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I’ve been hinting at an announcement coming, and I’m ready to reveal!
I’m excited to announce that I have teamed up with a new nutrition company because, well – I love everything health related!
I’m truly so excited to get started, Share and help others reach their health and wellness goals! 😊💪🏼🍎
Comment below or DM me if you’d like to know more. #TEAMISAGENIX

FUN announcement coming tomorrow morning! 🙌🏼😉

Rest In Peace to my daddy who passed away this morning. 💔🙏🏼 Say hi to mom for me. I love you Dad. Xoxo

Vacation was a blast, but it’s sooo good to be back on track with routine and eating. 🙌🏼We’re such creatures of habit, right? Even better when those are 🅶🅾🅾🅳 habits!
And guess what? -when you make those good habits a ℒℐℱℰЅᏆᎽℒℰ - they don’t go away just because you’re on vacation, or go to a party or you’re out of your normal routine in general. (Work travel, moving, etc)
Oh, believe me - I indulged the entire week in the Bahamas... 😆🤘🏼
I had several fruity cocktails, cheeseburgers, onions rings (omg my fave!!) Ben & Jerry’s ice cream (3x but who’s counting 🤣) I ate bagels and cream cheese and bacon.... TRUTH: I didn’t track one day of food/macros on myfitnesspal and enjoyed everything I wanted. ☝🏼But I also stayed super active and made healthier choices elsewhere in my eating each day so I could indulge a little too.... I’ll call that a healthy lifestyle & balance. ☺️
And on that note, I’m off to the store for a complete restock of my fridge with fresh produce and fruit!
I’ve cleaned out my fridge and I’m getting ready to do the same with my body with a safe & healthy nutritionally supported “cleanse” by replenishing it with THE GOOD STUFF. (No, not “thaaaat” kind of cleanse! Ewh! If you’re interested please message me and ask. ☺️💗🍎

Soon. I promise. Change can be SO good and SO much FUN!!! 😘🙌🏼👍🏼✌🏼💗

🇧🇸🌴🏖👙🍹🌺What an amazing week in the Bahamas!!.... I miss the beach already.
But I miss AZ too! Long travel day ahead, but it will be good to be home and see my friends and get back into routine. ☀️🌵☺️

Something new & exciting coming, indeed! Change is good & I can’t wait to share! 😉👍🏼

Where has the time gone!? Tomorrow is our last full day/night here in the Bahamas & then we fly home Sunday. Until then, I’ve got another day to soak up the sun ☀️ the salty air, and the ocean vibes! ✌🏼👙🌴🌸☺️

Oh man what a long day!!! Went to sleep Sunday at 1am PHX time, woke up at 4:45, out the door by 5:15 for the airport. PHX—�✈️MIA—✈️Nassau —then 9 mile taxi ride to our hotel. Well deserved Bahama Mamma to end the day! 🍹😴#paradiseislandbahamas#atlantisresort

💗my happy color💗☺️#pinkhairdontcare

After an entire week of 🎉celebrating my 48th with ice cream cake, coffee with friends, tacos, dinner, fried ice cream (TWICE!) a few cocktails & dancing —including a killer workout this morning!!! ... I think it’s safe to say I’m in desperate need of a NAP 😴 before I start packing for a week in the Bahamas...{where it’s forecast to rain and/or thunderstorm the entire week but oh well - can’t control the weather!} *I’ll also be ready for a detox cleanse and get back on track with clean eating when vacation is over!! 😆
But can I just say....My heart is full and I am grateful for the amazing and loving, real & fun friends God has placed in my life. ❤️ @brina_martinez @mrsalex116 @hildayoungfitness @edmbodyfitness @veebee2014 (& Marta/Lauren not on IG) I love you gals and thank you so much for being in my life and being such and encouragement to me especially the last several months since my surgery. 😘❤️❤️❤️#blessed#friendship#happy

💅🏼Mani/pedi done✅ Getting ready for our trip to the Bahamas on Monday! ☝🏼But tonight: dinner & dancing💃🏼 with friends as I continue my birthday week celebration!!
✈️🌴👙🏖🏊🏻‍♀️ #mynailsbyjoanne @joanneaaronreming ☺️💗

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