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monday hit me hard

f e e l i n g s p o o k y?

did i decide to wear a pink turtleneck on a tuesday in october? idk, maybe.

i wanna go where the sun is shining and no one knows my name

y'know how you always seem to have that one friend that you never take photos with? well, i guess you fall into that category because i can never seem to find any pictures of just the two of us. idk what that says about our friendship, but next year i expect to have a gallery of photos to choose from lol. okay seriously tho, despite our somewhat poorly documented friendship, i'm happy you exist & that i'm lucky enough to call you one of my best friends! happy birthday marcela! love ya ❤

guess which one of us complained about being cold the entire time? (hint: it wasn't me...)

(i need to invest in a reusable straw)

(don't let the beanie confuse you. i promise it was warm outside when i took this.✌🌞)

last night i had an extremely vivid dream about shaving my head and i was expecting to wake up with a buzz cut. so this morning when i found out i still had all of my hair i was hella relieved.

happy birthday to one of the best people i know! thanks for all the laughs and always being a friend! love ya ❤

don't forget to eat some plants, maybe hug a tree or something. happy earth day 🌎

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