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TaraElaina  👱🏻‍♀️I believe in a healthy body, mind, and soul 💕 Fur mom to the max 🐩 Jewelry designer and maker 💍 . To learn more, clink the link below ⬇️

Getting back at it and forgot how much these burn! Thankfully my assistant came to the rescue! 💕

Slow down and take a breath. We get going so fast from one thing to another we forget to just breathe and deal with things in the moment.

Sorry I haven’t been around as much lately, I took a little mental hiatus because I needed to clear out my head. .
I’ve been feeling super frustrated and pretty down. It’s hard when you feel like you’ve been working your butt off for a while and things just aren’t working out like you had hoped. I also fell off the workout wagon a bit after my shoulder has been giving me trouble and overall just not taking care of myself. Let’s just say I’ve been a hot mess lol!
But I decided it’s time to pick myself up, dust myself off and get back at it and started off today by putting on one of my fav podcasts in the car.
I find it funny how things work out because this podcast was exactly what I needed to get my bearings back. .
It talked about how we as a society are so results driven. We are taught from a young age to expect recognition and results right away for everything we do in the form a gold star or pat on the back. We are conditioned to expect outside results for our actions. If we aren’t receiving some form of recognition, then what are we doing it for? And this is what I’ve been feeling. I’ve been waiting for that gold star, that pat on the back, but it hasn’t come in the way I’ve been looking for. .
What has happened though, by pushing myself and working hard like I told myself I was going to do, is that I’m building my confidence and making myself a better me even if I’m not getting that external pat on the back. It’s about keeping my commitments to myself. .
What commitments have you made for yourself? Are you honoring those commitments, whether it be to workout, or to eat healthy, or to read more, get outside more?
I decided to run a free 2 week group where we are going to focus on keeping those commitments to ourselves! .
If you’re interested in learning more or joining, drop a comment below or message me.

Fun walk in the park this morning! Lady felt right at home here. ;)

Running late today so only had time to squeeze in 10 minutes of abs, but I’m happy I got something in!


Nothing like a good ol’ puppy party!! 🐩💕🐕🎉

Wishing everyone a happy Easter! 🐣🌿💐🐰

Went for a short run this morning. I miss my short runs. :/ I’m not really supposed to run anymore with my leg, but sometimes you just have to say eff it! .
Felt so good to just blast the music and run. But at the same time, I know I can’t outrun my demons. So many things going through my head this week. .
I miss Dad. I miss him like crazy. I also know I need to make a change in my life, but I’m not sure I’m strong enough. Everyday I feel my old demons on my back, haunting me. .
I can still feel how easy it is to slip back into the grips of anxiety and depression....it’s scary and sometimes the battle seems never ending. It’s a hole that’s hard to get out of once you’re in it and I don’t think many people that haven’t experienced it really understand. .
It’s not a logical place....it’s not something you can just reason yourself out of. In you head you can see all that you have and all that you have to be grateful for, but your heart is buried in so much muck you can’t see a way to dig yourself out. You can’t see the light at the end of tunnel and that’s the hardest part.
I wish Dad were here. He may not have always known what was going on, it’s not something I talk about often, but he was always my net.

Sometimes that’s all you can do, and that’s enough.

What is your WHY?
Why do you want to lose weight or be more fit?
Is it for the number on the scale? Or to fit into the size you want to be? Are those reasons enough to keep you going?
It’s hard to rely on the scale or a piece of clothing to motivate you towards your goals, so I want you to dig deeper.
What will being healthy/fit really mean to you? Will it mean having more energy to make it through your day or keep up with your kids? Will it be setting a good example for those around you? Or will it be the confidence gained and pride you feel by taking care of yourself?
My why is to feel my best and the energy it gives me. My why is also to keep my body and joints healthy. I’ve done so much to my body from gymnastics and performing, that I need to take care of it now more than ever to ensure the best future for myself. .
Now it’s time for you to find your deeper WHY!

Working the lats and some chest while throwing in some hamstring and booty work! .
-Make sure to push through your heels for your hammys an glutes to activate.
-Only let your shoulders extend as far as is comfortable for your range of motion and keep a slight bend in the elbows.
Give it a try and let me know what you think! 💪🏻

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