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Tara Cole  Wife. Mother. Teacher. Writer. Each day day I curl up close to God to know to him better and learn to love him more.


Noticed all the times God uses "I" in this verse...His command to "Fear not" is based on who he is not our circumstances. #quiettime #quiettimewithgod

This has been my favorite verse for over 20 years. I just love the image it gives of a heart searching for God. How are you seeking him this week? #quiettime #quiettimewithgod

This one is straight from @YouVersion's verse of the day, but it is so encouraging to me. I like the old Grecian stories, but unlike those gods our God is a kind loving servant. His coming to earth was completely unlike anything they were expecting. #quiettime #quiettimewithgod

Twice this morning these verses were brought to mind. Once while reading The Pursuit of God by Tozer and then during a video series in Bible class. Both times I was reminded that one of the marks of a life transformed by God was a "God is enough" hands wide open mindset. This is so grad to do! We want to say "mine" of our time, money, possessions, and family, but it reality they are all God's. His to give and his to pass on to others through us. #quiettimewithgod #quiettime

Love this reminder today to always seek the light! #quiettimewithgod #quiettime

I wrote this verse in my boys' Easter notes this morning. A reminder to them and me that God goes everywhere with us. School, sports, work, home....that last one is sometimes the hardest. #quiettimewithgod #quiettime

So often we think we need to get results on our own strength. Jesus simply says, "Stay in close relationship with me, and the results will come." #quiettime #quiettimewithgod

This week I am learning joy. Not because the road is easy but because it is hard. Joy in a tender hearted boy who cries easily now but will love well later. Joy in a stubborn son who won't budge now and will stand firm later. Joy in a boy who struggles now yet will give grace later. I'm learning joy is often found in the messages we tell ourselves in the hard. Do we choose to focus on the mountain or the possibilities beyond it? #quiettime #quiettimewithgod #findjoy #thinkgood

These verses are on my lock screen as a reminder that there is hope in the hard. It's a good reminder to me as I begin Spring Break, getting a much needed breath of air, and for those finishing their breaks. Mercy and hope. #quiettime #quiettimewithgod

Love this image from @youversion! I'm constantly reminding myself if it today as my mind tries to slide towards depression. Think on these things... #quiettimewithgod #quiettime

This verse came to mind tonight as I was looking through my Bible app and asking God, "Why!?" Why so much loss of so many young mothers and fathers lately? Why so much hurt as others wait and pray for healing? As I morn with the mourning, pray with the hopeful, and rejoice with the thankful, I'm reminded that He's in control. Our days have all been written out in His book. And he's got this and us, even as we beg for answers. #quiettimewithgod #quiettime #questionsforgod

This verse has popped up a lot this week in my life. Love the reminder! We are fearless not because the circumstances aren't scary but because our God is with us. @youversion #quiettime #quiettimewithgod

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