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Tara Babcock  YouTuber/Twitch streamer. Body of a pornstar, mind of a philosopher, and heart of a gamer. I collect nerdy things and show off my tits (and kitten!)


Here it is with all the RGB fans and waterblock! I am 95% done! Waiting on an LED lighting strip for next to Mario, and the actual mount for my pump (if you can't tell, it's zip tied. Fuckers didn't include it even though it's in the product description!) Once I get that, just top off the coolant, put on the tempered glass, and further overclocking begins! I love it!

Took some pics before filming my second video of the day! Loving my new bedroom filming location and my lighting!
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It's colder in my PC than it is outside! ;)

Eve loves my rig! This was her reaction to me flipping that power supply switch for the first time! #eveandtara

Eve vs Roomba! Round 3, FIGHT! Who won? #eveandtara

When you try to water cool your PC, but ho is life. Haha.
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Sexy red fittings! ;)

Tonight's progress so far! Spent all last night putting on the GPU waterblock and "customizing" one of the HDD trays because my 8TB Seagate drive has wonky side screw placements. Now cable management, mounting my radiator, and the fun stuff!

Little crazy fuzzball Eve! I have a few kitten play and training videos I might randomly upload to my YT! #eveandtara #mainecoon_feature

Some hips, thighs, and waist! Today was leg day for me. I also did some boxing and jump rope cardio. I've always loved a good punching bag and my new gym has one outside! Anyway, doing more weight training for the metabolic benefits!

My new 50mm lens would be great for makeup vids. Problem is, I don't know if there's interest in that, or if I have the passion to create it!

My queen, Eve! I think you guys were right about her being a Maine Coon mix! So majestic! (Swipe for another! #eveandtara #mainecoon_feature)

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