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TARA JENKINS  👟Director - Iron Bodies Australia 🇦🇺2017 CrossFit Games Athlete 🏆 @fitaidaus @trueprotein @the_healthy_joint_chiro @ndosupps @nourishmentfood


Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have a rad weekend 😘

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Growing the lower body by doing this crazy stuff every week.

It wasn’t programmed to be timed, but I like a challenge & I was hungry so I wanted it to be over quick;

Every 2 mins for 10 rounds;
2 front squats (build every round) + 14 walking lunges (22.5kg/30kg)

Those front squats get tough!

Give it a go! 👌🏻 Crop thanks to @fitaidaus
I just want to say, good luck running after this. You will run like an elephant 🐘

#fitaidaus #trueprotein #thenaturaledge
#cfmoorabbin #crossfitgirls #gains



7 mins AMRAP or 5 rounds;
7 burpee box jump overs + 7 thrusters = Fran lung & dead quads 💀

It was fun though!

Thanks for the shot @anthony_rogers_photography 🙌🏼 #cfmoorabbin #crossfitgirls #allstaraffiliateseries

• SNAZ •

I came across this video from the Frankston Comp a few weeks back.

@adamlesniakphotovideo even captured me peeling my wifey off the ground because she over caffeinated (standard) & destroyed herself in the last event.
That’s wife love right there 💖

Booties thanks to @fitaidaus
#cfmoorabbin #gymwife #crossfitgirls


Now that I’ve recovered from an epic weekend of competing with these guys, I can finally say we won the Victoria Allstars Series! Woo hoo!
We added two new Moo members into our crew (@a_sarah_m & @lukey.9 ) and they killed it!
I’m so proud to be apart of such a hard working club full of athletes who keep pushing one another every single day.

With the support & guidance of @kyle_frankenfeld & @robwattch I believe we are only getting started.

Thanks to everyone who supported us, that’s always the best feeling ❤️ Also, we are having a comp at our club in September (Moorabbin Mega Bowl 6), it’s open to intermediates & advanced. We still have spots open so come hang & compete with us!
If you are interested or unsure whether it’s for you, inbox me ✌🏼 #cfmoorabbin #moocrew


In whatever you do... if you’re on a mission to a goal, never quit when things get rough, it’s part of the journey. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

Today I woke up, I wanted to cry because I was so sore, I didn’t want to train, but did I take an unplanned rest day? Nope. I trained & backed off on the intensity a little & now I feel a million times better. Better physically & much better mentally.
Goals are never going to be achieved thinking about it & not working at it. 1 day at a time.

Part of today’s workout thanks to @kyle_frankenfeld;
In a weighted vest -
3km Row + every minute complete 5 strict pull ups. Finish 100 pull ups at the end.
I failed the 100th rep twice! But hey... I’m only human 🤷🏼‍♀️ @511tactical Weight Vest thank you to @legearaustralia 💪🏼 Fancy pants thanks to @fitaidaus ❤️ #dontquit #dontstop #crossfitgirls #stayoncourse


I met her at last years @crossfitgames, she was competing for @functional_strength_crossfit & I overheard her saying she was planning on possibly moving to Melbourne.

Naturally I got a little excited & tried my hardest to convince her to come to @cfmoorabbin.

Who would have thought she’d actually listen to all of us annoying people from Moorabbin & she made her big move a few months later.
Now she is a huge positive influence & part of our gym, she’s kicking butt in her business @altrproject, dominating CrossFit again & I can definitely call her a best mate & a friend for life.
Thanks for always putting a smile on my face @aimeetawhai. Life wouldn’t be the same without you now 🌸🌸🌸 Thank you @fitaidaus for my new cute shorties! 🙌🏼 #crossfitgirls #bff #strongwomen


Mum came over today with a bunch of photos & not much has changed. Pineapple hair and scrunchies are still ‘in’ in my books.

Ladies, who’s with me!? 🙋🏼‍♀️ #80sfashion #throwbackthursday


Considering we all felt super flat and unmotivated for some reason, we had some solid lifting before dying in our cardio session.

Build to a heavy cluster + thruster = weird faces & wobbly arms.

Worked up to a nice and wobbly 85kgs 🙃

Then we made our way over to @franksmelbourne for the best burgers in town to reward ourselves for training 😜

Track thanks to @volbeat
#stronggirls #crossfitgirls


This year has been a bit of a whirlwind year so far.

I’ve battled some very hard times in my life so far and I’d consider myself a strong person, but sometimes people you think are the most loyal do not have your best interests at heart & things you work your hardest for, don’t always work out the way you want them to.

I know everyone has their own battles & are trying to find ways to deal/heal... I have been for years now.

Training has been the one thing that keeps me on the straight and narrow & has kept me off many negative paths.

Training, some close friends & family you can open up to & some small achievable goals that you can keep chipping away at are the three main things I think can help get through rough times.

If anyone ever feels overwhelmed or has feelings of depression, I am a message away. You should never go through those battles alone.

Thanks to my special people for taking care of me when I’m feeling that way. I hope you feel you can reach out to me too ❤️ Thanks for the photo @courtneyrenewalker 😘

#ruok #speakup


CrossFit Moorabbin might not be the prettiest gym going around, but it’s full of hard working, kind & influential members & coaches which produce amazing results 🙌🏼 I’m lucky enough to be involved with the awesome bunch of people & looking back at this video makes me super proud of how far everyone has come ❤️ \\ 6 SLEEPS TO GO // I found a bunch of videos from training leading up to now. We've come a long way team! So proud of each and every one of you 😘😘😘 #cfmoorabbin #moocrew #mybaes #coach_kyle
@shanez_10 @realnigelpie @alwaysonthechase @duccy @ryanepstein85 @jaz_wood @missjaynemarie @shosh.anna @mattjwally @filbo_ @kyle_frankenfeld


After a few weeks/months of complaining about how sore we are & that a strength cycle in winter sucks... and winter sucks... guess who’s been PB’ing for the past two weeks!? 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️ we have!

Today we had a real good day though!
@missjaynemarie clean & jerked- 99.56kg
Cleaned - 103kg aaaaand 15 bar muscle ups! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 And I clean and jerked 99.56kg because Jayne did, also did 15 bar muscle ups & yesterday I got a 140kg squat!

Yeah strong girls!!! 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼 Now that we’ve finished that cycle... onto some gymnastics, cardio, more strength & slimming down session I guess! 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m proud of you my synchronised sister! 💖

#weprobablyeatmorethanyour boyfriend #gains #cfmoorabbin #happy #crossfitgirls

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