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Tara Tiger Brown Ⓥ  Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed. #Resist


My new @theslowfactory ~We The People~ necklace goes nicely with my Resist tee. Thanks @xseanbonnerx!! ❤️
#wethepeople #resist

Rips is listening to a playlist I made for him that includes Bjork, MGMT, Bowie, My Bloody Valentine, ACDC, Nirvana, Lady Sovereign, Santogold, stuff like that. So far he likes Lady Sovereign the best. He's very into Death Metal right now so I'm glad he is enjoying other genres. 👨‍🎤

Vincent likes to hump my brand new @saythesunca Extreme Goth Mink Tatami Sliders. I don't blame him, they are super sexy. #vegan #madeinla #furries #petme

Note my super power ability to blend in with the sand. Bury me and you'll never find me. I'm under the weather today so I'm kickin it with my kitty cat and thinking back to Sunday when I was lyin (layin?) on the beach, fully clothed to signal I'm an eastsider, wondering how I survived living right on the beach, and sending silent curses to the fisher(wo)men. Good times. #nationalselfieday

My guys are off on a Father/Son adventure to Florida. Happy Father's Day to Ripley's Dad - an encyclopedia of knowledge, a patient instructor and who encourages him to have an open mind and an open heart.

Hey kid, I think you lost somethin'. I pulled both of these teeth. I used to love pulling my own teeth so this was a real treat for me. I love that "pop" sound when they come out. Sean ran away in fear.

I don't post very many pics of our dog, Sydney. I think because I've been in denial for awhile about her health. I'm taking her to the vet next week to figure out what to do. 😢

Saying goodbye is hard to do! Ripley's teachers - Peter, English and Julie, French. We were so fortunate that Ripley had these wonderful educators this past year. #1stgrade #lastdayofschool #lilalosfeliz

When you find out on the last day of school that an artist you like has a kid at your kid's school and they even play together sometimes. Last year it was a DJ I like. That's Los Angeles for you. @baronandre

This is a couch bike. He made this bike in addition to a futon bike and a tall bike. He mentioned something about his wife not liking his hobby. lol. #CicLAVia #ciclaviaatwaterglendale

This is my obsession. It smells like strawberry lip gloss and I squeeze it so much I get hand cramps. It's like a slime squeeze ball because it has that nice slow rise.

Ice cream is served best with friends. Rips is sad to be leaving his friends soon but hopefully they will keep in touch and hopefully we will be back!

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