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Well THAT was a magical start to the day. 🙌🏻

Two days away with my honey at the iconic @_halcyonhouse is just what we needed. Unplugged. Unscheduled. Not needing to be anywhere but with each other. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
It's amazing how healing 48 hours of laughter and closeness and coastal walking and dorky-couple-bike-riding can be. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Our cup is full again. We're replenished. And we get to return home to the best thing ever: LAYLA 🌹

So flipping excited to spend 48 celebratory hours at @_halcyonhouse next week with my man. Have you been?! @_paperdaisy_ is our fave restaurant 👌🏻

From where I'd rather be (and am). The BEST clarity finds me right here. #wellplayedmamaearth 🌏

She's calling me back 🙌🏻 Were you hanging around these parts a few years ago? Back when every second square was a sunrise, or incoming sea foam, or my sandy toes?
Our Treehouse lease is coming to an end in 2 short months, but our minds, hearts and souls are already Oceanside, breathing in the beauty and magic we have so sorely missed these past few years. I will miss the silence out here in the valley (literally all I can hear right now is the cicadas and the odd kookaburra outside), but that's all.

I needed these 2 years to truly understand how critical the coast is to my wellness. My spirit soars at the thought. #cominghome #winterwithin #dusk

HERE is what you’re hungry for.
We exhaust our hearts seeking,
searching, yearning, learning.
But Here we are.
Here is where is all happens
and unravels.
Here is where you feel, taste, play.
Not then. Not when.
Right Here.
Here is an idea.
Here is a moment.
Here is a destination in and of itself.
And Here you are.
In it.
Not once upon a time.
Not one day soon.
Here ‘happens’ billions of time over
And yet
You’re only opportunity to feel it’s fullness
Is now.
There is power Here.
There is love Here.
Possibilities and solutions,
Complexity and spacious simplicity
All reside Here.
Can you open your heart to it?
Your plans are cozy,
And warm and toasty,
But are they not suffocating also?
Here is quietly requesting that you
You’re missing the miracle
Under your nose.
Yearn for Now.
Seek for Presence.
Search for Yourself.
As you are.
And Wholesome.
And Blossoming
Into HERE.

#WinterWithin journey is coming soon seekers and I'd love you to join along 🙏🏻 📷 @eyesoflovephotography
#somethoughtsonpresence #strugglesofaseeker #courage #consciousness #humancondition #winterwithin

Today we celebrate our lineage.
All mothers, everywhere, we bow.
My mama @shele_mutti was just 20 years old in this photo (and such a natural hottie). And my nan hasn’t changed a bit.
If I followed my mama’s path, I’d have a 10 year old daughter of my own by now… that seems so outrageously unimaginable to me. Imagine me with a TWEEN?!
And while I one day hope that my hubby and our future mini-Farmers will celebrate me as a mama, today it’s all about YOU, mama bear.
I love you. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I’m proud of you.
I love how deeply we have healed.
Your girl,
T xo

These big and beautiful work days are always 💯 with you by my side baby girl. 🐶 #laylagram

Sharing your goals with the world is a vulnerable thing to do.
There’s no going back after you boldly make that declaration. It’s no longer a longing that livse solely in your heart and mind, or a mere Post It on your wall. Your goal has been given wings. Suddenly, it has flown the nest; it’s OUT THERE, for all to see.
Your goal becomes susceptible to other people’s projections and judgements. It circulates, and reminds everyone you shared it with where you’re intending to move into; even when you’re buried under the covers on days you ‘don’t feel like it.’ Your goal has been let loose, running laps around your tribe, skipping around the joint, because you decided to share it.
Sharing what you want to create, experience and step into requires something a little *extra*. Is it confidence?
It might be.
It could be.
I believe most of it comes down to TRUST, and here’s what I know about that mystical T word.
Trust is not innate, nor automatic. It has to be earned and learned.
It needs to be exercised out of faith - many times - before it is felt.
It needs to be brought to life through action - many times - before it is embodied.
Trusting yourself (and your team, your tribe, your cosmic partners) to reach a goal begins to feel automatic as a result of being in the arena, constantly.
When we’re spectating from the grandstands, never quite knowing what it feels like to get muddied, grubby and a little scratched up, we’re missing out on all the those potential opportunities to experience courage, resilience, personal victory, trust.
When we spectate, we’re not living from TRUST. Fear has tightened her grip. Inertia takes over. We watch on, frozen.

Well, this is the only photo I took over the weekend (apart from a quick snap of a chai in a groovy ceramic mug 👌🏻), but I love this lil moment between @rachelcmacdonald and @amandajanedaley so much.
Our #mysterymind weekend was one of deep, deep conversation, space-holding, reflection and gratitude, and I am still swimming in the inspiration that absolutely blossomed from our chats.
What's next for us? What journey do we want to midwife for our tribes and communities? What is hot on our hearts to express and bring into being? How do we navigate those moments when we're not in clarity? Are we embracing and embodying enough joy in the process?

Most importantly: how do we do this in more of a socially conscious way? How can we better a) own and b) make better use of our privilege?

Thank you, sisters! You each inspire me to dig deeper and shine brighter 💫

@julesyparker @bettymeansbiz @yvetteluciano @gratitude_project @lunarabundance

Chai time in Byron! 👌🏻 These gorgeous ceramics are from @sit_still_lauren_ceramics. Poor thing - her warehouse flooded recently 😱 Stay strong babe, your art is EPIC !

Local ladies. I’m talking Byron - Sunshine Coast and everywhere in between.
I’m looking for open, loving and receptive lounge rooms, filled with your gorgeous presence, your besties, and the aroma of these precious gifts of the earth.
Are you yet to experience the magic of doTERRA essential oils? Do you have a bunch of girlfriends who are into the same spirit-nourishing, earth-honouring stuff as you?
If you do, I’d love to share my Eves Of Being with you and those you love this month.
I’ll paint the picture:
🌹Your favourite people, sitting in circle. We’ll open the space with a Kundalini meditation and some sacred sound.
🌹Our oils workshop — ‘ESSENTIAL HARMONY’ — will focus on the subtle ways we can work with these oils so they can support our emotions, nervous systems and spiritual practices. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
🌹All the while, we’ll be sipping on a heart-opening cacao elixir, anointed with essential oils.
It’d be such a delight if we could hold space for each other to experience this. I’d like to book 3 more Eves Of Being before the month is out, so please don’t hesitate to contact me either in the comments, or with a DM, or via email: hello@tarabliss.com.au.
4-7 people seems to be the sweet spot with gatherings such as these. More is fine too though. AND if you live interstate, overseas, or a few hours away from me, we can still do this digitally! Reach out to me and I’ll send you some samples for your gathering and coach you on how we can still make this as magical as ever.
In honour of sisterhood, being-ness, harmony, mother earth and CHOCOLATE. Does it get any better? 🙊
#meditation #essentialoils #gather #sistercircle #cacaoelixer #doterra

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