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Tara Bliss  ⚡️Deep thinker • Fast typer 💡Foundress: #RebelsOfLight 💧doTERRA Leader: #TeamBliss 📝Writer 👏🏻Women’s mentor 🌏Wanderluster Let’s play 👇🏼


I’m gradually emerging from the deep and dark Moon Temple 🌘 I’ve been in these last 5 days. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I love being a woman. I love the downward pressure that accompanies our moon time and almost drives us into the Earth, if we notice. 🌹
I love rebelling against the expectation to remain ON 💡 all the time, when instinctively, and intuitively, we know better.
When I remember to live this way, I’m reminded of the vast creativity that’s available to each of us if we become still enough to receive it. 💫 When I travel inward, that creative flow cannot be stopped. Even during crisis, even during heartache, I find that it still continues to trickle in, unfazed by life’s foibles, with a simple and distinct mission to EXPRESS. ⚡️
There are many fun new ways for us to connect in the pipelines, my friends. One of which is most certainly a podcast 🎙(with a RAD name, I must say. Gonna keep it a secret for now, though, just to tease ya).
For quiet mornings to myself, for shocking clarity, for the cleansing smoke of earth’s offering, for endless pages of messy, chaotic, inspired journalling, for ‘nobody understands this but I’m going to do it anyway’ moments, for @doterra essential oils ⚗️(and particularly, this divine ARISE blend, designed by @elenabrower — which I have adored anchoring with lately)… I give my thanks. 🙏🏻 All is unfolding in full trust, and we’re in no rush.

Rebels in real life 💡 nothing beats basking in the radiance of humans you hold so closely in your heart 🙌🏻 What a weekend! #soulpreneurslive #rebelsoflight

Mama — showing what a bad ass mirror she is. 😍

I had the BEST time on the @soulpreneurs stage today. My heart is happy knowing over 300 folks have a better understanding of how to work with sacred boundaries, and how those very boundaries provide you with the stamina and discernment required to fulfill your purpose here on earth. True story. How liberating and truly strengthening it feels as an entrepreneurial woman to work mindfully with boundaries. Life changing stuff, friends. 🙏🏻 @yvetteluciano has curated a phenomenal event 😍 Day 2 kicks off tomorrow! #soulpreneurslive

My mornings have had a rhythm of radiance to them recently. 💫 I feel as though — through each morning practice — I’m rediscovering aspects of myself; rediscovering values that mean something to me, you know? 💡
These mornings are absolutely luxe 🌹and I can feel my inner Rebel essence doing backflips each time we create the space to commune with each other and the earth. 🤸🏼‍♀️There really is nothing like feeling the breeze on your face as you sit in stillness, mouth creased into a smile, whilst the rest of the world is still sleeping. 🧘🏼‍♀️
Claiming 2018 as a restorative and gentle year is the perfect, right and just choice for me this year. In a world where so often that is viewed as ‘lazy’ or ‘irresponsible’ or ‘selfish’ — I’ll need to continue to steer my way back to my Soul’s values and longings. 🚫
Flipping the bird to the status quo continues, my friends! 😆 Rebellion runs in my blood, for life! 🤘🏻
#meditation #morningpractice #rebelsoflight #sovereignty

This weekend, myself and other speakers (including a handful of my nearest and dearest sisters) are taking to the @soulpreneurs stage to share with you what we know in our bones about bringing businesses to life, with soul and strategy as the dance moves that breathe life into whatever your definition of ‘success’ is. Businesses ain’t just businesses — they’re beings, and how we relate to them, communicate with them and act in service of them matters.
Are we going to see you at this 2-day event in Brisbane this weekend? Hand on my heart, it’s going to be magnificent. Secure your spot (and celebrate the launch of Yvette Luciano’s incredible new Hay House release, ‘Soulpreneurs’) over on the @soulpreneurs grid.

Magical mornings, to honour you and your power feels familiar and so welcomed. The creative energy that surges through our body after a morning of delicious self-care is beyond description. — When you’re frothing to wake up for a little more of that magic. 🤟🏼 @laylagram13

I close my eyes
And in the subtle realms, I travel
Like patchwork
I infuse the blankness
With energy, love, light
The sensations in my being
Jump alive with my attention
I cosmically clear out; filter
The density of yesterday
I pour strength into what is weak
I pour love into what is lost
Where there is confusion
I ask the waves of clarity to roll in
And I see them
And I feel them
When I close my eyes
I remember the alchemy
When the tears roll
down my cheek
I open my eyes
And I remember
That life out here
Is different to life in there
And that hurts a little
So tomorrow I will jump back in
And wash the hurt away

At yoga class yesterday, @crystal_yoga asked me if I was still teaching #kundaliniyoga. I explained that when I was recovering from hyperemesis gravidarum, elements of myself mysteriously and gracefully just... fell out of my life. Teaching this yoga was one of those things. I still don’t know why, other than a felt sense of my time teaching on that stage had come to an end. Perhaps it was because I felt as though I was ‘teaching’ on so many different ‘stages’ and that I wanted to keep my yoga practice as something I could receive; something purely for me. I said to her: ‘it’s a tool I’ll always have if I feel I need to draw upon it.’ Well... guess who woke up this morning craving kriya in her body and mind? 👋🏻 #followthefeeling #rebelsoflight

I was on a snowboarding trip in Japan when I was struck down by a virus, bound to my hotel room, coughing so hard that a) I threw my back out, and b) I swore razor blades inhabited my throat.
I was googling oregano oil, which I knew would support my return to health rapidly and in no time at all had purchased a starter kit of doTERRA’s most versatile collection of oils. @hayleyhobson ’sold’ me oils, but really, an incredible ripple effect in contribution and friendship was about to take place.
That was 3 years ago.
Today, I can’t sing a song of gratitude that would be loud enough or articulate enough to make any sense or convey my emotion.
We are stewards of the Earth as she provides this healing, opportunity, abundance and friendship for millions. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
And for me, all it took was a bottle of oregano to start a chain reaction.
With almost 30k homes impacted and changed through Team Bliss, hundreds of committed business partners - 14 (and counting) of which are now earning a multiple 6-figure income - and a global community aimed at disrupting healthcare… looking at my personal collection of oils reminds me of the massive impact they have on the collective.
We are always expanding our community. If you are ready to try doTERRA essential oils or partner with us as part of this vision, please click the link.tree in my profile. Let’s connect. #doterra #teambliss #collaborativeleadership Case: @goalignment

I’ve just said goodbye to Uluru but while I was there she had a loud and clear message for me: DISCERNMENT.

I’m working closely with this life-changing word since being there.

I think ‘Thank you, but no’ is going to end up being the most powerful and regular sentence I’ll speak this year.

If we are to build resilience and rebellion – and make no mistake, our rebellion is required right now – and invite more rapturous joy into our lives, it aint all about what we add to our days. Much of the time I believe that joy can be found in the spaces that reveal themselves once we take away what needn’t have been there in the first place. Also - these things can be fun things! Exciting things! Very good opportunities! And yet - when matched up against a desire to experience true radiance in the body, they just aren’t incentive enough to commit anymore. (Am I right?) Unfortunately, it often takes a serious imbalance in energy for us to notice that we’ve overcommitted, again. That we’ve jumped in to fix something that couldn’t have been ironed out by itself, again. That we said ‘yes’ to feed that ‘good’ part of us that is steering us down a path of depletion, again.

The good news is, even writing this is giving me energy. Even articulating that I am partnering with the essence of DISCERNMENT is calling my power back. I can feel it.

Discernment is waiting for you to choose it, align with it, and experience its magic. Thank you Uluru, for bringing this message to my heart at a time I was so ready to receive it. 🙏🏻 Your vastness, your people and the stories that are etched into you will have me return to experience and appreciate you in more depth. 🙏🏻

Put me in the red, red sacred heart of this great rebel land for a few days. Remind me of what it means for the earth to own me, rather than believing the lie that I own portions of her. Humble me with your grandeur. May stories of the Dreamtime and whispers of this land’s original people shock me out of the slumber of my privilege and anchor me in reverence.

Thank you, @doterraaunz for connecting us in with this nation’s heart beat. 🙏🏻 #uluru #exploreuluru Photo: @tulip.xo

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