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young kam.💕

I had such a wonderful time being a panelist for the student athletes career forum at The University of Miami... I think I was more impressed with the amount of athletes that came out and how engaged they were to hear our stories and our transition into the business profession. ..

Remember “magnify your own strengths, your confidence speaks before you do” -TJ

[[Eric tryna get Kamryn to pay attention, Kamryn holding herself cus she gotta pee, and I wait until he count to 3 and decide to get something out my eye]] .. ..

My future husband prolly scrolled pass this pic and said “look at her, can’t even keep it together for 1 second to take a daxm photo” 😂.... .

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Mini munchkin 💕✨

pick’em up put’em down 🤞🏾✨

(Video may be a bit hard to watch) Guys. Let this just sink in. If you past this video please stop for a moment of silence for those who were drastically affected by 911. (As the video shows. Some of the last messages left to family and friends were messages of love). Take a minute to call or text or tell someone you love them. Things happen so unexpectedly in life, we have to love each day grateful and doing what we love with who we love... and if you don’t hear from anyone today just know I love yall💕...

Being a mother can be both rewarding and exhausting.. ..

I almost forgot how much of a savage I used to be... for me it was always “execution” over “excuses” 🙏🏾❤️ .. .

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🗣A Word!!

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(Long nights and early mornings but my PT business has OFFICIALLY launched.. it underwent a series of name changes and colors, lol)💕. ...

I’m accepting new clients (email through the inquiry tab on my website for a list of services... .. ..

Location : South Florida ... ..

Available: Friday, Saturday & Sunday ONLY).

How I smile when God tells me: 🗣 “that’s all you, but stay patient young grasshopper, I gotta clear the road first chile”😂🤞🏾❤️

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