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This post is to the woman who gave me wings to fly. I am keeping this caption very short because there is so much to write that this space really won't suffice. So I would just leave it to - I love you mummy 😍

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Art is something that has always brought happiness. Even historically, not just in India but anywhere in the world, artists were the ones who encouraged and motivated the soldiers going for wars. Art has always made us feel alive. .

Even in our daily lives, consciously or unconsciously we have been using art to destress. From dancing crazily on the hip hop to the graceful classical dance. From beautiful pages of authors imagination to colours on a canvas. From strings of a guitar to beats of Tabla. Art has never failed to pull the strings of our heart and mind that otherwise have been lying dormant.

It's the artist and their art that has been making us happy all this time. Then why is it so, that we don't give them enough credit? Why so much struggle for the artists? We might not be capable to do enough but today let's reciprocate the love that these artists have been showering on us from as long as eternity. .

Go and appreciate the people around you who are investing in creating piece of art. Let's be grateful today to our artist friends. .
I have done my part. Now it's your turn to do the same. 😊

PS: this picture was taken at Panchaal ghat in my hometown Farrukhabad.
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* View in high brightness to get the feel 😊

This is the story of shooting star. Story of a night where everything stood still except the wind, the stars and fire. It's going to be a long one but do stay with me because this is a story of dreams coming true. .
We left early morning from Delhi to catch a flight to Guwahati. I am not at all a morning person with the exceptions of the mornings that lead to places I have never been before. I guess possibility of seeing something new keeps me wide awake.
We reached guwahati in the afternoon and went to @thecampingcompany to get our vehicle for next few days. And we were all set to explore the roads of Meghalaya. Our next destination was to reach black bridge resort which lies ahead of Shillong. I will save the story of black bridge resort's owner for some other day. It was a long journey for us. By the time we reached black bridge it was quite dark and chilling.
But, next challenge was setting up the tent. It was our first time. And we messed up big time. Thanks to Mojo(@amiteshpurwar) that he figured out what went wrong. By this time I was almost shivering due to cold. But guess what all this lead us to what you see in this picture
Both of us were dead tired. From 5 am in the morning to 11 pm. It had been a long day. But, for the photographer an opportunity like this is rare. What we saw that day was truly magical. Above the horizon, million stars twinkled and I stood there in awe. But, all this time Mojo was constantly working with the camera and I acted as a muse. And then there was this shot, a dream come true moment. A shooting star which is going to stay forever with us reminding us of the night when I felt like everything came together just for us! .
Did you ever had a dream come true moment? I would love to know in comments. ❣️

I feel fresh just by watching the video. How about you?

Throwback to amazing time spent in Meghalaya where we lived the life as raw it can be. .
PS: If you haven't watched our latest vlog on Meghalaya trip then hit the link in bio. .

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I clicked this picture in the village of Nongriat which has been glamourised in the recent years since it's home to double decker root bridge. .

This particular spot is just outside the Serene homestay which is owned by man named Byron and his khasi wife. .

The village has drastically changed since the last time I was here in 2016. And unfortunately that change isn't positive. Whole village has become a dumping ground of wrappers and plastic bottles that the trekkers carry along with them. As a result of increased footfall, several brick and mortar homestays have opened up and others are under construction. .

Byron's homestay has doubled up in size and capacity. Now, this is the condition of a place which is hard to reach since it's a hike of approximately 3000 stairs to reach the village. .

Only means to get something into the village or out of the village is to trek these 3000 stairs. Think about the situation we are putting these villagers into; as if it wasn't enough that you are provided with all the resources in the village itself for your comfortable stay that now they have to carry the trash outside the village. How can we be so irresponsible?

Nongriat is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever been to. It's diverse and rich Flora and Fauna is like nowhere else. But, when I visited Nongriat this time I was completely heartbroken. First sight of tyrna village (starting point of trek to Nongriat) is a huge parking lot. I think now there are more tourists in the village than the villagers itself. Not to mention, root bridges have a threshold to how much footfall they can endure. Kudos to us for slowly destroying something so precious which takes hundreds of years to form.

Well, enough of this rant. My only point here is to create awareness regarding these things we do without thinking about the consequences of our actions. Trekking and seeing new places isn't wrong untill we do it responsibly. .

We don't trash our homes then why trash someone else's. Next time, don't forget to bring back your trash! .

Do you bring back your trash? Let me know in comments. .
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Hey guys I am super excited to share with you all our first vlog of the Meghalaya trip. This vlog covers the day one of our journey. .

Going through the videos was bittersweet experience for me. It made me want to go back to Meghalaya again and relive all the moments. Damn, it was time full of adventure. .

We were constantly moving during the day as if our spirit was unstoppable. And when the night came, both of us would sit by the bon fire, cook our meals with the limited raw materials available, turn on some music and maybe dance a lil bit. And on the other times we would lie beneath the stars sharing our dreams with each other. Thinking about how beautifully we are going to write our stories together. .

We are looking for honest feedback here. Let us know in the comments what you would like us to cover in the next part of our vlogs. .

Also, tag somebody you think would be interested in going on such a trip. Well, honestly tag anyone you think is adventurous enough. 😊😂

PS: Yes you! go hit the link in the bio!

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Time is the only thing that we are born with. From birth to death whatever we do, whatever we become or un-become comes at the cost of our time. .

Still too complicated to understand? Well, let's take an example we can all connect to, how do you decide where to invest/spend money? ROI of course. For a change try this with your time. Invest your time in dreams that you want to achieve, in people that you love. Because that's what's going to give you highest ROI. Create memories that you can look back to once you run out of time.
Let's not forget to take out time to celebrate special people in our lives. Because,

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Did you ever realise the power of a wonderful piece of Art? It makes you think, sometimes wakes you up, enables you to face your inner demons, to let go and just breathe. Well, the power of creativity at it's best is indescribable and beyond imagination. It can change lives, people, their outlook, it might make them forget their fears and what not. .

Now, comes the point why all of a sudden I am talking about Art/creativity. To know or understand that go and watch Fight Club if you haven't already. And what's fight club about? No, I can't tell you that because rule no. 1) You don't talk about fight club and rule no. 2) you don't talk about fight club. And if you are one of those who at one point in life choked on the vicious circle of consumerism and societal norms and vomitted your dreams. Then FC is for you. Go and watch it. You won't regret it. .

PS: I am going to stay in state of trans for sometime now.
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The sunshine doesn't discriminates neither do the stars, moon, raindrops or earth then what is it with us? Why do we discriminate?

As I reached office today morning, news headline on the TV was 'Rohingya children trafficked for sex'. It breaks my heart to see children going through shit in the name of religion.

Last time I checked religion was to restore faith in the almighty. Now that almighty can be Allah, Jesus, Ram but the objective was same. Religion as some say is to bring peace when you feel lost. To believe that there is someone looking out for you. But all I can see is terror and boundaries. .

I know the problem is really big and sitting here and writing about it is not going to make any difference. But I also believe that every single drop counts. If we educate ourselves, our kids and others around us, maybe we can create a better tomorrow for all of us. .

Years back I gave up following any religion. So I am not religious myself unless you count humanity as one. .

How about you? What does your religion means for you?

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How tiny we actually are!

I tried to recreate the famous "pale blue dot" picture with the blue car. 🤣

Can you spot a car in between these huge mountains?

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During our recent trip to Meghalaya, we learnt so many life skills. Even though these skills wouldn't come to any use in our usual city life but leave us in the jungle and we will rock it.

For an instance take this particular picture. We had just one cooking pot for the whole trip which turned so black on first use that made us believe to not using it again. But, then came handy the dadi-nani (grand mother) tips. I remember my grand mother using residuals of the fire (raakh) for cleaning the utensils. And so here's what we did - used the Riverside sand to clean the pot. .

Also, both of us have excelled the job of making a bon fire or lighting up the traditional brazier (angithi). We felt like going back in time on this trip. It was sort of connecting with the roots. Sometimes it was too exhausting to do it all on our own but at the end what we remember is all the fun that we had. .

How about you? When was the last time you felt connected to your roots? Would love to hear some good stories. Bring it on!

PS: Look at my man showing off his skills 😘

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I belong to the small district of Farrukhabad, UP. My relatives and family often say that there isn't much to see or do in Farrukhabad. It took me a long time from having a sense of belonging for this place to absolutely falling in love with it. .

From my home, you take any road for around 10 mins and after that all you would see is farming land on both sides of road. Unsurprisingly, Farrukhabad is the largest exporter of potatoes in entire India. And so most of the times when I head home, we play some good music and go for a long drive. .

One can see authentic UP along the way and on the luckier times we spot blue bulls. But the best part is eating at the dhaba along the way. Real dhabas how they should be ( Definitely not like Murthal). .

Would like to know what do you like most about your Homeland? ❤️ .

PS: Video shot at Panchaal/ghatiya ghat in Farrukhabad. The times when we don't go for long drives , we are definitely doing a boat ride. .

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