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Brooke :)  I've always hated you Sharon💅 Somer liked x3💕 Mom liked x43😭💖

Bless the fuck up I got a snow day today🙏

My package came from ASOS and I got all these cute sun dresses for when I go to Jamaica for spring break and I'm so excited!!

Hey guys so I'm back Ik I've been gone for about a month but I just needed a break but I'm back!! Lots of shit happened and life is just so ahhh but it's all chill I hope you'll are doing good!! And I'm also very excited cause There is supposed to be a huge ass snowstorm Monday and Tuesday so hopefully I can get outta school so woo!!

I need more dick in my life so I added some hot guys on snap :)

My leg is so sore and I need cuddles 😩

Dance auditions got me sore asf😩

Going to a super bowl party and I'm so pumped cause there is gonna be ribs👅

This boy had the audacity to lose the yellow heart with me and won't tell me who the fucking hoe that took it is😤😒

You'll i almost passed out in school today like I lost my hearing and my ears started ringing and I could barely see it was just like flashing black dots idk it was hella scaring

It's supposed to snow and it better cause I need another day off😂

Ok split is such a good movie highly recommend it had me shook asf

Well midterm week is over and I failed every single one🙃

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