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This post is part of weekly feature. I chose this one more so because it says sometimes you don't need a good camera rather exquisite frame and composition.

@Regrann from @thatkanpuriaguy - A Morning in Mathura | Mathura June'2016

I took this during one of my work trips to a drought affected village in Madhya Pradesh last year
Last minute arrangements had left me stranded overnight at the Mathura railway station and I made way to the nearby Vishram Ghat in the early morning hours. After a boat ride in Yamuna which looked relatively cleaner than in Delhi where it has turned into a drain, I sauntered about this rather religious town.
This shot triggered an epiphany of sorts I wasn't ready for as I traversed the narrow cobbled pathways plastered with cow dung, amongst the priests clad in surf-excel white dhotis in the shadow of erstwhile magnificent temples and ashrams now reduced to ruins as it has become less and less feasible to restore them to their former glory.
Read my blog post 📝 on an unexpected stopover in Mathura, Link in bio 🔗 - #regrann

This post is part of weekly feature using #tanitraveltales.


@Regrann from @superman_shivi - Although I deeply love oceans, deserts and other wild landscapes, it is only mountains that beckon me with that sort of painful magnetic pull to walk deeper and deeper into their beauty. They keep me continuously wanting to know more, feel more, see more.

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Sometimes I wonder what God might be thinking while creating masterpiece like Spiti. Land which is rugged, wild, colorless, colorful, challenging and yet so beautiful. .

Spiti is like an alien world with bluest skies and millions of stars painting them bright. It's a place where people welcome you with big smiles and even bigger hearts. Place where lives are difficult as if you need to prove yourself worthy of living in heavenly place like this. .

Spiti is the land of colorful fluttering flags and grand mountains. It's a place where red robed lamas add color to the barren lands. It's a place that makes you forget everything else.

Spiti is a place where I would always want to go back because I know there is so much more to this mysterious little world that I am yet to discover. .

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Happy Independence day to all the free souls. .

I am posting this a day later but the story that I am sharing today carries one of the most beautiful journey's of my life.
Last year on 17th of August I served last day at my job. What followed next was nothing less than cocktail of all the amazing words that exist in the dictionary and so much more. I catched plane to Guwahati and then train to dibrugarh and next few hours of car ride (including half an hour in a ferry ) to reach village of Abali in Arunachal Pradesh. .

I had travelled solo before but this time it was lot different. There was no return ticket. I had my fair share of fears. What if, I wouldn't love this adventure as I expected myself to? What if, all of this turn out to be one big stupid mistake? What if, I get myself into a problem on a strange land with noone around to help? .

There were many difficulties that came along the way. There were days when I was really tired to lift that backpack while traveling around in public transport or hitchhiking. Moments when I couldn't trust strangers and felt unsafe. Days when I fell sick and missed home badly. Days when I would walk long distances to save money. .

But, there were also days that made me extremely happy. Moments spent in dzukou Valley when I saw the most green in my life. Moment when I made friends with an old lady in a public bus in Assam even though we couldn't understand each other's language. Moments of total bliss teaching little Lolita and Raja in Abali organic tea farm. Moments spent with a Street side vendor in Kohima who shared her food and stories with me while I helped her sell the frogs. Moments of absolutely zero visibility on the Tawang circuit just before Sela Lake. Moments that restored my belief in strangers when the homestay owner sent her son with me so that I could see the post harvest festival during late hours in Mon district of Nagaland. Moments of ecstasy when I saw millions of fireflies in Abali. Moments that defied preconceived​ notions when I shared an overnight bus ride with a fellow Konyak who offered me his snacks and later on kept the wrapper in his bag instead of throwing outside. *Rest in comment*

This is how I look when I put a thinking helmet on. Adaptations of the benches on roadside are sure to make anyone happy. .

Mojo and I would halt wherever we wished. He would pull the brakes every time there was urge to soak a little bit more of beautiful surroundings and stunning landscapes. Though it was really difficult since every turn on the roads of Spiti was an eye candy and brought something new for us. Landscapes changed colors every few kms. .

Mojo clicked this picture of mine while I was lost in the beauty of the place. I travelled thousand of kms up and down the memory lane. How life had changed so much in the span of an year. I was so deeply lost in it that I forgot to even take the helmet off. .

Did you loose yourself to the memories ever? .

PS : Sorry peeps that I vanished for last few days. There was so much going on in life. But, I am sure all you guys will forgive me. I know all of you love me so much.

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Colors of this picture say it all. I don't want the details here to go unnoticed, hence I would go ahead and just explain the picture. Haha

Well in the side mirrors (yes, both of them) is the village of Kibber. Mojo clicked this one on our way back to Kibber from Gete. I am so in love with the energy this picture radiates. .

Just like pictures, there is a sweet spot in your life where everything seems 'just perfect'. Even if that 'Just Perfect' scenario stays for very short duration of time or maybe that becomes a normality with time but when that happens you think about all the efforts that had gone into angling the camera just right, making the perfect settings to get the most vibrant colors and having the perfect composition. Life isn't any different. Is it? .

When was the last time you were really proud of your efforts that made you reach 'Picture Perfect' Spot in your life? Would love to hear some of them in comments. .

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Our pet Gogo's favorite pastime! She just can't get enough of it. ------------------------------------------------ @Regrann from @thatkanpuriaguy - The Tail Routine ft. Gogo the boxer | Fatehgarh July'2017 - #regrann

This post is part of #tanitraveltales weekly feature.
. -------------------------------------------------- @Regrann from @khan.isa - ''Money and marked passports don't make a traveller but a free heart that yearns for moments and eyes that can bask in the beauty of a place'' Ghangaria is a small village and the base station for various treks. It is situated at an altitude of 3049 meters which makes even bare minimum interaction with water seem like pure agony.
The journey from Ghangaria begins from Joshimath, giving you an option of pony ride or traveling by foot.
By the time you arrive, it begins to dim and a peaceful night falls.
Ghangaria also marks the beginning of the trek to ''Valley of flowers'' (a world heritage site recognised by UNESCO) and the pious setting of ''Hemkund Sahib'' where the clouds seem to walk hand in hand with you and a goodbye seems like a sin.
Visit this place and in "Dr. Seuss" words, Oh! The places you'll go. . .
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I keep on getting queries daily about how I afford to travel so much? Or how to make long term travel financially sustainable and breakthrough the 9-5 jobs that we have? To all those who have these questions, I want to tell them there is no shortcut to anything. Everything requires constant efforts, hardwork and consistency. .

But even before all these questions there is more basic one that we need to ask ourselves is 'if this is just a fad or we are really into it'. Because if it is then you might take that plunge of calling it quits later on to end up in even worse situation. Earlier you were unhappy with money, now you are unhappy without money. .

When I quit my job last year I had that much clear in my mind that travelling isn't fad for me. Still I had lot of questions. Three months of solo travelling across Northeast India was like a test I had put up for myself, to make sure this is something my heart desires. There were times when I broke down, when I was too tired to lift that backpack in public transport, when I couldn't find food to my taste, when I had to reach a certain place carrying a 75 ltrs backpack with menstrual cramps. There were moments of nervousness and anxiety when my accommodation wasn't figured out in an unknown place. But at the end of it all of it made me happy because this journey was mine. Doing it all alone brought a sense of accomplishment. .

For these three months I saw something new and beautiful everyday. I learnt something everyday. I had grown so much more in this short span of time than I had in last couple of years. And I could see that in myself clearly. Volunteering in remote tea farm in Arunachal made me realise how little we actually need to live. It was difficult as hell but the thought of living out of a backpack for three months is overwhelming in itself and given a chance I would do all of it again in a heartbeat. So, the point that I am trying to state here is that before taking that plunge make sure this is something that really makes you happy. You don't want to end up in an unknown place with a sore back thinking about the comforts of home. --Rest in comment.
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Sharing with you all a video edited and shot by my brother (@thatkanpuriaguy). Video captures the scene at one of the crossings nearby my house in Farrukhabad. .

I personally found it to be really funny. Would like to see your feedback in the comments.
PS: If you could be granted one superpower. What would that be?


This video is my most precious memory from Spiti Trip, so much so that I won't share it with anyone and let this be just for myself. .

You know how you become selfish sometimes for that last piece of chocolate, another fifteen minutes of sleep, to sneak off from work an hour early, to watch another episode of your favourite sitcom. .

Well for a bit I became selfish for this video I had captured of the most beautiful times in Spiti. I wanted it to be just for myself. To feel happy about seeing something noone has ever seen or noone would ever see again. For it to be just mine. Call me crazy but this is reason I didn't share it for so long. .

I feel extremely lucky to have witnessed something so beautiful. After riding up for awhile we came across this piece of land where hundreds of animals were freely grazing. As if it wasn't stunning enough, next moment brought the hailstorm leaving both of us completely awestruck by the beauty of place. When the hearts are over saturated with happiness then you laugh crazily and that's what I have been doing while shooting this.

When was the last time you laughed so much that your stomach started to ache?

PS: I didn't wanted you guys to know how crazy I am, hence the muted video! Also, it's 100% unedited :) #tanitraveltales #girlintheredjacket #talesfromSpiti

@Regrann from @haarsssh - Varanasi is a sacred and oldest city of the world located at the banks of the holy River Gange.
Where, Gange aarti is performed daily in the evening by a group of priests at the Dashashwamedh ghat.
Through the aarti, Agni Pooja is performed in which a commitment is made to the Lord Shiva, Mata Gange, Surya, Agni (Fire) as well as the whole universe made by the Lord Shiva.

It is something to be seen to be cherished. The lights, the smoke from the deepams and torches, and incense sticks, the collective chants by thousands of pilgrims and priests adds to the energy of the place. As the momentum picks up, the lamps are lit, fragrant smoke from incense sticks rises with the chants of mantras and engulfs the surroundings. With bright colorful lights and popping flash bulbs from cameras, the smoke forms a cloak of mystery as soul-stirring songs transform you to another time and dimension.
Stay tuned for more!
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PS: This picture is part of weekly feature using #tanitraveltales. Apologies for being little inconsistent in doing so. Would love to hear more of the travel stories from all of you. Keep hashtagging your pictures.

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