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Tanya Du’Shay  A woman who loves Jehovah God. Blessed to have graced t/pages of magazines & runways to negotiating deals. Producing & Directing #Unstoppable jw.org/

Has anyone here been to Gary, Indiana? If you haven’t, you have NO idea of what a struggle is. To live there is the epitome of poor. To get out that City is nothing more than a sheer miracle. I can only stay good job Joe Jackson, because you got your family out of there. AND in the same breath, I want to say thank you MOM for getting US the heck out of there too!
With that said, yes a musical genius is sleeping, however, MJ will live again, but this time, on a Earth that will have no more evil, no more war, no pain & sickness & most of all no more death. I’m so elated that in reading the scriptures, it gives you All of that information. Open your Bible folks. #michaeljackson #garyindiana #borntosing #tanyadushay #jw

I love working talented photographers. A bit of trivia.... Here we are doing a photo shoot for my Cousin’s Kenyatta Vaughn’s Rap Group & while they at changing for THEIR next shot, the photographer, Ken Hollis, says, Hey Ladies, while we are waiting, can you all step in front of the camera. Response....Why certainly!!! One of my favorite pics in my house. #funfact #beautiesbehindthescene #fashionfair #tanyadushay #besties #modelsforever #fbf #alwayscomeready

I’d like to share a special time & experience that I had years ago while I was living in NYC. I’m not a professional singer, HOWEVER, I love to sing & dance. If you were to ask me to sing, well I would sing to you - Aretha Franklin’s song ‘Natural Woman’-hands down my favorite song.., I sing it so much that I got really good.. hitting all of the high notes & all.. Here’s my experience: My dear good friend HB Barnum, Aretha’s longtime Musical Director, invited me to see her in concert in Memphis, TN.... I was SO EXCITED & I scurried to pack my suitcase, hailed a taxi to the airport & was on the plane to Memphis. HB picked me up & we headed straight to sound check for what would a sold-out concert.
As I’m there in the Auditorium with my luggage, I can see the band looking puzzled & a bit stressed. Then HB comes up to me that Aretha will not be coming. I’m like WhAAT, so I said ‘Why?? He said she doesn’t FLY! So needless to say, it was a waisted trip. I’m pissed & heck-a-mad.... 🤬

So fast forward, Ms. Franklin is performing at the House of Blues, here in Los Angeles, so I’m definitely Going... I call up my bestie & we head to the HOB... I’m so excited that I’m thinking why is it so doggone hot in this place, is it just me?? So I ask a staff member, - WHY IS IT SO DAMN HOT? It feels like a sauna.🔥 He says, Ms. Franklin has requested to have the air conditioning turned off. In the hot club that night, me & everyone there sweated & I sang every song right with her. Btw she was very sick that night - even holding on to the piano to keep her standing.
She will be so missed. Loved Her!!! 💔

Heartbroken 💔💔💔💔my favorite singer, the voice of Black America & the world. I was so troubled last night, couldn’t sleep, praying that she would pull through. No she didn’t. We continue to feel the sting of death.. AGAIN.. 😭😭😭😭#arethafranklin #arethasings #tanyadushay

Here I am... enjoying precious time w/my ‘A-Team’! #fbf #tbt #fantasticfour 🐝🐝🐝🐝

My BROTHER- he is hands down my best friend. I Just called him & he is picking me & Mom up. Here’s a little insight on my Bro., he grew up spoiled as a kid... being the youngest sibling he got everything.. my grandparents spoiled him, my Mom &!then ‘Me’ (just a little bit tho), as a result he got into lots of trouble & was on a path that was not so good. But my Mom stuck by his side & eventually he turned it all around & now he is full time in the ministry- preaching & teaching the Bible.
The lesson in me sharing this is that you never can count a person out... ppl can turn it all around & start serving our creator Jehovah God! So good job Tim Tim.... ! 🙌🏾🙏🏽😊👍🏾

Fun times, fun memories. The Twins at the Jazzfest West concert, where their Auntie performed... it was heck hot that day.. #jazzfestwest #momoftwins #concertseries #summertime #westcoastlife

Fun times & fun memories... I’m here w/my Sis.... she is beautiful on the inside & on the outside she continues to be ever so radiant. No one can compare to her voice & talent, a true musical gift from our GOD & Creator! #chakakhan #heartofgold #lovesherfamily #tbt

There is no LOVE like a ‘MOTHERS LOVE’- we have tons of friends, several cousins & family members, but GOD only gave us ‘one’ Mother.
My MoM, has always been a ‘solid rock’ in my life, she has supported EVERYTHING that I’ve ever wanted to do, no matter how crazy it sounded.
Now it’s my turn to be a ‘rock’ in her life as she is recovering from her shoulder surgery. I’ve been on pins & needles for the last few days... surgery went well, but the recovery, please keep her in prayer 🙏🏽 that is where the battle begins. Stay strong Mom... Luv Her! ❤️ #every #step #of #my #life #she #has #been #right #by #my #side

In life you meet people that come & go, but this funny Gurl right here, Joyce Tolbert, one of my best friends, is truly a friend for life...! #jtmoney #goodgirls #haaaygurl #enjoy #your #special #day 💃🏽🍾💕

I was invited to a wonderful One Woman play called ‘The Monkey On My Back’-starring t/talented actress Debbie Morgan, held at Richard Lawson & Tina Knowles WACO Theatre in North Hollywood. The play was hands down FANTASTIC!
Debbie Morgan laid all her life cards on t/table... she took you on her life’s journey & it brought tears to my eyes... you just never know what ppl go through in life. Bravo 👏🏽Debbie Morgan.
Here are few pics of t/evening & to make t/night even more special, I ran into a few of my very very dear industry friends! Obba Babatunde, Tracey Edmonds, Rolanda Watts, Lela Rochon, Robbie Reed & Sheryl Lee Ralph, All came out to support Debbie. Thank you Kimberly L. Ogletree for inviting me! 💕 #debbiemorgan #wacotheatre #stage

I was going through some old mag’s to shred & came across this pic of t/beautiful & highly successful B. Smith. She was motivating & paved t/way for so many. I remember going to the opening of her restaurant ... B. Smith’s on the Westside of NYC. A very proud moment, to see this beautiful Sista making it happen in the ‘Big Apple’, only to find out years later that she is ‘also’ my Ebony Fashion Fair (EFF) Sister. A true success story.... #tbt #ebonyfashionfair #blackgirlsrock #bsmith #bsmithcollection #alegend

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