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Claire Tansey  Cooking doesn't have to be difficult to be delicious.

Sisters' taco lunch @wilburmexicana πŸ’—πŸ‘Œ
I never get to see my sis, let alone have a whole day together without kids. She made me eat the crazy-spicy salsa (she's my older sister and I'm forever compelled to do as she says) and it kinda broke my face....in a good? way. Then espressi and dolce @fornocultura βœ”οΈ

Finally got a set of individual lidded pudding basins (among many other delightful items) in England. Plus 2 tins of golden syrup, so steamed syrup puddings will be on the menu very soon!

Gorgeous salad from @pretamangeruk at Gatwick. Any chance we could get a Pret in Toronto?? Pretty please?
Heading home after 2+ weeks of heavenly holidays.

Dorset scenes. Golly it's pretty here and we are lapping it up.

Scotch egg with black pudding sausage. I really wanted to love this, but it was only ok. Frankly, the plain old Scotch eggs from M&S are pretty damn fabulous.

Salisbury cathedral πŸ’— Walking through history here.

Full English on a bun (minus beans). Perfect after a "heavy night" πŸ₯‚

FINALLY! Some proper English rain after 7 days of sunshine and blue skies. Nothing like getting soaked to the skin in torrential sideways rain while picking wild blackberries and asking Mom and Dad if you can "bring this nice snail home for a pet" πŸ˜†.

Whitby Abbey and graveyard (where Bram Stoker had the idea for Dracula) are very creepy. And then there's the gorgeous view and endless beach.

Oh man, I've fallen in love with the Yorkshire Moors. The vistas, the heather, the fences, the sheep. I could move into a little cottage and be happy forever.

A sunny day, an English pub garden, my nearest and dearest and spectacular local real ales. .

My request to all the crazy-talented craft beer makers in Canada: please please please make a 2.5% dark mild and/or an old-school 4.2% British bitter like these by Samuel Smith. I have essentially given up drinKing beer in Canada because it's usually a) too weird and b) waaaay too strong. I'm perpetually on the hunt for a decent session ale (suggestions welcome!)

English double cream. Swipe to see inside!!
As close to butter as cream gets and heaven to cook with.

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