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Tanya Du’Shay  A woman who loves Jehovah God. Blessed to have graced t/pages of magazines & runways to negotiating major $$ deals. Producing & Directing #Unstoppable


I lost my favorite Uncle Jerome Wimby to death on Feb. 14th, 2018. Since such time, I’ve been gripped with sadness, restlessness & anxiety. When speaking with family, I break down in tears, as we reflect on his life.
I’ve learned soooo much more about my beloved Uncle & how much he cared for people & how much he loved the little children.
He was my first babysitter & caretaker when I was a toddler. There are pics of him holding me in the supermarket as my Mom shopped for groceries. I have fond memories of him holding my hand & walking me home frm pre-school & kindergarten...everyday. I was very very close to my Uncle Jerome in my primary years of life. When my Mom relocated to California, my Uncle came to visit me &!the family on several occasions. He LOVED ME very very much & constantly told me that & he SHOWED LOVE. I will miss him & his voice, saying to me ‘I love you Tanya’. His voice will play in my ears as long as I live.
My Uncle fought long & hard to the END, even when he wanted to give up, he didn’t! - a real champ👊🏽. Family I will be reaching out to you individually to discuss arrangements. We must come together for him.
May my beloved Uncle Jerome Rest In Peace, until Jehovah God resurrects my Uncle to Life on a paradise & cleansed Earth. Please Jehovah God remember him. Psalm 37:29. 💔💔💔💔💔💔😪😪😪😪😪😪

Literally for the last 9 months, I’ve been carrying ‘a huge event’, just as I was to go into labor to ‘deliver’- this beautiful ‘event of a baby’- the rug was pulled right from underneath me, I was in sheer shock & disbelief, that in an instant a person was going to kill off ‘the event baby’, that I was about to give birth too, -no, no, no, as I cry, falling to the ground, realizing that ppl are only there for the fun of it & not there for the struggle or the REAL WORK..My eyes were opened & I was able to who had my back & who didnt, as I fought, scrambled, asking for air to save the ‘event baby’. Word to the wise & to me forget a resume, ppl lie on paper, perpetrating, doing the Hollywood Shuffle out here. Can’t stand a crybaby or a grown whiner... be a woman of your word, be a man of your word. I was raised differently-face it & embrace it. Cowards go back to your tent!
God stepped in the 11th & a half hour- just before midnight, he brought into the delivery room, 2 outstanding strong women of integrity & respect, who have great respect for me & I for them as well to help me save ‘the event baby’ & literally in 24 hours the ‘event baby’ will be born! Thank you GOD - you answer real & sincere prayers. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #becausewearewoman #stopthat #wannabees #ridingoffofyourhardwork #fthat #respectyourblackqueen #nevercountusout #wedoitwell #andlookgooddoingit #chitownshakingitup #chitownlawyersrock #blackgirlmagic
#takingittothehoop #slamdunk

We collectively are 3 former Hair Models, known for our hair, being featured in several hair magazines, meeting separately in NYC, as we were making our dreams a reality. But then we meet up again in LA & the rest is history. Good friends to this day. Thyais Walsh & Lisa Ruffin. 💃🏽🙌🏾💕

It’s All About This Woman Right Here- My MOM! I’m grateful for a lot of things, but I’m especially grateful & thankful to Jehovah God, that my Mom successfully came through her emergency surgery last week, like t/champ she is. She had surgery & I literally slept in a chair by her bedside. No way was I leaving her side, I prayed incessantly for God to bless her recovery. T/hospital staff at San Antonio Hospital were just t/best & now she’s recovering at a beautiful resort like setting Rehabilitation Center. She’s getting some much much needed rest. I want to thank my Brothers & Sister for working in harmony with t/whole process & being supportive. I want to also thank my Cousins, Carmen, Logan, Noah, Sandy, Stephanie & my Auntie Charlotte for coming through to give their support, help & love. #ThankyouJehovah #youonlygotonemom #my1stlady #inthebeginningitwasjustus #ilovemymom ❤️👊🏽🙌🏾💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽🍾

A BiG SCREAMING SHOUT OUT to my favorite Twin Uncles Henry UncleHenry Love & Harold Vaughn affectionately known as ‘LOVE’ & ‘LIFE’. Let me tell you abt my Twin Uncles, they show so much love to our family. They will keep you laughing & will stir you up a meal in no time. You won’t know what they made you, but all you will know that it’s sooo good & delicious.
Their energy is like none other, they are up early & stay up late. Your friends become their friends & visa versa. They are very talented & always entertaining their family & friends. Dancing is their thing & I pretty much learned from them. They are true team players always reaching out to me & letting me know how much I’m loved. Love them both dearly! I’m so blessed to have them in my life. Luv you Unc(s)! ❤️❤️ 💋💋🍾🕺🏾🕺🏾🎩🎩

One of my favorite & most memorable life events. I was so excited to go to a Kashif (RIP) party & while there, my good dear friend/Brother Ronnie Wright captured this moment & snapped this picture of me & Richard Gant’s Daughter Lindsey. #goodtimes #kashif #ronniewright #nothinglikeaeastcoastparty #tanyadushay #fulltimemodelthen

Not today, we got mad work to do!

Today I was supposed to visit my dear friend Joyce Scott, as she battles Cancer. I was very uneasy yesterday, hoping that my Sat. would be spent visiting & praying over my friend. But unfortunately, she lost her battle on Fri evening. I text Lamar at 7:20pm to get an update & @ 8:30 pm he informs me that she had passed away at 7:38 pm. Heartbroken that a loving & God fearing woman would leave us so soon. I will miss her laugh & her Kentucky accent, that never left even though she lived for many years in LA. She kept that down Home Southern spirit. Here’s we met ,We all met Ms. Joyce Scott at Creative Image, actually, truth be told she was our ‘very’ 1st paying client. At that time, she managed her very super talented daughter Tasha Scott, an amazing singer, talented actress & let’s not forget a ‘dance you under the table’ dancer. We met Joyce & Tasha, she loved our work & the rest was history, we continued to work w/Joyce throughout t/years. Joyce always made sure that we were in the mix, when it came to Tasha & a friendship until this very day was built. Now, all of our kids, are friends.
Joyce was a real friend, a loyal &!trusted friend. When MY Grandma passed, Joyce watched my Twins for 2 wks & even lended me her Fur Coat, as I headed to Chicago for t/services. Joyce may have not been physically in the music biz ness circle for the last couple of years, but let me tell you, she made it a point to keep in touch with each & everyone of us!!!! I will miss her FB inbox messages, of encouragement & wishing me love & sharing clips of other super talented vocalist. Gone to soon my Sis & Dear friend I will always remember you. Never will you be forgotten. Luv you Joyce! 😞🙏🏽

Today is my Sharing Sunday, awesome memories with my Boonkie NuNu, before she performs at half-time, during a football game at her High School. #ss #drillteam #grannytt #motherhood #football #welovefootballgames

Wow check out Lil Mama.... sh’s not playin’ wit it! 👊🏽👊🏽🙌🏾💃🏽

My life so FULL.... everything is full, (literally) house full, cellphone full, computer(s) full, tablet full, emails full, refrigerator full, closets full, linen closet full, bookshelves full, storage spot full, shoes & boots full, coat closet full, mofo terra drive now full- dang! As I complain & be frustrated about my fullness, I also need to be in gratitude for being blessed. I have to remember that there are ppl that have ‘nothing’ but a tent to live in & have no resources & looking for their next meal. I will be in prayer to my father Jehovah God for giving me not what I WANT but what I NEED. Sorry Jehovah for feeling frustrated & ungrateful! Time to delete & make room, time to make space! #mylifeisfull 🙏🏽🙄

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