice. Free present for you from me & @stralayoga it’s streaming here & you’re on us. Login here Presents 🎁 for you! 30 minute Daily Yoga Practice. A great way to start your day or squeeze in any time you have for practice. Create your login here and you’re all set. https://bit.ly/2GE6RNT (link in my story too) .
I know it’s hard to find the time and even structure a practice to do. A few things I enjoy about a morning practice of ease.
Connection to myself.
Working out my kinks.
Time for my mind to turn off.
Boosted energy.
Way better mood.
Overall yes feeling.
Enjoy the practice. Share with friends. I hope it helps. #stralayoga

Playground recon mission Amsterdam before the @stralayoga weekend. Any favorite things to do with a super active 1.5 year old? #stralayoga

Honored to be on the cover of @omyogamagazine 🙏 and super cool that it’s this awesome pic taken by @jes.lock #stralayoga Guide & fantastic human during an in-between moment at our Advanced Training in NYC this summer. No hair, makeup, styling or lighting team. Just me, sitting comfortably in the studio waiting for the day to begin and Jes doing her thing. No photoshop is a very cool evolution I’m proud to get behind, but no team at all and no lights, ha, lets go! So excited to see everyone in London at the om show. It’s a favorite tradition. Can’t wait to show Daisy this magazine at the airport on Monday when we fly from Berlin to Amsterdam for a weekend Intensive. Only a few days left here in Berlin with a wonderful group of ease makers. I’m so lucky to be here with them soaking up the magic. Bed time now all that practice makes for blissful sleep. See you soon out there or in here. #stralayoga

Take care of everything and everyone like it is important, and it belongs to you. Your health, vitality, creativity and comfort depend on it. Change yourself change the world. Also it’s a great meditation to sweep and clean a room just as it is to have a meaningful conversation with a friend.

Berlin life at the moment. 🇩🇪

Leading by example. Words have meaning when they support what you do. Connect with your whole self. The real whole you is the future. Guides in Berlin gaining the skills to remember themselves. It’s a practice of grace, ease, coordination and connection. We are lucky to be together. Thank you for this wonderful feeling. #stralayoga

I’m more flexible with yoga than when I was a contemporary dancer. Mainly in the mind and all from ease. When I danced I did everything extra, clenched what was already doing what it needed. By thinking I was doing it better I got in my own way. Flow state came on stage but not in technique class. Now I know that moving easy, everything I’ve got, in every direction I can leads to real progress in my body and more exciting my life. How we move is how we are and I’ll never go back to forcing my way through. If it worked that would be one thing, but forcing only leads to more forcing and never greatness. I’m going for greatness. I want a life full of experience, decisiveness, forward and upward motion. I want to use my whole self and not hold back. I want to connect fully with my whole self and do some good while I’m here. I know better. I know I only work when I prioritize moving with grace and ease. Grateful for @stralayoga & our community of space makers. Thank you for spreading the ease. You have changed things. Pic from @whotels #stralayoga #posewhenever

A practice that connects you back to you, that holds up a mirror to your bad habits, and provides a clear de-mystified process for change. A practice that guides you to escape the no pain no gain cycle and accomplish more with grace, ease and longevity. Yoga should feel like you. It is you. We’re having the best time in the Berlin program. This is my morning before the class begins. As a Guide I know the class starts way before the first breath together and I do my best when I am my best. Unweight what’s not weighted and move from there. Works physically and for lots of other things. #stralayoga #stralaberlin18 #stralaberlin

Follow along a typical day with us in Brooklyn over @mindbodygreen (We are in Berlin right now but this is the beauty of the internet. You can be in all the places at once) #mbgmindfulparenting #stralayoga

Alignment works when it arises from you getting to know how you work. 👽 We get out of wack when we follow the rules of what to do and what not to do but forget that we are doing the doing, or our breath is doing the doing and we are going along for the ride. Ever sit with and ask who is it in there going for the ride? 🌱 Tomorrow we start exploring here in Berlin leading a change by prioritizing being a good example. Isn’t it great to remember taking care of you isn’t just a nice thing to do but essential if you want to affect others positively. 🦋 Happy Sunday from Berlin. #stralayoga #stralaberlin #alignment #stralaberlin18

Just landed in Berlin and priorities are at the playground. So happy to be back in this magic city of creativity for 2 weeks of Change Yourself Change the World themed 200+Hour @stralayoga program. Last year Daisy took her first steps here. Now she runs & says everything. We begin Monday. I’m so excited to see everyone who is joining & share the ease and good vibes with everyone here. Have a great weekend. Now for some grocery shopping, dinner at home and a great sleep. #stralayoga

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