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Friends of mine picked me up the Deadpool Slurpee straws and a cup while they were down in the magical land full of 7-Elevens (also known as Florida). We, the Carolinas, have no 7-Elevens because... I don't know. Some nitwit somewhere thinks Slushees and Slush Puppies are as good as the original cherry Slurpee (it's a lie!). So no, instead we have (well, had) Circle K. Anyhoo, happy my friends were able to snag them for me. I wasn't looking forward to trying to find them online and I'm tired of being bitter that there aren't any 7-Elevens here, especially when they get neat little promotional stuff like this. .
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5/22/18 - Ash (aka Ashley J. Williams), Army of Darkness version. Except for the almost mullet, he could double for Evil Dead 2. Surprisingly decent paint apps for when he came out. Nothing overly special about the sculpt, but the chainsaw does look good. The Boomstick is at just the wrong angle to make pics from his right side look questionable, but I tried to avoid giving Ash that much credit in the pics. (Day 142)
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My random pickups of the day. Didn't find the Legends AIF Black Widow I was looking for, but I didn't come home empty handed either.
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5/21/18 - Smuggler's Bounty exclusive Red Snaggletooth Pop. In the tradition of Funko playing homage to the original Kenner figures, there was a variant of the Blue Snaggletooth, which in addition to having a blue suit was also taller and had boots (Kenner made several Cantina figures based on incomplete black and white photos, thus, several early Cantina figures look nothing like the actual screen versions). Neat as the Blue Snaggletooth is, and I appreciate the Kenner style Pops, I'm glad I got the Red version since that's what he actually looks like. (Day 141)
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5/20/18 - Today's Walker Sunday Pop is the wide release version of Tyreese. Hmmmm...trying to focus on the Pop itself and not how badly AMC screwed up that character...uh, obviously the paint apps are sloppy...nice beard. He also has a black smudge on his bum for no apparent reason. There's really nothing that stands out about this Pop to me other than that unfortunately. At least he's recognizable as his character though. Even if his skullcap was recycled for Jesus (same color even) later down the line. There was also an exclusive variant that I'll post some other day (as if there's any shortage on TWD Pops in my collection) that has the same body and head but different arms. Overall it's an iconic look though, and if you're one of those who prefers the comic and is annoyed that Funko never did comic versions, he's one that can more or less double for both...pretty much just him, the original Rick, Glenn, and Michonne, Rosita and Abraham, and maybe one of the Carls. Everyone else looks pretty different in the show vs. the comic, at least the look they chose for the Pop. (Day 140)
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After years of putting off buying the ArtFX Hawkeye statue, I found him for 1/2 his original retail and finally snagged him. I don't usually do statues, plus his head sculpt and flattop look odd to me, so I waffled on him for too long at regular price and then he jumped up for a couple years, but finally went down this year. Then it was just a matter of finding him somewhere on site (for the reduced price) or at least somewhere with reliable shipping. Anyway, unboxing pics, assembly, and then a bit of a half-assed 360°.
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5/19/18 - Well, yesterday it was Wade, so today you get Slade, Deathstroke, the other Mr. Wilson. This is the only comic Deathstroke, although it did have a few variants (metallic, unmasked, and even a Freddy Funko variant), all of which were exclusives, including this one which was a Previews Exclusive. Honestly pretty surprised they haven't done more with him besides this one classic comic look and a few variants on the Arrow series version. Maybe they're waiting for his big screen debut or something, but I thought for sure they'd have at least done one for Legion Of Collectors by now. Poor Slade. (Day 139)
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5/18/18 - Happy Deadpool 2 release day! Here's a bunch of repaints of the 3rd wide release milked all to hell with repaint variants mold that came out at the same time as the previously posted 2 swords version. So there was the original DP with the submachine gun and katana (+ 50-11 million repaints), and then this guy with the gun on the left and thumbs up on the right (known as "thumbs up Deadpool") that was released alongside the version with the two swords. Both of those were then milked further, beyond repaints, giving them a variant head and in the case of this mold, ditching the left arm to replace the gun with a different object...we'll get to all of those soon enough. But for now, you get white suit DP which was an SDCC exclusive shared with somewhere (GameStop maybe), wide release red Deadpool, X-Men suit blue Deadpool from fye, and yellow suit Deadpool from Amazon. I think that's it for variants on this specific mold. (Day 138)
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Since I had to dig to get out tonight's SDCC Rocket Pop I went ahead and took a pic of all my boxed Rocket & Groot Pops together. Rocket is definitely outnumbered if you count the molds that also have Groot. There's these plus my 3 loose GotG Pops that I have on display: 1 original Rocket, 1 original Groot, 1 Potted Groot. So that makes 2 of Rocket (by himself), 3 Rocket/Groot combos, and 5 of Groot (by himself). Or a grand total of 5 Rocket and 8 Groot...jeebus, Groot, hog the spotlight much? They need to hurry up and make a Rocket for Infinity War. 😏
And no, I don't really like the look of the video game Rockets that they've released lately. Groot just gets way more variants that have unique molds, whereas Rocket mostly gets repaints/reskins or they change one limb. 😕
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5/17/18 - SDCC 2015 exclusive Rocket with Potted Groot. Funko really milked the original Rocket sculpt with multiple exclusive variants throughout 2014 and 2015. I posted the original 2014 wide release in the orange suit awhile back but they also did an exclusive flocked version of that one, and then a repaint in a red Ravagers suit which was a PX exclusive, and then a flocked version of the repaint that was an SDCC exclusive, and then finally this one with the Nova suit and Potted Groot instead of his weapon. I skipped the ones in between and just got the regular version and this one, which is at least a new arm mold. Most of my Rocket Pops seem to have Groot attached in some way though, making my Groots severely outnumber my Rockets, which doesn't make sense since Rocket is my favorite Guardian. Maybe I should balance that out at some point. I think I have 2 of Rocket by himself, 2 Rocket w/ Groot and a Rocket/Groot holiday 2pk, and then 5 of the various sizes of Groot by himself. Most of them live in the pile of boxed Pops though because my tiny display space for GotG is, well, tiny. And neither the original Rocket or this guy stand up well on their own. The feet aren't level and he's top heavy so I have to lean him against something or put something under his foot to keep him from tipping over. So that sucks. And this one has more paint issues than the original, which also sucks cos I like this one better. (Day 137)
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5/16/18 - I'm kind of stalling on Potter Pops because Funko just announced a new batch of Chamber of Secrets Pops, so I'm kind of on hold while I attempt to keep these in movie order. This 3pk is 2/3rds Chamber though, so it will have to do for now. This was an SDCC exclusive that was shared with Barnes & Noble. I had 2 at one point, but prematurely sold the other. They've been living in their box regardless though, mostly because the Cornish Pixie has severe balance issues and I don't want to lose/break him because he topples over. These are all super tiny and came in a 3pk together. I should've taken a pic next to a regular sized Pop, but their box is the same size as a regular Pop box, it's just horizontal...which apparently means the ends won't stay closed. Silly really. Same box, but apparently the plastic shell makes a difference because both of my 3pks had one end that was constantly popping open. Or maybe it's the Pixie trying to escape. For those unfamiliar with magical creatures, from L to R you get a Grindylow (who appear in the 4th movie), a Mandrake, and a Cornish Pixie (the latter 2 appear in the 2nd movie). One of the upcoming releases will be a 3pk of the main trio with Mandrakes. Now, these all came out in 2016 with the Harry Potter title on the box, but also released that year as an SDCC exclusive and also shared with B&N was the first Newt Scamander/Fantastic Beasts Pop, so clearly these were made to promote that movie. Oh, and they are individually numbered as 23-25. (Day 136)
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