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Tara Frost  NASM Certified Trainer Jersey born📍Southern California living BangEnergy Elite Athlete

When you eat the last cookie of the batch but you didn’t know it was the lastt one.. so without preparation you’re left with just holding it close to you in your tummy

Getting it in this morning with @Meltdown.Beverage
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Holiday eating season is in full effect UGH. This morning I felt so heavy and tired. Literally put in my head “just go, just go, you’ll feel better just do this and you’ll be done soon, just keep going”. I’m sure many of you can relate right now. This is just a reminder to just keep going, get up and get that workout- whatever it is! Don’t beat yourself up over the holiday eating these next few weeks it’s not realistic- enjoy your life. Just keep the balance!!

A FLAVOR 💥 EXPLOSION 💥 The all #NEW Bang Keto-Coffee innovation is the next “big thing” in both the Coffee Category and the Keto Category! 🔥⭐️🔥
People are looking for coffee ☕️ options, and there doesn’t appear to be any “keto-friendly” coffee RTD’s. .
Store coolers are filled with sugar-laden and carb-laden coffee beverages that kick you out of ketosis. These options also contain inadequate amounts of low grade protein.
BANG KETO-COFFEE contains 20 grams of super high-grade whey protein isolate and milk protein. 20 grams of protein is the amount of protein proven to maximize protein synthesis! 💪🏼💪🏾 Some protein RTDs contain coconut oil in an attempt to take advantage of the unsubstantiated hype around adding butter 👎 and/or coconut oil to coffee.🤔
However, Bang Keto-Coffee is entirely different because it contains C-8 👍which is a special 8-chain MCT that efficiently converts to ketones and is far superior to Coconut oil and broad spectrum MCTs.
Bang Keto-Coffee also contains 20 grams of high-quality milk-derived proteins including whey protein isolate and milk protein. Bang also contains less than 1 gram of sugar, added BCAA’s, 300 mg of caffeine, and only 140 calories. Sweet for your lips 👄 and even better for your hips!
Previous research has shown that 300 mgs of caffeine enhances natural ketone production by 116%. 💜 Bang Keto-Coffee comes in three delicious 👅mouthwatering 👅 flavors: Cookies and Cream, Mocha Madness, and Heavenly Hazelnut and is the first ever High Protein Keto-Coffee with C8 MCT to enhance ketosis.
Inventor of @BangEnergy: @BangEnergy.CEO
Available online at VPXsports.com
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To all the brave that weathered 2 days of rain here, job well done... job well done.

my dream street

Christmas party season 🍷

Some new ideas for an at home workout. Just you, resistance bands, and a coffee table! Powered by @meltdown.beverage follow the inventor of meltdown beverage @bangenergy.ceo
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If you haven’t heard, it’s December

How do you incorporate @BangEnergy into your day?
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I feel like I’m about to board a flight to the Christmas Olympics

New tanning obsession. If you’ve been watching my stories lately you’ve seen that I’ve been using @bronzebabeofficial. One coat, one hour and done. Or in my case of being crazy with being tan, one coat, fours hours and done 🤤
@bronzebabeofficial is hooking us UP and will give you their soft, velvety mitt for free with your purchase when you add promo code “TARAFROST”. Make sure to add both the tanning mousse and mitt to your cart before applying the code! 👌🏼 #teamNotpale 😂

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