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Juan Carlos Taminchi  Teacher and Visionary Artist - descendant of Andean and Amazonian cultures. Leader of shamanic Art therapy workshops.

Primer día en Cusco con mi amorcita;
Que gusto reencontrar los Wayquis!! Allá vamos valle sagrado.
First day in Cusco with my love, and what a joy to reconnect with los Wayquis!! See you soon sacred valley.

Full moon Gathering in COSM...
Gratitud de reencontrar la tribu visionaria de Peru y el mundo!

Good morning Woodstock!!

Almorzando unos Juanecitos mexicanos, di cho...

Ya por aquí desde algunas semanas en estas tierras mayas Caribeñas...
Compartiendo el rezo y los colores Amazonicos! Aho!

Que bello compartir el arte y estas bellas medicinas con la familia Mexicana! Gracias Rubencito por ser parte de esta linda familia 🙏🏽🔥🐍🌱. @cafetacvba #cafetacuba @rivieramayamx @taminchi_visions @confiameta #ikbalamecovillage

Details... First painting/commission of 2018...

Chao Italy! A beautiful finish to our time here in Europe 🙏🏽 see you next time!

A night of henna! 👌🏽

Gracias Familia de Ginebra y Zurich! Hermoso compartir de música, color y corazón...Allá vamos Múnich! Nos vemos mañana para compartir una noche de cacao y sonidos Amazónicos! Aho!!
Thank you Geneva and Zurich family! Beautiful sharing of music color and heart.. ser you soon Múnich! Tomorrow night we're sharing cacao and the sounds of the amazon. Aho!

Here it is family! Our fundraising campaign for Inti Yacu! 🌿🙏🏽🌿 Our hearts are full of gratitude to have the opportunity to receive support in this way. Faith is our guiding light that Inti Yacu will manifest in all her splendor; to be a haven for our sacred plants, and our brothers and sisters who seek their healing and teachings.
Thank you so much! AHO!! For all our relations 🌎

Aquí está familia!
Nuestra campaña para juntar fondos para Inti Yacu! 🌿🙏🏽🌿 nuestros corazones están llenos de gratitud de poder recibir su apoyo en esta manera. La fe es la luz que nos guía para que Inti Yacu siga manifestándose en todo su esplendor; y sea un refugio por nuestras plantas sagradas y los hermanos y hermanas que buscan sanacion, enseñanza y compartir.
Muchas gracias! AHO!! Por todos nuestras relaciones 🌎 https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/give-back-to-sacred-plants-arts-environment#/

Greetings Cosmic Family!
We have some very exciting news that we’re finally ready to share. As some of you already know, we spent last summer out in the jungle, cultivating the land and giving life to a vision that has been brewing in the hearts of Juan Carlos Juan Carlos Taminchi and Franz Freyre del Aguila for many years. We are overjoyed to present to you: 🌟INTI YACU – Foundation for the Preservation of Medicinal Plants and Ancestral Traditions. 🌟
On the 24 acres of pure, wild rainforest that we have aquired, we have begun planting medicinal plants that will be able to live freely, and receive all of the love and gratitude from the many people they help. So far, we’ve been able to construct our temple (Maloka), a kitchen building, two cabins, and two out houses. Along with preserving and cultivating medicinal plants, we will open the space to recieve guests to make ceremonies, diet master plants, and hold visionary art retreats etc. We’re in the process now of continuing construction to be able to receive more of you who would like to come visit us!
Creating a sacred space such as this really is a community effort. We’d like to acknowledge and give thanks to our loved ones who’ve helped us aquire the land, and supported us in many ways thus far. It wouldnt have been posible without your help! There is still much left to do, stay tuned for announcements on how you can help us move forward with construction and cultivation, so that Inti Yacu can become a sanctuary for our human family, and plant family alike. AHO! 🌈🙏🏽🌿 https://www.taminchivisions.com/giveback/

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