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Tanya von Königsmark  John 👑 Mama to Max 👶🏼 Family & Friends ❤Flight Centre Kirribilli, NSW Australia 🏡✈️

5 years ago you thought this sport was a joke and said you felt like Sideshow Bob.
You don’t even need stocks these days to shred like a pro!
Love you so much for never giving up because now you’re such a great skier⛷ #ThatisLove #SnappingStocks #WhoNeedsThem #MumAndDadCanSki #BestWinterVaca
#mcm #wcw #fitfam #fitspo #fitness #transformationtuesday #quote #quotes #inspiring #motivation #fitnessquote #youcandoit #justbringit #dreambig #success #staypositive #noexcuses #socialsteeze #active #grind #pushpullgrind #focus #dedication #love

Let’s all take a moment to wish my favorite gal pal a
H A P P Y 1st B I R T H D A Y 🎁🎈🎉
Poppy, I’m terribly sorry I couldn’t attend the lavish soirée that your lovely parents put together today. Don’t worry though, we apparently have one of these things a year... a birthday. So by my calculations there will be PLENTY more to come in the future.
I just wanted to say that I’ve known you my entire life and think the 🌎 of you.
We’ll hug it out when I get back from the snow ❄️ Love you as much as you’re going to love your birthday cake 🍰
Kisses from Max Vk 😘 #Besties4Life #PenelopeFilby #MaxvonKonigsmark

@escargotkids 🙌🏼 New summer swimwear collection out now 📸 @nica.photography #MaxvonKonigsmark

Here’s a sick photo of my dad and his boys at their annual Christmas in July pub crawl yesterday 🎄❄️🍺 Geez... I can’t wait until I’m old enough to join you lads! 🍻🍻🍻
Now, if you swipe ➡️ you’ll see it may not look this way but I’m actually having a fab time! 🏄🏼‍♂️
What I’m really devo about (as you can tell by my facial expression) is my ridiculous vest.
Because all da boys were dressed in their festive jumpers, my mother dearest thought it’d be a cute idea for me to wear a “Christmas - like” outfit also 👎🏼 She’s such a weirdo. Ma, it was super cute last year when we went to the snow and I wasn’t so mobile but now... ohhhh it’s just embarrassing. And ps - IT’S TOO SMALL! Looove you ❤️
Speaking of the snow, we’re headed there soon. I can’t wait! I love watching people ski ⛷or snowboard 🏂 down the mountain. In a couple of years time it’ll be my turn. I think the hardest decision will be to either board like my cool godmother Natty and uncle Chris or ski like my best friend father and my “she thinks she’s a ski instructor” mother... what do you guys think?
I’ll leave it with you
Love Max 👶🏽 #FutureShredder

Peek - a - boo guys 👻 Today I’m officially one and a half years old... can you believe it? My mama can’t. She’s all over me like a rash these days. Kissing my cheeks 💋 ... like ALL THE TIME. Saying things like “ohhhh I’m loving this age” ummmm you what?
I mean I’m sure she loves the fact that the communication between us is getting a lot easier these days.
I’m sure she loves the fact that my afternoon nap is a solid 2-3 hours so she can get stuff done around the house and I’m also sure she loves the fact that I’m a pro with my folk at meal times now🍴but come on girl, you should be loving all my ages 👼🏼 Actually, I have to say though I’m really enjoying this time of my life also (so I’ll forgive you this time mother dearest). I’m getting pretty tall now so I can reach the light switches at home. I love those white little clicker things... up... down... up.... down.... up.... turn to leave.....ohhh but it’s too much fun so.... down.... up... and one more... down. I could stay there for ages.
It’s just amazing how I press the button and a light comes on 💡 It reminds me of the tv remote control. I press a button on the control and it does something on the tv 📺 My folks have tried to give me a fake control to play with but come on guys. I wasn’t born yesterday. I know it’s fake. Pull the other one.
I see it so many times... you lovely parents trying to give us kids “pretend” technology in hopes we don’t know. Uhhhhh we do 🤓
And on that note I’m outta here. Gotta quickly hide that tv remote control. It’s on the dining table... which I can reach up to now also 💪🏼
Love always, Max 👶🏽 #TallToddler #MaxvonKonigsmark

YASSSSSS!!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 The BEST food with the best company #tetasfeast @tetaslebanese 🤗🍾🍷💃🏼

Can you tell I’m just a little bit excited here my friendly Instagram followers 😜
I’m so happy for you Natty and Chris 😘😘 So pumped to meet my nephew in December 👶🏼💙 #BabyAllen #AnotherIlkinGrandson #TwoDaughters #TwoGrandsons #BigCuz #LilCuz #TheyDontHaveInstagram So I’m making their announcement all about me 😚 #HatersGonnaHate #Standard #Crazy #Aunty #Post

HEY GIRL, do you work at the zoo?
Cause you look like a keeper! 😉 #MaxvonKonigsmark

It’s been nearly 3 months since my last insta story 😱... Wow, does time fly or what?! ✈️
I’ve been busy... like really busy... everything is soooo exciting at my age of nearly 17 months of life.
I want to touch everything around the apartment. But I tell ya, it’s the stuff that I’m apparently not suppose to touch that’s the most exciting. 🔑💳📱💻🕹⌨️ 🦓
I have to break it to ya mum and dad - I know what’s what! I know that if I touch the TV 📺I’ll hear a “HEY... MAX... NO!” I know that if I touch the DVD player 💿one of you will scream “MAX!!! STOP IT!” And I know that if I’m touching something I shouldn’t be and you get up out of your seats then ohhhhhhh I’m outta there quick smart 🏃🏻‍♂️ That means I’m really busted.
Sometimes I like to push the limits. I need to see how far I can get. And right now, it’s not very 🚷
On the upside I’m also learning new things. New words, new sounds and new ways of doing ummm how do I say this... Hmmmm... Ah, I know - going to the toilet like a big boy 🚽 I’m talking about only number 1️⃣ here peoples.
My biggest question here though is - why dad, would I have to visit the coldest room of the house to perform this task multiple times a day? 🤷🏻‍♂️I think it’s you my friend that needs to try on one of my nappies. I can go whenever I want and wherever I want. This new experience seems like work to me?! Speaking of work, I think I can hear one of my parents come home from it... “MAXXXX... WHY DOES MY BOOK HAVE TEETH MARKS IN IT????!!!”
Yep, see this is another example of me knowing that I have to get outta here quick smart 🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️
Ok gotta go 👋🏼 Chat soon
Love from Max 👶🏽 #ImBackBaby #TechologyIsEverything #BookBiter #RunnerNotAFighter #MaxvonKonigsmark

F L Y I N G W I T H A TODDLER✈️ ... I understand why people have told me - DON’T DO IT!!! But once at your destination everything is bliss... or maybe my vodka is kicking in whilst thinking hmmm that wasn’t so bad 🤔
My previous experiences of quiet lounge time are... goooone ❌
My experiences of champagne on arrival are... goooone ❌
My experiences of being the first person off the flight are... goooone ❌
But these new experiences... #Worthit (Even if your child is screaming through security and the lovely lady stops you and asks you for a random ETD testing) 🤦🏻‍♀️ #Loveit #Travel #TravellingWithAToddler #MaxvonKonigsmark

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