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Kaylee Guldenpfennig 

Here for your entertainment.... Me🤪 I thought I was ready for walking 🚶‍♀️, but my foot thought otherwise. #stayingpositive #longlivedancing #healingwithtime #ittakestime #beyourselfitmakesthingstolerable

“You’re my Nemo. If you get lost in the great, big ocean, I’ll find you.” #loveyou #tbt #wejustclick #bff #nemoanddory #yourepretty @carringchels

Happy New Year from the Bahamas! This is Year is definitely one for the books! There were highs and lows, laughter and tears, accomplishments and obstacles. But I have to say I’m ready to bring in the New Year with a big heart and open eyes! I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year! Let’s all just celebrate the fact of being alive and being able to live the life we have:)! #loveallmyfriendsandfamily #besafe #happynewyear #continuetogrow #lovethelifeyoulive❤️

“You’re the SHE to my NANIGANS;)” - #funnights #uglysweaters #wefelt12andlovedit #bff👭 #loveyou @carringchels

“If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it.” - #workingonbeingabetterme #fitnessmakesastrongdancer #startingtocopewiththepersoninthemirror #eventually

Today is the day! Today is the day I was blessed with the most beautiful, courageous, passionate and caring mom! She goes above and beyond what is expected and always has her best foot forward! I don’t know how you do it Mom... I mean sis! Ahaha! You have helped me through so much and have been by my ride or die from the start! I only hope I give that to you! You deserve nothing but the best! You are one of a kind and all mine ;) haha! Thank you for everything that you do for me and for everyone that comes into your life! Life wouldn’t go on without you, you make me want to chase my dreams and conquer the inevitable! You are my hero! I love you to he moon and back! I hope this year brings you everything that you wanted, because you are everything I have ever wanted! ❤️❤️❤️ Happy Birthday Momma :)! #sheisactuallymysister #happybirthday #sogorgeous #loveher #beaitfulinsideandout @premierdance

“Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise!” - #nofilter #consistencyisthekey #behappywithyourprogress #stillhaveawaystogo #strongdancersarehappydancers

Happy Happy Birthday to my beautiful bestie! She is one amazing woman, she can conquer anything! I respect your strength and passion with everything that you do! I am so glad we have each other! I hope today is oh so wonderful and that your year is amazing! You are one incredible lady, don’t let anyone tell you different! ❤️❤️❤️🎉🎉🎉🎉 #happybirthdaydemi #youarechelseaandkayleesshorty @demeow_

Premier Dance Academy, the studio I found passion and the love for dance. Premier Dance Academy, the studio I can share the love of dance to those who have the passion and drive. Thank you to all the students for showing me happiness and hard work through your dancing! #premierdanceacademyfl #proudteacher #proudalumni @premierdance

"Memories take us back, dreams take us forward." #lifeisworthwhile #thankfulfortheroadahead #newday

"Maybe life isn't about avoiding the bruises. Maybe it's about collecting the scars to prove we showed up for it👌"- #dontforgettosmiletoday #newday #lifeisfunny #letslaughourtroublesaway

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