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TaraElaina  ✨On a mission to help women find CONFIDENCE thru health fitness and community✨ 💍Jewelry designer 💍 @taraelainadesign 💕Obsessed with my fur baby💕

Boom 🎤 drop

Wishing my favorite nurse, hot mama, amazing wife, incredible human being and my bff a very happy birthday!🎂 .
I don’t know where I would be without having you in my life all these years! As the years add up...what is it, like 28 years now??...I only love and admire you more and more. I’ve seen you grow up from an amazing girl then woman and now to an even more amazing momma. I love you with all my heart! 💕
(Don’t worry peeps, this photo isn’t recent...and Jen we need to take more recent pics together 😉 )

After sleeping in today, I woke up feeling pumped only to have life push me down some. .
2 good friends lost loved ones this weekend and my heart is breaking for them. I know that grief and the pain of loss is not easy. It can be confusing and disorientating. You can feel like you’re swimming in a dark cave. .
Sometimes all you can do is cry. Sometimes you can’t cry. And sometimes you feel ok and then feel bad about it. There is no one way or “right” way to grieve. There is no manual on it. .
The best advice I can give is to just let yourself feel whatever you are feeling and not judge yourself. .
I think that’s true with anything you are struggling with. There is no correct way to go through life. So show yourself some compassion and take things one day at a time. You will get through it. The only rush is the one we place on ourselves. .

Good morning...here’s some Sunday cuteness for ya! 💕 #obsessed

Woke up early this morning, which you know for me is a big deal....especially on a Saturday, but it was so worth it!
_____ Today was Super Saturday for my coaching network and it was frickin awesome. Not only were there amazing speakers, such as the #5 coach in the network, but it was so amazing and inspiring to hear others stories.

Some people lost 20 lbs, and some lost over 200! And it was especially inspiring and made me tear up to hear how this network and this business changed people’s lives in other ways.

One coach went from being depressed and an alcoholic to building his confidence through working out and completely changed his life! His story really touched me.

Moving your body and working out isn’t all about the physical, it’s about showing up for yourself and learning to take care of YOU and pushing yourself through the hard times.

I am so pumped and so inspired after today....watch out world!!

People be ware: if you have a dog I WILL PET IT! (And probably talk to it in a baby voice and tell it how cute it is)

Coffee is my jam! ☕️ I love the taste and no matter what anyone says, even if the scientists tell me it’s horrible for me, I will continue drinking it. It’s like my morning dessert.

Unfortunately for me though, I can really only have 1 cup a day (2 If I space them out) because the caffeine gives me a headache and my stomach doesn’t always agree.

Finding my unicorn juice though has been amazing! It may not taste like coffee, but it gives me the pick me up when I want another cup without the headache or stomach troubles. I also enjoy really enjoy the taste and I don’t actually like many beverages other than coffee, water, and wine. 😜

Being Andie’s momma has made me appreciate the little time we really have with those we care about. 💕

I’ve been fortunate enough to bring her to work with me in the past and can’t imagine going to work all day without her.

It’s made me realize that I want to build a life that I’m in charge of. I want to build a life where I can work from home with my pup and take play breaks and walks throughout the day. Being away from her for 8+ hrs a day just does not work for me.

If you’re as obsessed with your dog as I am and are ready to start building the life you want...you know maybe being a stay at home dog mom (or maybe a stay at home human mom), I would love to show you how!

Message me for more info. ✉️

Working out at home sucks! JK lol!

Don’t get me wrong, I love playing some great music in my headphones and hitting the gym but what I didn’t love was the time it took me among other things.

I always felt like i had to get ready to go to the gym. Then there was the drive to the gym and not to mention waiting in line for a piece of equipment!
I was spending about 2 hrs between the drive and everything.

Now I get a great workout at home with a group that keeps me accountable in about 30 minutes! Okay...maybe 45 when my helper is helping ;). I can literally roll out of bed and do my workout in my pajamas if I want to and only Andie will tell!

You have to be honest with yourself if you want to make a change. You can’t just slap on some happy thoughts and expect a positive outcome.

Took mom to her post op appointment today and the doc said everything is looking good. We still need the bone to regrow over the new implant though....so fingers crossed and lots of calcium and protein and heating vibes!

I’m also super thankful for the doctor not giving up! He said he’s only had 1 surgery he had to stop because he just couldn’t do it and this was almost his second, but he pushed through!

I luv luv checking out cute local stores with handmade goodies! I guess it’s the artist in me that truly has an appreciation for handmade items. 💕

I finally had a chance to stop in @mudandmadder where I found these gorgeous handmade cups and this fresh handmade soap. The soap smells sooo freakin good my whole car smelled amazing the whole way home!

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