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Tara Babcock  I'm a YouTuber/Twitch streamer. Body of a pornstar, mind of a philosopher, and heart of a gamer. I collect nerdy things and show off my tits!


You guys never get to see the bedroom plushy collection!

DAYTIME STREAM! Playing some LoL and thing with J! www.twitch.tv/tarababcock

OMG! @dorkly_official did this concept perfectly! As someone who produces content on both platforms daily, this was awesome! They hit the stereotypes/differences hilariously well!
(Swipe for the rest, and follow @dorkly_official, the original owner/poster of this comic set!)

Stretching out some #tarababcockmerch! Sorry I haven't been posting much. These 10 hour streams I've been doing are brutal!

LIVE! Don't Starve with my favorite people! www.twitch.tv/tarababcock

Talked J into Don't Starving with me on our "day off"! Come watch! www.twitch.tv/tarababcock

Enjoying my day on the couch playing Persona 5! Happy Saturday! :)

GAMES! www.twitch.tv/tarababcock

2-days post. A little swollen and still marked up, but happy to shower. I am glad I am sharing this time around, I'm sorry I didn't initially! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! The second image is the extent of my drainage after I took off my bandages. You can see how tiny the incisions are in the first pic.

This is what a compression garment looks like. Gay, basically.

Patreon autographs were 100% completed for this month yesterday! (Ran out of envelopes last week!)
Also, FNM will be an hour and a half-ish late! Sorry, guys! Just started the render! <3

Couple goals! <3

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