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Terrifying Brown Ⓥ  Tokyo 📍 Los Angeles 🌴 Mom ❤️ Vegan Ⓥ Forest Bather 🌲 Environmentalist 🌱 Technologist 🤖 Californian 🐻 Canadian 🇨🇦 Founder kithub.cc - Kits for Learning


Day 2 of 7: life in black and white (with explanation). Last night #TyphoonLan ripped through Japan. It was a category 4 hurricane that thankfully calmed down before it hit Tokyo. Flights have been canceled and trains are delayed. But the worst of it, is that our beloved friend, Bones, lost his body to the storm. 💀#bwchallenge #bwphotography #halloween2017 #byebyebodybyebye
#japan #tokyo #typhoon #halloween #skeleton #expatlife #halloweendecor

Day 1 of 7: life in black and white (with explanation). We are leaving Hida 2 days early because it’s pouring like crazy here due to a super typhoon. It’s hard to forest bathe when you are soaking wet. I’m bummed but I know rain is a part of life in Japan and we will be visiting lots of forests in the future. I’m also grateful to see so much rain after living in drought for so many years in Los Angeles. Funny how I left Vancouver for California because I was over rain and needed more sunshine. I need to find balance. #bwchallenge #bwphotography #day1 .
#trainstation #japan #hida #expat #canadianabroad #americanabroad #exit #rainydays

The Hida forest has a variety of beautiful softwood and hardwood trees. I’m feeling rejuvenated after our first day here. I wish it was closer to Tokyo, but I’m more motivated than ever to find a country escape closer to us.🌲#moretreesplease #forestbathing

These are the biggest koi (colored carp, as the signs read here) we have ever seen! We are losing our minds!

Ripley is getting a head start on #nanowrimo2017. His novel is called Adventure Awaits! Right now we are on a shinkansen (bullet train) headed toward Hida for a family adventure, and it’s the perfect setting for him to write. @nanowrimoywp @nanowrimo

Best day! I mean, I was in a cat parade dressed-up like a tiger 🐯, how could it not be. Despite the rain, everyone was smiling and having a great time. Thanks to @xseanbonnerx for doing my makeup! ❤️Swipe to see pics and videos from the parade. 🐈🐈🐈🐈 🇯🇵 #bakenekoparade #bakeneko #neko #tokyo

Mei and the Kittenbus is a 14 minute sequel to My Neighbor Totoro made in 2003! I had no idea, in fact I don’t think many people do. It will be playing at Ghibli Museum Nov. 1st-30th!

I am the scariest panda 🐼😱 in the universe. But my face is now soft as a dewy morning. #animalface #facemask

This is Pepper the Tailor’s Assistant. She’s going to help you order a custom suit. At least she isn’t stuffed into a corner sad and alone like in most shops and restaurants. I do think she is very underutilized and owners have a severe lack of imagination. I’d like to see her integrated with Slack Bots (Softbank just invested an insane amount in Slack) and bring ChatBots to life. #SadPepper

The Kotatsu こたつ is the most marvelous invention if you live in a cold climate. I don’t understand why Canada and Minnesota haven’t adapted this cozy way of keeping warm. Basically you have a special coffee table with a heater in it or under it, and then cover the table in a blanket, put a topper over it and get under the blanket. Boom. Instant cozy. @muji_global

Ouch or yaaaaaaay?

This Face-in-Hole Board is in front of io9 near Shibuya crossing as part of a giant marketing campaign. There are billboards that must have cost a fortune around Shibuya crossing with this pose and others. I doubt we would see a campaign like this in Times Square. 😆 #cutout #faceinhole #shibuya #shibuya109

Ripley fell asleep on the train because he is in training to be a salary man.🙍‍♂️Actually, his current path is to be a DJ because his dad bought him a synth. Before that it was to be a mixed media artist and before that it was to be a scientist because he wanted to invent a way to walk through walls.
I love this kid. He is so fun to go on adventures with even though sometimes he wants to stay home and play Minecraft or watch people play Minecraft on YT Kids. Once I get him out of the house it’s all good. He likes anything that’s cute and you can’t go 2 steps in Tokyo without dying of kawaii.

His heart is so full of compassion for animal welfare that he is suspicious of eating food even when we tell him we are at a vegan restaurant! I think he doesn’t trust Google Translate because he has seen how it translates English to French.
He’s doing much better at school now. He’s made some friends - all girls - and has had one play date. Apparently he has a girlfriend but he was told that by the girl that they were gf and bf, yet he doesn’t know what it means so it’s kind of funny.

His French is amazing but he’s only done a couple of hours of English since he started school so Sean and I have committed to homeschooling him on Wednesday afternoon which is his half day. One of his activities will be writing letters to friends so I’ll need to collect addresses.

We are trying to figure out where he can take martial arts still. Hopefully in our neighborhood. Kendo looks so fun. I mean, who doesn’t want to whack sticks?! I want to take it! He is loving riding his bike to and from the bus stop although he’s struggling with hills on the way home because he hasn’t quite got gear changing down yet.

In a few weeks he has his Autumn break and we are planning some fun things to do including forest bathing. So excited!

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