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Taytay❤️  ☝🏽️..But if I'm STILL here then #SHEWON

I brag different 😌🌟

Lost files.... but I found myself 🐦

All NEW TONIGHT at 9pm on @wetv #shinning🌟

I'm so grateful and excited to be nominated for my 3rd daytime Emmy award!! 🎉God is so good and he shines his light so bright on me🌟 I'm astonished on how much he loves me🙏🏾 CONGRATULATIONS to the ladies that I share this nomination with. Thank you so much to the @DaytimeEmmys for this huge honor and acknowledgement 😘

I'm so proud of my friend @todrick for his DELUXE version of #straightouttaoz album and visual story AND world tour!! Thank you so much for allowing me to be apart of history and this AMAZING body of pure artistry and work! The music, the visuals, the other amazing artists..that's on here new and old... AND plus a special shout out & homage to my girl @msamberpriley who I love and truly RESPECT as an actress and throat deliverer!! (Singing BIH😂😂😂🏆) I am humbled and blessed to be in that number to be even asked to participate with all of this talent and love!! Again congrats to you @todrick for believing in YOU and making things happen for YOU and not believing in the words"NO&"Can't" while selling out your vision & music WORLDWIDE and inviting me and my gift to the party🎉!! Thank you so much!!! I'm Grateful for you 😘#lionsandtigersandbears on iTunes AND #straightouttaoz deluxe album on iTunes NOW and for more TOUR info go to @todrick ❤🌟 #tamartianseason

No mam ms. @tonibraxton 😂😂😳


They don't want me to have the best year ever!! .... so I'm going to have the BEST year EVER!! #shinning🌟 #focused👀 #tamartianseason ( in my @djkhaled voice)

Thank you to EVERYONE for all the AMAZING birthday wishes!! I truly felt ALL of your love and positive forces that now permanently surrounds me!! I love you all and I'm so grateful that you all took time out of your day to think of little old me 😢😌!!Through God, the universe, my friends and family and my amazing #Tamartian friends... trust me when I say.. #tamartianseason has JUST begun! 🌟and I'm READY for IT!!! You all have enriched my life and I'm more than excited to embark on this NEW chapter of life with ALL of you together!! ❤ thank you, thank you, thank you I love you all soooo much!

So GRATEFUL!! So HAPPY!! Thank you GOD!!🐦....Tune into to @stylecodelive tonight @9 on Amazon.com/SCL #STTAMARSDAY 🎉#tamartianseason

My favorite thing to do on #sttamarsday🎉👑 is WERK💰

What an AMAZING day!!! Thank you Jesus!!! I'm shining🌟

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