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Tanuja Sharma  दिल खुश जहां, मेरी तो मंजिल है वहीं

Have you ever wondered about all the things you've lost throughout life? I met a girl once, trapped in a book, who explained to me her theory of Lost Property Cupboards. So here is the thing! In the afterlife, we will all have access to these personal Lost Property Cupboards. The upper shelf will have all the lost little things, like that button from the favourite shirt when you were 12, or the hairband that your mother bought for you, even the book you had lent to a friend and completely forgot about. The middle shelf will have all your lost smiles, your dreams and wishes, your love and every lost thing you once thought could end your life. Once you reach the bottom shelf, you will find yourself whole because it carries all the parts of your soul that you lost, some to the world, some to the people you loved. May be then, just then, you can return home.. you can return home finally.

I miss our morning coffee sessions, miss seeing originals and xeroxes ;) and sitting on our fixed table chatting for hours. :/

Birdie !

kyun tu wahan h jahan tu nahi hai
ye dunia saleti teri nahi hai
dil k darwaze khol k toh dekh
bahar khadi hai
kayi rang ka libaz odhe
zindagi teri
intezar mei tere

heer na milegi in band kamro mei
na hi veerano mei
heer toh wahi hai
jahan mili thi tujhey
fir tu kyun wahan hai jahan tu nahi hai

#tamasha #dilkekareeb

that eventful day ! 😁

Nights are magical. You can stand in your balcony, be all by yourself and ruminate on substantial subjects. It's all very quiet, but you can hear some distant noise every once in a while. This silence doesn't haunt, rather conveys a sense of harmony with one's self. At such moments I only wish for a company suitable to commune with.

Hey kiddo ❤️

Happy Birthday to one of the most important person in my life. I have experienced motherhood without having one of my own, all thanks to you, Vivaan :* This picture is special because this was the very first time I held you in my arms, exactly three years ago. I don't have any more decent pictures with you because you crazy little one keep running and make me run after you. You give me one hell of a time but I love you the most. Eternal love for you. 😘❤️

Tried recreating FRIENDS pose.
Forgot my part.
Created our own. 😁

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