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You guys. So much of this year has been a dream come true, and it all started when I LET. GO.
What does letting go look like? For me, it’s been about presence. I’ve been documenting my life online since I was 14. I’ve been struggling since going into detox for cocaine right after I was born. I spent over 25 years struggling, and the rest working my ass off to stay afloat, and then to be successful. It was time to take a break.
Since I made that decision, I’ve been taking serious breaks. Breaks from everything. Breaks from social media. Breaks from criticizing myself. Breaks from feeling like I could do more or I need more. Breaks from chasing recognition. Breaks from being hard on myself. Breaks from working more than I have to.
I’ve been replacing watching the news with planning personal projects and reading books. I’ve been spending far more time with friends in person and far less time chasing friendships online. I’ve been making music & then creating the art forms around my new songs (AKA music videos, which I cannot wait to share with you), my favorite form of therapy. I’ve been drawing more, adventuring more, talking more, being more vulnerable. I’ve been falling more in love with myself. I’ve been laughing more. I’ve been having more fun. And guess what?

On Halloween, I was playing with a little girl named Quinn. She was teaching me how the game worked and suddenly, she looked up at me and asked, “Are you a grown up, or a kid?” Then, she started pointing around the room, at people my age, asking me which one was my Mommy and which one was my Daddy. It made me smile so much, because she saw me for who I am truly becoming: a kid. The kid I never got to be. A kid who can do anything she wants. A kid with big dreams and lofty goals and no worries or drama. A kid with a pure heart, who goes about every day in AWE at how many things she never thought she’d have that are now at her fingertips. A kid who struggled so much growing up, but who’s finally found out exactly where she belongs.
That’s gratitude, my loves. That’s gratitude living.

The universe wants to show off too sometimes 💕💜💙🌴🌴 We are at the center of many unexplored mysteries, all of which can change us. One of my favorite ways to level up is to start new habits that I either dropped off in the past or know will benefit me immensely in the future. We all have these things we could be better at: exercise, meditation, patience, yoga, skincare, nutrition, taking supplements, practicing self-love. Each one of these can easily become your new habits.
Incorporating daily rituals that eventually replace your harmful habits will help you to do everything from quieting your mind to fueling your body. Through this method, you can find your bliss, recognize the wisdom that’s in nature, and attain self-mastery. Life can be profoundly inspiring, extraordinary, and miraculous. You can take back your health, unleash your mind, and unlock your true power.
Don’t just survive in this marvelous, mysterious universe— thrive in it! 🙌🏽💜 #WILDHabits

MOOD 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 #curedbynature #wildhabits

YOU GUYS!! @forbes asked me some questions again! And this time it’s on one of my absolute favorite subjects ever: BOOKS!!! Books have changed just about everything for me, from being some of my best friends as a kid, to being my sole comfort as a teen, to giving me tons of hope on my health journey, to inspiring me as an author, books have changed me in all the best ways. Sharing my very favorite one with Forbes alongside some of my favorite authors is a total dream come true! 🙏🏽📚 Link in my stories to read the full article ❤️📰 @womenatforbes

Why I didn’t go visit these incredible, resilient, beautiful kids sooner is the only question I’m asking myself. This is what it’s all about.
I’ve done countless interviews about my time going through the system before my grandparents ultimately got custody of me at the age of 7. I was never formally adopted. As a kid who grew up at the whim of a disconnected, broken system, always wondering, I know how incredibly important it is for these children to have people in their lives who truly love them, love on them and care about them. I can tell you what it feels like to have your mother say she will come get you and never show up, but I cannot imagine what it’s like not having a single other person in your life that’s willing to step in and help. Kids need love. They need hope.
Want true fulfillment? Give back. Give love. Be present. It’s the most incredible feeling in the world. And if you want to come down to Mexico with us, let me know. It’s the richest you will ever be ❤️ #ranchodelosniños #spreadlove @corazondevida

Close your eyes and imagine the best version of you possible.

That’s who you really are. Let go of ANY part of you that doesn’t believe it 💙 #WILDHabits

Happy Life Day. That’s the day where, no matter what day it is, you appreciate the fact that you have this beautiful life. Get it, love✌🏽❤️🌀⚡️ (no makeup, just @genetixorganic 💋) #WILDHabits #majorgratitude

Hi, my name is Tara and I would like to be remembered for loving and saving trees 🌳 🌲
Almost a year ago, I started a movement to save 74 trees from removal by the power company SDG&E in a nearby park, including endangered Torrey Pines. I started a petition, I went door to door and spoke to hundreds of neighbors, I handed out thousands of flyers, I went to countless meetings. I called my councilwoman about a dozen times and inundated SDG&E and the city with emails and phone calls daily. Finally, I hired a master arborist to access the trees as a third party. And after many months, SDG&E agreed to come out and go tree by tree with myself, the arborist, the city council and the planning board to explain to us their reasoning behind removal.
After months of back and forth between myself, the city, SDG&E, MAD, the planning board and city council, we managed to save 39 of these gorgeous trees, as well as get SDG&E to agree to a 2-1 tree replacement/beautification project, which I will be on the committee for.
When I started this mission, so many people told me I was crazy. Why go up against a billion dollar a year company, they asked. Who cares about this one park, they wondered. How would I get the city of San Diego, a place I literally only moved to 3 years ago, to hear me? They questioned.
I’ve shared an article in my stories today, kind words that the news recently had to say about these efforts. And here’s what I have to say:

One person is all it takes. If you care about this planet, your environment, your community and your health, show people. Become the example. Let people know how you feel. Let people hear what you’re going through. Vote. Post. Share. Use your voice. If I had never said anything, all 74 trees would already be gone .... last year. I am not from here. I’m from an island, New York. Except no one realizes it is an island because we have cut down all the trees and replaced them with buildings. I grew up in a town called Floral Park. A town with very little to no wildlife and one small park. I could not watch the same thing happen to the Torrey Pines area. Not on my watch.
There is no Planet B. Let’s save this one 🌎❤️🌲🌳

The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit.

For the majority of my memorable life, every time I left the house, my purse rattled with pills. Birth control, painkillers, mood stabilizers, anti-depressants, benzos for anxiety, muscle relaxers, and nerve blockers were for daily use. Every other orange bottle was to be opened and used “as needed.” Despite this daily concoction, which was undoubtedly meant to help me, I was trying very hard day in and day out not to admit that somehow I was still hurting and I was still struggling. Big time.
In my case, everything that had happened previously in my life piled up to a daily weightiness. Pills were all I knew. Pharmaceutical medication was all I believed in and the only answer that I had ever learned to tackle my feelings of helplessness.
Most people are shocked to learn that I haven’t taken a single, solitary pharmaceutical drug in almost 8 years. 8. That number is still so insane to me, every time I say it. 8 years of listening to myself. 8 years of taking my health into my own hands. Nearly 8 years of putting my mind and body and good habits first. And yet, it’s still 4 years LESS than the amount of time I was on Rx drugs, which was 11 solid years.

Healing does not happen overnight. It happens in small doses, in tiny moments, in big breaths, and in saying “no” over and over and over again when everyone else says “yes.” Before this, I never knew I could feel better as I aged. I never knew I could get healthier as I got older. But healing happens over time. That’s the miracle.

There are two sides to you. There is the side that tries to attract what you want. And there is the side that simply becomes what you want, and watches it appear. Nurture them both. There is no in-between 💜 #WILDHabits #CuredbyNature

You’re a lot stronger than you feel 🖤

Had such a blast this weekend at the Kwik Brain Masterminds LA Meetup! It was incredible to meet the hundreds of beautiful souls who attended — thank you so much for allowing me to share my story in such an open and honest way with you all. Your questions were so thoughtful and inspiring. It was an honor to share the stage with @jimkwik @alignpodcast @thebettyrocker @thesleepdoctor 🙌🏽🎤🗣🧠 Blessed to have such amazing people in my life!

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