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Look at the iron grip I have on my sister’s arm and how much she wanted to be in the picture. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this picture, but helping my mom sort boxes unearths a lot of things!

My mother (left) at her first job at Stauffers 1961-2. The things you find while emptying boxes!

The daffodils are still covered in snow.

I made eclairs for my valentine. I did not know they were so easy to make! The long term effects of watching #thegreatbritishbakingshow I suppose.

Classic snowman!

Snow kitty.

Power just went out. This how light the snow makes it, even with no lights for a 5 block radius.

The heron did not deign to acknowledge me as I passed by this morning. He did not look pleased with the weather.

This morning and this afternoon. Winter is here.

We got up at 7 am to walk in the new fallen snow. We went up to Maple Leaf Park and were surprised: the half mile path around the track was cleared! At first we thought someone had been hoarding a snowblower and finally got a chance to use it, but three quarters of the way around the path we met Tony, a neighbor who has taken ownership of clearing the path. He said he’d been shoveling it for the past three days because he’d noticed it that some of it had iced over and made it tough for some people to walk.
He said Parks had noticed him working and that he’d used his own salt on the path and they came out and salted the path too. Of course, we are in Seattle, so some woman asked him if he was salting and yelled at him, claiming City of Seattle never uses salt. Then other people told her they had also seen Parks salting. A Seattle stand-off.

We thanked him and walked on. One thing I like about snow in Seattle is that it slows things down and greeting strangers while walking seems normal. On the way home we greeted a man walking towards the park. We mentioned that he’d find it easy to walk as a neighbor had cleared the path. He said, “Must not have anything better to do with his time.” I immediately felt protective of Tony (yeah-I know, I met him 5 minutes ago) and said defensively, “A lot of people haven’t been able to get to work the past 2 days and it’s good exercise.” Other guy replied, “True,true.” I felt slightly mollified, but still a tad indignant in Tony’s behalf.
A Seattle story - be like Tony and spend your time and energy on an act of kindness with an ephemeral result to unknown (and countless) others if that is what moves you. If you aren’t moved, don’t try to stop or belittle the effort.
We walked home and shoveled (and sprinkled pet-safe and green “salt”) our sidewalk and the neighbor’s walk as well.
Then I made a latte.

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Snowing again.

Snowpocalypse or just snow?


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