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Family <3

A little something about me this Monday morning...I love 1950/60s cubic zirconia costume jewelry and I try and get a piece from every city I visit. This beauty was scored in New Orleans at a cute little antique shop on Royal Street during one of my visits to visit my brother and sister there in the 1990s. I love how when I wear a piece it takes me instantly back to the moment and place I was when bought it. Do you collect anything?

Doing a little camping this week to cut down on the drive to the Grand Canyon, waking up the the conversations of Elk will never get old.

It's #nationalgrandparentsday and I wanted to send a special thanks to all the grandparents out there! You truly make the meaning of family that much more important.

Today I got to meet some very special dogs with @tibetanmastiffrescue , this guy is named Bruce and is quite the sweetheart. Dogs always amaze me with their capacity of forgiveness and love. Thank you for having me @bexcha and for rescuing these special giant loves. I can’t wait to download the photos!

What gorgeous hair for my bride today by @larougeartistry!

When editing makes you smile...

On this #NationalDogDay, I celebrate all the dogs I've ever had the honor of sharing my life with... GingerDawg (1998-2007), Banjo McGillicutty (2006-2017), Molly Grace (2007 - present) and Big Joe (2016- present). I never knew that my heart could grow bigger, untill each of you wiggled your way in there and enlarged it. May every day be National Dog Day for each of you who love a special furry friend.

Today is the day for @flagartsleadership_FALA school photos!

Happy birthday to the beautiful @kimduncandesign, who has made the Lazy River an unforgetable experience, I have never laughed so much as that awesome weekend. I don't see you as much as I'd like, but I think about you often, expecially when I have a mojito. Let's have one together soon. Love you!

I love when brides add their own personal touch to their wedding outfit. Aren't Alex's shoes cute? I think I need a pair!

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