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Tara Mackey  💫Beat 14 illnesses with a wild plan 🎥Featured by Forbes, Oprah, Teen Vogue 🎙Author. Recording Artist. Activist 💋CEO @GenetixOrganic 👇🏽MY BEAUTY LINE:

Thank you @oprahmagazine for sharing this quote of mine from both my books #CuredbyNature and #WILDHabits. Of all the things I’ve ever written, I cannot believe that this quote is what gets the most love, the most shares, the most comments, the most reposts. When the idea first struck me 5 years ago, I figured I was the only one in the world who saw (or cared about) this correlation in kindness. Turns out... the world has been looking for a lot more of it 🙌🏽❤️ Epic letterboard design by @thegoodandgoldco — give her a follow. She’s amazing!

You may have noticed I’ve taken a little social media reprieve the last few weeks. Honestly, it’s been a long time coming.
I’ve been posting about my life since I was 14 years old. I took, edited and uploaded photos and wrote long, passionate stories on my blog nearly every single day for well over half my life. While this social media thing may be new to a lot of people, I feel that it’s been a part of my life and my identity for a long time. I documented everything. I remember a friend telling me on my 21st birthday, “It’s nice to see you with a drink in your hand instead of a camera.” That was over a decade ago. Well before smartphones or Instagram. I took it in, but I didn’t quit. I haven’t quit since.
I didn’t have a reason to. The world has molded itself accordingly. Carefully crafted self portraits turned into selfies. And now. In this world. Documenting everything is an entirely accepted way to act. It’s the norm.

I recognized this year that I never slowed down. And because of that, I thought it was important for me to start doing something new. I took a step back.
I started to focus on living my life and not focus on constantly documenting it. I started to focus more on enjoying myself and less on capturing that enjoyment. I started to focus more on slowing down and less on keeping up.

How has this helped? Well... life is easier. Straight up. Now, when I do document, I tend to keep the most precious moments to myself, for myself.
My focus has shifted: from seeking to document it all, from seeking approval or wondering why I’m anxious every time I post.... to truly just embracing life. I’ve been able to enjoy moments for exactly what they are, and not have the pressure to share every little thing I do.
Honestly, it’s also allowed me to accomplish twice as much. The saying ‘If you see me less, I’m doing more’ is a powerful one that I’ve embraced. I encourage you if you feel any of these things, please just try it. Take a day or two to just enjoy life without social media. If you feel the need to share, stop yourself. Embrace the moment you’re in. Its a WILD habit that I cannot get enough of: living life for you 🙌🏽❤️

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Honestly, this birthday felt different than all the last. The past 12 months have been eye opening. Beautiful. Heartbreaking. Triumphant. Terrifying. Gorgeous. Gut wrenching. Glorious. Heart opening. I’ve done everything I vowed I would do. And SO much more.
I adventured. I created. I figured out what I deserved. I overcame. I fought. I won. I grew. There were the outside milestones that were visible, but the silent, inner ones meant the most. The things that can’t be shared in words. Sure, I released new products for my beauty baby @genetixorganic. I released my second book baby #WILDHabits. A million beautiful moments just like this have happened all year. But it was honestly the moments in between, where struggle turned to triumph, where vulnerability turned to strength, that meant the most and made this year the very best yet.
I set my intentions for the new year. This birthday marked a new chapter of sharing what’s deep in my soul. I am SO excited for you guys to see what comes next, and I’m so excited to share it with you.
Cheers to New Years! I’ve turned off comments for this post because I love you all. I know your hearts and your intentions. I don’t need anything. If you want to do something sweet, please donate to your favorite charity. My life and my heart are truly full. #VIRGOSEASON

It’s my coming out party! ❤️🧡💛💚💙🧡💜🌈🌈🌈 I made drinks and got super real with @rupaulson — we talked about my bisexuality 👋🏽, my childhood crushes, how she feels about my skincare line @genetixorganic 💋, our favorite gay couple (this one might surprise you! 🔍😉) and so much more! My sexuality has not always been the easiest thing for me to open up about (what with my strict religious upbringing and all), and yet I’ve never been ashamed of it because it’s always been a part of me. So, this is 100% me guys. If you hang out with me, this is what you get. Just me and you, on the floor belly laughing, trying to make a bird house 😂🙌🏽 I honestly have to say this was one of the most fun days I’ve had! Rachel is one of my favorite people in the universe. She’s hilarious and the show is so funny, smart and insightful. Go watch the full video and check out this amazing @youtube show. By watching @drinkrrp you’re supporting the LGBTQ community! 🌈💜💛❤️💚🧡💙

First time 🏰 Say what you want about Walt Disney the man; Walt Disney the entrepreneur is every boss’s dream. What one man created, simply from his imagination, has touched so many of our lives — from these epic parks, rides and WORLDS, to the movies we all grew up singing and dancing along to, to the toys we enjoyed as kids, to the inspiration to animate or create, to the countless jobs. The Disney franchise has made so many dreams come true. I didn’t go on one ride. I only met two princesses. I spent way too much money on churros. Everything was cheesy AF. And I can easily see why it’s considered the happiest place on earth 🌏🙌🏽💛 #DisneyCalifornia

❤️🙏🏽 You guysssss!!! At the beginning of 2017, being in @forbes was just a dream. Now, in just 15 months, this is my *second* feature. Honestly, I almost can’t believe it. I am blown away.
This time, I get to take you into my office, my inspiration and how I make space for all my careers to meld. I love this article, which highlights how female entrepreneurs have designed their spaces for maximum efficiency and inspiration.
I honestly feel so privileged to live in a time where a career like this is even possible. Where women don’t have to compromise having a relationship (or NEEDING a relationship) to thrive. Where you can run three businesses AND have three kids. Where you can start a company with just a thought and a lot of dedication. It’s amazing how far we’ve come, and how much we’re just plain taking over.

The little girl in me who watched her single mother struggle in so many ways. Who could read every book but barely talked. Who was so awkward she was labeled. Who played with food stamps like they were Monopoly money. That little girl is blown away.

I hope you’ll check out this article. I learned about so many incredible women who also started their businesses with just a laptop and a small prayer. I think you guys will love it.

Thank you @forbes, thank you Universe, thank you guys for all the support. It means the world. 🙌🏽🙏🏽❤️ @womenatforbes

You will not heal by going back to what hurt you 🌻 #WILDHabits

🔬⚗️ circa 2011. I was working as an MLT, analyzing samples for NYC public schools. I was about to quit this job. I was about to start a new life. I was about to be done with school, and start learning through life experience. I had no way to know that though.
I had just come off of 14 Rx drugs cold turkey and I had this crazy idea to start documenting everything. I started journaling again. I started bringing my laptop to work. I brought my SLR camera everywhere with me. I bought heaps of notebooks and sketch pads and wrote and drew and painted every day. I started writing music again. I started writing letters to my future self. One of them said simply ‘GET THE FUCK OUT OF NY. DO ANYTHING.’ I did something. I put a down payment on a place I’d never seen in a city I’d never been in, and I completely started over.
I’ve started over many times since then, but this girl. This girl analyzing samples during the day and worrying at night about her future. I know she’s so, SO proud of me. I just know she is. And it just makes me think... What will I, today, be proud of myself for in the future? What odds am I overcoming that I don’t even see? What lives am I touching that I don’t even notice? How many things are falling divinely in place all around me so that the pathway to my future is laid for me?

Damn guys. I can’t wait to find out 🙌🏽❤️

When someone asks me how to do something, my advice is always just: ‘Do it.’ I was born on cocaine. I was prescribed my first drug at 12. I lived in my car at 19. My organs were shutting down at 21. I was on food stamps at 23. I attempted suicide at 24. Not one thing in my story pointed to me being where I am today. I spent years resisting, and guess what? I was miserable. And I wasn’t living my highest purpose. When we resist, we fail to use our true power. Do what you would do if you knew you couldn’t fail. Always. Failure might look scary, but you know what’s actually frightening?
Never having the chance to start.

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Sometimes we simply forget. We forget how far we’ve come. We forget how many things we’ve learned. We forget how powerful we are. We forget how much we’ve grown. We forget what’s really important.
Today? Remember 🙌🏽💙

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