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I learned to stand up for myself. I learned that friendship comes in all forms and sizes. I learned to trust and to let go. I learned Nada Surf lyrics. I learned to care less. I learned that daydreams you had when you were 17 can actually become true. I learned that I was a highly sensitive kid. I learned to forgive and forget. I learned to overcome anxiety. I learned to travel alone and enjoy it. I learned to hate my body a bit less. I learned (once more) that Paul McCartney can fix almost everything. I learned that only I can know what's good for me. I learned to overthink a little less. I learned that toast is bread until you toast it. // what I learned in 2018

ps: I wrote that when I was tired af - that's why I changed it a bit today.

shopping after over 10 hours of work...kill me. my feet feel like I'm walking on bare bones.

new pin #analoguelove

had a lovely, but really unproductive weekend... tbh I have no idea how to get through next week. I'll get up at 6 am and come home from work at 8:30 pm two days in a row, I gotta make christmas presents, wrap christmas presents and go back to the store to get the dress I didn't buy...
apart from that I'm a happy little fucker these days.

photography walk with this babe and nada surf in my ears.

this is my family. SOBER. look forward to the xmas pics...

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