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I updated my profile picture. I had to fly in my photographer from China. His name is Eei Fon. He does marvelous work.

Guys, girls, everyone; I did it! I went outside! I’ve been climbing for about 8 months exclusively indoors @vitalclimbinggym. When @csuter asked me if I wanted to join him and @supersickchamp I couldn’t pass it up. It was gnarly. A whole different world then climbing inside. Indoors I climb V5-V6. Outside V0 was giving me trouble. It’s so crazy, but so fun to feel the skills transfer. Doing moves I use in the gym that I wouldn’t think to use to get up a rock normally was so fun to experience and practice. I was able to send three routes, I took a video of each after.
Baby Robbins: V0-
Right of the tree: V0-
Hamburger Crack: V0

I tore my hands up like crazy and I can’t wait to do it again!
PC: @csuter

Seventh annual cinco de mayo climbing competition @vitalclimbinggym Murrieta today! This time I brought some buddies @kevinthompson and @_katie.riley_. You won’t believe what happened next!!
We all podiumed!!! It was amazing!

Katie got 3rd place in the women’s beginner category. Kevin got 2nd in men’s beginner and I got 3rd in men’s intermediate. Every single one of us was as surprised as the last. It was so much fun!

Climbed for 2 hours, started making up dynos.

I did it again! Had to wait for my cameraman @csuter to send me the vid from yesterday. Here’s my second send of my first purple dot (V6). Still a bit sloppy but Indy is my best cheer leader and just stuck it til the end. It’s probably the perfect route for my climbing style which means I need to keep working on the other styles so I can top some more purples!

Indy got her first hit today! I think she was a little happy about it!

Had such an awesome day with the family today. Jack had a great time at Vital oside for his birthday. Can’t believe my little dude is 7! He was so excited to use his new chalk bucket from @staticclimbing! I love being able to do something together we all love!

I hit a pretty big milestone for myself today. I sent my first purple dot (V6) @vitalclimbinggym Oceanside today! I have been projecting a couple different “purple” (V6-V7) problems that keep getting reset before I’ve had a chance to finish them. Today I was finally able to top one! I forgot to tell my camera man to film it (I didn’t think I was going to send it). So this is me getting three holds away. Lol. I tried three times after and couldn’t get it! I’ll try again on Wednesday so I can prove it!

I’m going to geek out here for a second. If you don’t think solar tech is cool, then keep swiping. Otherwise, I’m going to give you a tour of my new Tesla Powerwall.
1. My current power flow. Even on a rainy day it’s enough to power the whole house and charge the batteries a little. This graph is so fun to watch. The little dots move from circle to circle.
2. Energy my house required all day. (Notice the spike at 8pm. @kristamares made some popcorn)

3. Solar energy we captured. (I used to be indifferent to clouds. I now despise them.) 4. Battery usage: positive is used negative is charging (the quick drop off was when they were 100% charged)

5. Power we required from the grid: 0 (anything negative is power credited to me at the end of the year)

6. Put it all together: now the gap in the green graph makes sense. (The sun took over our power needs) and the quick battery drop off turned into energy passed back into the grid once the batteries were full. The battery matches house graph when the sun is not out.
7. Where all the power from number 3 went.
8. Where my house got all it’s power from all day (not sure why I needed 0.6kW from the grid. I never needed it)

9. And finally....the dream. (Minus the grid trickle lol)

Finally got to climb with @pdanyew!! First time @hollywoodboulders, it was awesome! Great sets, great vibe. The place is huge!! If you live in or near Hollywood you must check it out.
1. @pdanyew on his first top out of the day. By the end of the day he was crushing v2s.
2. Trying to work out a little forearm pump from trying a problem too many times.
3. Super fun problems all around the gym. This was a fun v5 on the boulder.

4Runner started popping out of 2nd and 4th gear. Easy fix with a $16 shift lever bushing kit. I think it might have needed it.

Finally took the kids to @verticalhold today! This was their first rope climbing experience. They’ve only been bouldering until today!
1. They were super excited about it

2. Started with some protection training hopefully easing a little bit of their anxiety about the heights.
3. Indy went first. She got to the top! Then insisted on climbing down instead of being lowered. Lol.
4. High-fiving jack after his first send of the day!

5. I love this shot. Jack got tired of waiting so he started bouldering while Indy was climbing.
6. Indy really wanted to belay. So she got to belay jack while i played backup (you can see my knee on the right)

7. Indy talked me into letting her belay me!! 😱 we tethered her to the ground and had an employee play backup. She said it was her favorite part of the night.

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