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obsessed with these colours😆😝 #jezos

2017 has been good to me so far😆❤️ #alhamdulillah

my family (@jaheedahussain @tanzeelahussaiin) set up the cutest 21st birthday surprise for me a few days ago because i have an exam today, but Alhamdulillah i'm finally 21😭❤️

dis chaat platter was da bomb💣

finally found the time to enjoy the sun🌞🌞 photography @jaheedahussain 📷


& i had the yummiest breakfast🤗

had an amazing time watching wicked, defo recommend it😩💕

cash me eatin hou bou dah #fave

furrrrrrrr #ootn

long time no see insta xx
📷 @tanzeelahussaiin

if you're looking for a soft bun, with succulent chicken/beef then burgista bros is the place to go😍👅 (yes i know, promotion skills 💯) but seriously best burgers in the world😍👅 #cravings

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