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Tara  Just a mom/wifey/nurse but I'm the tattooed hard rocking kind!

#tbt Better days. Trail Riding in the Jeep with my babe. #husband #soulmate #misshim #RIPJC

#tbt I look like crap per usual but this is still one of my fav pics of me and my boy. His eyes just pop. I've always had a weakness for blue eyed men! #isuckatselfies #myson #myboy #myworld

Sometimes I feel ok. I sing and dance in my chair as I work. Then one thing can bring it all crashing down. Pain in my chest feels like it's crushing me, literally taking my breath away. All I can do is curl up with his nasty Harley flannel that's slowly losing his scent. I never knew grief could feel like this. There's not just a hole in my heart, there's a gaping wound in my soul. Not sure how to go on without him. Thankfully I have great friends that are helping me figure it out. #RIPJC #soulmate #husband #thissucks

This guy, this look right here. I have a few pics of this look. The one he used to save just for me and made me melt. Its been 2 months but it feels like forever. Trying to keep going like I know he would want. Love him always. Miss him forever. No one will ever fill the hole he left in my soul #RIPJC

#mcm #mancandymonday #mancrushmonday @jdpardo ...not my usual type but hot damn!! You coukd cut ppaer with that jawline...makes me want to bite it! #grievingnotdead

It's that time of year again. #firenights #myfriendsarebetterthanyours

So in love with the detail in his face. @mike_dunn_tattoos killed it.

We were back at it tonight and @mike_dunn_tattoos was in the zone! #tattooer #tatooedgirl #tattooedmom #timburton

When you make your next tattoo session spot via text!! So frickin excited to get started on the bottom half of the Tim Burton sleeve featuring @rjhaddyofficial bellhop

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