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I absolutely can't wait until I have enough money to completely update her. I'm going to buy a real Rapunzel corset online that will actually fit me perfectly. And I will make the skirt myself and embroidery the whole costume. Also will buy the tiara somewhere. And going to update the wig to make it look like the theme park Rapunzel.

Wonder Woman work in progress!

So this is what I got so far on Wonder Woman. I finished her bracers and currently working on the shoes. The shoes are almost done only need to add straps and paint them. Also need to add battle damage everywhere and weather them. •

I'm quite excited to wear this cosplay because it is my first time working with foam and my first time cosplaying a hero, so thats new.


So I styled Harley's wig for the upcoming cons, I only need to curl the tips but after that the wig is done.
I'm really excited to be Harley again because I have updated her so much since the last time. And my lipstick looks really weird tho, idk what happened there...

Come have a cup of tea with your fav doctor

My top 8 cosplay wishlist! #cosplaywishlist
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1. Starfire Rebirth
2. Injustice Harley Quinn
3. Poison Ivy animated
4. Rey
5. Wonder Woman
6. Mera
7. Katniss mockingjaysuit
8. Ariel

Kisses for puddin'


Surprise surprise another cosplay in progress. I really wanted to do this cosplay for the obviously reason because Terra's real name is Tara and that's my name, eayh eayh get it.

Not sure if I will ever bring this cosplay to a con maybe if I have a Teen Titans squad. This is btw a quick costest I'm obviously not wearing the right shirt and I have no make up on, deal with it.

Also sorry for being inactive I still have 2/3 weeks of school so I have to finish everything in time but after that I hope to finish all my cosplays I'm currently working on.

Fight like a girl

Another picture of my Artemis copslay. Here you can see the wig length better, but the wig is just majestic!

I still don't know when I will wear this cosplay to a con, but hopefully soon I love this character and want some awesome pictures.


Almost done with Artemis and I'm so freaking excited for this cosplay! Only need to finish the mask and bow and some finishing touches. •

Can we talk about this wig because the photo doesn't do it justice because the wig is so long it's over my butt long and so much hair! •

Now I need a con to wear this cosplay to, but yea I already love this cosplay.

'what'ya think of my new suit puddin'?'

and another one. Jup more new cosplays, it doesn't stop. But yeaa I got the jester Harley suit, and I absolutely love it I feel so confident in this cosplay, I already love this suit

Excuse the make up less face and my wig that is full of tangles and just one big mess, but I was so excited about this suit that I just wanted to show. I will do a proper costest soon :).

W.I.P Artemis

So I thought I would post my progress so far for my Artemis. Cosplay. I still need to attach the waistband and sew the mask all together. I'm quite proud of this cosplay so far because this is the first time for me making and sewing my whole cosplay.

And currently waiting for my belt and wig to finish it. And I'm currently looking for the perfect bow and arrow for this cosplay

I really don't know when I will wear this because there are not many cons for me.

"Your favorite wanted person!"

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