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The best way to do winter ❄️ Playing in the ocean on the mountain. #deep

Truly honoured.
Thank you so much @swaaymedia - grateful to be included amongst such seriously fierce and inspirational women 🙏🏻

Okay okay okay... ready to go home for cuddles with this angel now!!! Note to self: one month is far too long for a holiday. #lessonlearned #laylagram

Thank you aunty @caseyaddinsall for this pic. Four times the Layla love is 👌🏻

Yesterday, I was so fancy. I was scooting around Tokyo in boots and a trench coat and a top knot.

Well, today, this happened. 🙊


Because it's atrocious to have spent almost 3 weeks in Japan without having posted #foodporn.

Ramen = serious #soulfood.

#japan #tokyo #ramen #ginandtonic17

Join me today in publicly celebrating a vulnerability as we rally behind @violetgraydesign's 2017 #imperfectlymeVG campaign.

If 5000 of us courageously share our stories on instagram before 7pm AEST tonight, Alex from VG will generously donate $5000 worth of JUJU menstrual cups to Share The Dignity - an Australian organisation that believes sanitary items for women should be a right, not a privilege.
Here's my share:

Behind my boldness is a young woman who certainly doesn’t always feel strong and 6 foot tall. I toss and turn in the middle of the night. I am often hesitant in my leadership in moments when my clarity isn’t rock solid. Sometimes, I just can’t find the right answer and so I turn myself on mute until I find something, anything, of value.

I care what people think about me. Not always. Not most of the time. But every once in a while, I do. There are days when I’m being asked to step up into the next iteration of leadership, partnership, devotion, and I would rather stay in bed and cry. Or rage. Or throw a tantrum.

This continues to reveal itself to me as the years roll by.

In my robust mid-twenties I doubt I would’ve gotten still enough to allow myself to feel all this, but the more I do, the more I realise that these are not necessarily markers of insecurity, but rather diverse personal experiences that allow me to offer empathy and understanding to others.

When you see a strong woman, never doubt that her emotion runs deep. She has fears, worries, doubts; mostly about herself. I do. But like all good fears, worries + doubts, if I listen to them, hear them, + give them some wriggle room (rather than ravenously identify with them), they eventually bring me right back HOME, + back to the understanding that we are all ONE. In that way, 'insecurities' can create potent, relatable, *real* leadership. Something magical happens when we are unarmoured, + everyday I'm learning to let go of a little more.

What 'imperfection' can you celebrate today? Get involved by using the hashtags + tagging @violetgraydesign 🙏🏻 Here's to the women who bleed, who need us 🙏🏻 #imperfectlymeVG #violetgraydesign { I'm wearing I AM ADAPTABLE necklace in silver }

Catch ya later, #nozawaonsen 👋🏻 This morning we're packing our bags again and heading to Tokyo for 4 days of rest, adventures and of course, EATS, before flying up north for our final few weeks in the snow.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss home. (🐶🐶🐶) Here's @farmerglen ripping it as per usual. 👊🏻 #outdoorphins #ginandtonic17 #powpow #japan #snowboarding

Walking between two worlds.
Those awkward in-between moments in time.
The inconvenient truths that rear their heads under the illumination of a full moon.
All those things you said YES to; suddenly screaming with a reminder they should have been a NO.
All the gaps; not asking to be filled, but to finally be noticed.
Everything under question.
Everything as it should be.

#eclipse #courage #thebigquestions #fullmoon 📷 @trinskyyoga

It's such an honour holding space for so many women to explore themselves, especially beside this dream boat, @rachelcmacdonald. #samebrain #whatababe

Almost 1000 women have joined our 5-day FREE challenge which kicks off next week and the energy in this community is giving me the warm and fuzzies. We'd love you to join us, especially if you're interested in rewriting your 'story' in a feminine, conscientious, wide-awake kinda way.

Link to join us is in my profile 🙏🏻

My girl @rachelcmacdonald and I have been collab-ing to bring you this awesome, encouraging, FREE 5-day challenge that kicks off next week.

A supportive Facebook group.
Daily emails with soul prompts and assignments.
Daily potent Facebook live broadcasts where we expand the conversation.

All designed to help you REWRITE YOUR SUCCESS STORY, so that you can step out of your own way and spend more time creating, making, flourishing... and less time struggling.

We'd love you to be a part of it, so click on the link in my profile and let boogie next week 👌🏻 #courage #consciousness #collaborativeleadership #samebrain

All the M words.


Today we say buh-bye to beautiful Myoko and heyyyyy 👋🏻 to Nozawa Onsen.
The snow is falling heavily outside and our hearts are full. We met awesome people, rode incredible snow and ate some pretty delish noms. Bring on the next chapter of the journey 🏂