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This kid can Carpe Diem like no one else. Love him. ❤️ ps: thank goodness for antibiotics!!

Just got a phone call from the doctor, B has Scarlet Fever (so old-fashioned of him) - which is basically Strep with a rash.
He’s on antibiotics, slept 12 hours last night and is now watching Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles + cuddling with me (please don’t let me get this)! 🐢 Thank you for your sweet notes, this boy is loved! ❤️

What a day. The boy is going to be just fine but because he’s non-verbal and has a high tolerance for pain, I really felt we had to go to emergency at Children’s. I was starting to worry. The doctor and nurses were so wonderful with him and Beckett is such a sweet patient. Now we wait for results, take medicine and hope for a speedy recovery. Thank you for all your well wishes, it means a lot. ✨

Sylvia Plath via @my5ive_books

Even when he’s super sick he has a smile for me 💛 Took my boy to the doctor today (please don’t be strep). Beckett has an extremely high tolerance for pain, it’s not a good thing - what would cause the average person to cry, is not a big deal for him. So when he says something hurts, I know it’s really bad.
I stayed home from work to nurse this little guy, hoping for a peaceful night and that he feels better in the morning. 💛

People with disabilities are the largest minority group and also the most inclusive and diverse! Everyone is represented - all genders, ages, religions, all ethnicities and all socioeconomic levels. The disability community is the only minority group anyone can join, anytime.
More than a billion people in the world have some form of disability. That’s about 15% of the world’s population.
Inclusion and kindness should be expected for all, always.

Photo by @kyrani
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When the sofa + blanket are perfectly soft + cozy ✨
#myanthrophoto #anthrohome

One of my faves....#robertgenn

If I had a nickel for every time this kid + I had to wait an hour in waiting rooms, we would be loaded.
I understand it’s busy and things come up unexpectedly but why can’t people be upfront? Just tell me you are behind or you changed the schedule on me....please. In other news, this boy was a star ⭐️ unlike his cranky momma.

S I S T E R S 💛 📷 @kyrani

I have been slowly redecorating the playroom, each of the kids now have their own desk + the instruments all have a home, ready for jam sessions.
I have been searching for meaningful art and objects to personalize each space for the kids...its been fun.
Poppy loves pigs, she always has. When I saw this photo of Alba the pig @lighthousefarmsanctuary I fell in love. The photographer is @sfisherx - Samantha is incredible. Her love for animals is obvious, I bought a few of her photos. Can’t wait to hang Alba, I also bought Heidi + Oliver...oh my heart. 🐷

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