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I'm so glad he feels free to make himself at home on all my furniture.

Every day I find him in here. It's like he is trying to tell me something. It would be REALLY nice if he'd keep his damn nose off the glass though. #dogproblems #youshouldseehimwhenKnoxisinhere #Ineedabiggershower

It's warming up, the sun is shining, the snow is fresh and the snow shoes are on. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon. (That said, please let the snow melt, the ice thaw and spring arrive. I miss heat. And green, beyond the mold I always seem to grow on loaves of bread. )

I woke up this morning in a panic, dreaming I was being suffocated. Turns out my dog decided to use me as his pillow while I slumbered. #momentslikethesemakemequestionmylifeschoices #husbandgotoutofbed #soAbbottdecidedtogetinit #dogjustwantedtokeepmewarm #stillballscoldoutside

Teachers convention and -28C windchill doesn't mean a thing when you've got your bestie with you. #ThisIsWhyIHaveADogBiggerThanMyHusband #HeMakesTheBestBabysitter

Mother. Daughter. Sister. My people. Happy International Women's day to you and yours. #theycarrymyheart #twoofthebestladiesIknow

I've added new life skills to my repertoire: Making random small town school mascot posters to adorn gym walls. I'm gonna be rich. #hireme #myhusbandwouldlikemetogetarealjob

Nerds united for a musical. #kinkyboots #sofun

It's always a good day when I see this face. He feels the same way, can you tell? #dad #grumpyontheoutside #grumpierontheinside

It's not much to look at, but this little bit of plastic and mesh will be a life changer for Knox. This kid is gonna get a shower! #inauguralshower #breakingthesealonthenewshower #renovatedbathroomwillfinallybeused ! #nextuppottytraining

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