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Small black butterfly with transparent patches on the wings and surprisingly looooong tails... .

It isn't very popular but definitely it is one of the most curious specimens. ❓How do you think?

The butterfly also has a catching cryptic name 🐉 Green Dragontail 🐉 (or Lamproptera meges).

❓ Do you like to read captions? Yes/no - comment please

Why I am asking? Writing is a challenge for me. I almost forgot how to compose since school. Thus now I need to train a lot. 📝 And yes, english isn't my native language. 😳

No, we are not going to have vacations this summer. Though it would be great to 🏊 🌴 😙 .

Where have we dissap­eared? Well it's too mundane: too much work 👓 needed to be don­e. .
. ✔ Now I can proudly an­nounce that a number of cutiest tar­antulas are ready to be framed.
❓What are you doing this awesome summer? Do you plan any vacations? 🍹

❓ What is your favorite color? .
Can't tell exactly which one I like more. They all are very beautiful in variety of their shades and combinations. 🌈
Butterflies appearance represent endless variety of shapes and patterns that's why they always amaze me alot and its a pleasure to work with them. 🌿

Did you know that...? Fighting beetles are used for entertainment and gambling. 🎲 .

This sport exploits the territorial behavior and mating competition of certain species of large beetles. 💪 🌿
In the Chiang Mai district of northern Thailand, male Xylotrupes rhinoceros beetles are caught in the wild and trained for fighting. Females are held inside a log to stimulate the fighting males with their pheromones.

We are back to work after a short break 😊
Thanks for your messages! 📝We will respond to all of you shortly

What is your favorite hawkmoth?

Sphingidae (hawkmoth family) includes about 1,450 species. 🔎🌿
Sphingids have been much studied for their flying ability, especially their ability to move rapidly from side to side while hovering, called 'swing-hovering' or 'side-slipping'. This is thought to have evolved to deal with ambush predators that lie in wait in flowers.

Green vs Orange. 🔥 Who wins?

The bugs are done and ready to be dispatched ✈to their new homes. To see them scroll left.
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How they managed to survive for such a long time? .
Beetles are the oldest animals on our planet. 🌎 They appeared about 230 million years ago. Dinosaurs extincted but the beetles survived. 🌋
As a group, beetles have appeared astonishingly​ neat at adapting to ecologia. 💪💪💪

Find 5 differences 😉 Leaf and leaf insect. 🌿 .

Leaf insects are some of the most cryptic creatures in the rainforest. They are masters of mimicry as their bodies take the shape of old leaves, complete with vein pattern, spots of disease and damage.

New concept: spider Da Vinci.

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