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Greg Tapper  Husband, Dad, entrepreneur. Live in California, global at heart. Sharing how we live and see the world. Follow us on our journey.

First practice of the first ever Stanford Junior Golf Program tonight! Thanks to coach Jake Hutt @featherymitts_golf from Stanford for coaching this great group of young golfers, and thank you @gabbytapper for working hard with Coach Jake to start this local program. There were 2 goals: Create a competitive training program on the Peninsula for juniors who are tournament golfers, and make it fun so they continue to develop their joy and passion for the game. Listening to the kids tonight, they did just that. Congrats @featherymitts_golf and @gabbytapper— awesome program. #beyourawesome #getoutthere #golf #golfing #uskidsgolf #pga #stanford #golfcourse #winning

My daughter was invited to Carmel for New Year’s, and all I got was this crummy picture! @isabella_tapper #saypleaseandthankyou #daddysgirl #californialife

❤️ I love this girl! ❤️

Family pic at Muir Woods

5:45am, 31 degrees. Ice on the sidewalk. Getting ready for our big 7.5km long distance swim. Cold, dark, wet and uncomfortable. Not usually a joyous moment. Except for one thing— we’re in Speedos outside on Dec 22...that’s pretty cool if you ask me! I’ve spent too many years living in the snow...a Speedo in December is a good thing. Here’s the funny thing about this long distance swim: a couple weeks ago we did a 5k— 3 miles... I’ve never swum that far... and the night before that, I wasn’t sure if I could even swim that far. I find apprehension an old friend who has always chosen to join me in big challenges. So we get to the 7.5k challenge (swimming a little under 5 miles), and once again I wondered if I could seriously swim 5 miles. That’s 1/4 the English Channel. (Though swimming the Channel is an altogether different challenge.) But I go to bed going through my mental routine— affirming in my mind that I can and I will. Not an aggressive take-no-prisoners mindset, rather a quiet determination, cultivated over years of facing unknowns. Then once again the alarm goes off at 4:45am. I wake up and head to the pool. In the locker room, there’s light banter, the usual joking— one guy says out loud to everyone, “you all failed the IQ test.” LOL. That alone was worth showing up. But here’s the lesson—because this post isn’t about “look at me”, but rather “here’s what I learned, maybe you find it interesting”— when I jumped in the pool and started swimming, 2 things went through my mind: don’t think 7.5km. Think 500m. I can swim 500 meters. Just keep doing that. The second thing is, big challenges are always a game in your mind. Full stop. As the Navy SEALs say, you are capable of 20 times more than you think. And as I hit the 5k mark— my previous apprehension just 2 weeks ago— it suddenly was easy because my new goal was now 7.5km. I actually grinned as I hit that milestone. I find that life doesn’t limit us. I think we often limit ourselves. The trick is to show up, even when it’s cold, dark, wet, and even a little scary. #ificanyoucan, #commitment #fitness #fit #fitnessmotivation #hardwork #motivation #success #getoutthere #beyourawesome @tappersciences.

A big thanks to @wallstreetjournal_offical for a story on TapperSciences. We are very grateful for the generous coverage. The bigger story is, we started this with very little personal investment, we created the best product in the market, and we compete against companies as amazing as Apple and Bose. And we're succeeding. I hope this article gives some optimism to people who are eager to be real entrepreneurs, to those who want to build a successful business, and to those who want to create extra income and wealth. I can truly say this: You don't need a big vision. You don't need a huge amount of capital. The opportunity is there for you. Just be smart, get out there and hustle, and you can do it. #ificanyoucan #getoutthere #hustle #hardwork #sell #success #motivation #entrepreneur #sales #wsj @wsj @wsjmag @wsjphotos video link https://apple.news/AIZCINsotQi6794xZypP4Sg or http://on.wsj.com/2DcdHER

Woke up at 5:30am to volunteer with the family at a homeless shelter this morning. You have to arrive early because the homeless are required to pack their belongings and leave by 7am (to no destination). I sat and talked with several of them and heard their personal stories. You realize these are ordinary people under extraordinary circumstances. They are people who want what we all want: good health, a close family, reliable friends, and a little money to live their lives. I won’t proselytize— as always, my Instagram is simply a place where I take pictures of moments and reflect on my life. But I will say this: when you do stop for a moment and reflect on the world around you, it’s hard not to be moved. One day I hope I can do more. Our time is limited. How are we using it? #hope #help #service #inspiration #inspire #getoutthere #teachyourchildren

Post workout pic of the pool, sunrise. #sunrise #fitness #swimming #swimmingpool #poolside #poolparty

That’s a lot of people showing up at 5:30am to swim 5K (five...thousand...meters). I wasn’t a Division 1 swimmer in college (I rowed crew and stayed on top of the water!), but I know what it means to be a teammate. I had never swum 5K in one setting, but you wouldn’t hear me say no— and let me be humble and say that in my mind I did wonder if I could swim that far. 3 miles of swimming is no joke. I joined the U.S. Masters Swimming program a few months ago to challenge myself, stay fit, and be an example to my kids of how to age with strength and fitness (I just turned 48 last week). I’m proud to be part of this dedicated group of people who, like all athletes, will always show up, no matter what—early morning, dark or light, rain or shine, hot or cold. Always. Their reliability is inspiring. One truth I continually see in athletes is the combination of optimism, discipline, and commitment. Give an athlete a challenge and they’ll simply achieve it. They won’t complain and they won’t quit. Whether they’re 18 or 80, I consistently see that spirit. I seek to cultivate it in myself, and I seek to teach it to my 12 year old daughter and 9 year old son: Just say yes to the challenge, prepare, show up, work through it with quiet determination, and cross that finish line. That’s how you win. #winning #athlete #hardwork #determination #success #winner #inspire #inspiration #fitness #fit #swimming #endurance #triathlete #beyourawesome #getoutthere #pool #poolparty @tappersciences

Super entrepreneur Gabby working hard (on a Saturday night) at FedEx to get a holiday shipment to Amazon! If you want to make it, this is how you do it. That’s about $6k worth of product—and it’s selling like crazy on @amazon. Amazing leadership, #hustle #hardwork and #motivation. #success @fedex #entrepreneur

5:30am swim practice in the cold, the dark, the rain? What an amazing way to start your birthday! #live #birthday #fitness #dedication #havefun #getoutthere #beyourawesome @tappersciences

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