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Take me back to a quiet Valentine's Day stroll through the art gallery with my babe -- toddler free 💕 #tessahughescastingcall @shoptessahughes

I can't get enough of these two ❤️

So grateful to be well enough to get bundled up and play in the yard; we've been sick for way too long this season!!

West is super expressive, active, and dexterous, but has been slow to talk; imagine my surprise when he ran up to me and a foaming spray bottle this morning saying, "bubble bubble bubble" I only caught one here, but it's pretty cute.

Super thankful today for eateries that have play areas which allow me to use BOTH my hands to eat (such a luxury these days); do as I did and get the taquito dorado 😛 so much goodness.

I've got a monkey on my back.

Not the beginning and still not the end; Happy Valentine's @joshknepper

Perfect package to receive on Valentine's Day ❤️ Thanx @shethinx

I haven't posted much lately because I feel like either one or both of us has been sick for the past couple months. We need some fresh air, but every time I think he's better, we get bundled up and go out - only to have his cough or runny nose come back that evening. Also, we've been snowed in for 6 days; I've got major cabin fever. If you've got 4WD to get up our street, come visit - and bring some sunshine and donuts with you ☺️

Super-happy when he's digging through my purse 😳 what treasures to behold, little man.

Dear Spring, please come quick.

The upside to another major snowfall is that at least West gets to have some more snowballs in his diet. 😂