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She’s back!!! Our sweet @penelopethechiquita had to be boarded at the Veterinarian’s for a month. She had ringworm...and it was bad! Three of us got it and we have been trying to get rid of it all. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Now we’re working with Penelope on housetraining and walking on a leash. She is unbelievably sweet and so cute! 💛

Beckett + Finn. These guys have known each other for a long time.
About 8 years ago, I ran into a store to quickly buy a couple of things. While I was walking the aisle, a dad pushing a shopping cart walked by me - I noticed right away his son, riding in the front of the cart, had Down syndrome. So I followed them.
The store wasn’t crowded, after a few minutes of me walking behind them I said hello. I told him his son was so cute and that I had a son with Down syndrome. We exchanged phone numbers and from there we arranged play dates. Our boys have been in school together since Kindergarten, watching them walk into Grade 6 this year was surreal.
Beckett + Finn have lots of friends at school, these two are popular. Kids like them because they are funny, kind and smart. My biggest fear was that Beckett wouldn’t have any friends, seeing him with Finn (this is my favourite photo of them) makes me so happy. These two will be pals forever.
Sometimes I hear people say how kids with Down syndrome are all so happy or so affectionate or all full of love. It’s true, Beckett + Finn are those things but it’s not because they have an extra chromosome. It’s because they resemble their families and because they are valued and loved by their family, friends and community.
I will never stop advocating for people with disabilities. Ever.
After reading about that washed-up comedian’s comments about Down syndrome today, I realized I still have a lot of advocating to do.
#downsyndrome #advocate #dsrf 📷 @wwjoyd

Seventeen years ago everything changed, I’ll never forget what I saw - how sad and scared I was. I still feel so broken by it and how it changed our world.
Let this day remind us to be kind...and to tell the people we love how much they mean to us. ❤️ Thank you for posting this @heidiwish xx

This is me now. Hanging out in a dream house my friends built + are now selling. It’s sooooo good. I’m going to sit here for a while + imagine my life here. 😊 Seriously, it’s a beauty. Congratulations @mooseheadcontracting you did good, real good. Oh, if you want to buy it? Talk to the boss @rockelgroupvancouver 💛 #notanadjustlovemyfriends

LOOK!!!!! Beckett is in his bed! ✨ This is huge, after months in our bed he is back in his room.
Now, I did sit beside his bed until he fell asleep and he did read 4 books but we’re getting there. ✨ Baby steps, right @rockababyguru ?

September...school has started. Back to a familiar routine for the kids but not for me. It’s a fresh start and I can’t wait...I feel free and super excited. I also really loved dropping my kids off at school and picking them up...🚌

And just like that, our boy is in Grade 6 ⭐️ #backtoschool #firstdayofschool #inclusionmatters

Link to the TV Week interview is in my bio...💛 📷 @kyrani

I rarely talk about it but Beckett was diagnosed with cataracts before his first birthday. I was terrified and had a lot of questions, he is seen regularly by his Ophthalmologist...I’m thankful those cataracts haven’t moved in 10 years. With back-to-school around the corner, I feel good knowing all three of my children have had their eyes checked. Eye health is important to me and I’m teaching the kids to look after their eyes.
You can protect your kids’ eyes with an eye exam from a @bcdoctorsofoptometry - MSP coverage is available for kids under 19. Click on the link in my bio to book an eye exam for your kids! #backtoschool #sponsored

You guys. I had to call in the boss of sleeping @rockababyguru 💤 Desiree hasn’t been here to help us with sleeping since Poppy was a baby...but as any parent will tell you, sleep habits change.
I’ll be the first to admit, Beckett has Dave and I wrapped around his finger. Bedtime has become an hour long process and to top it all off Beckett won’t sleep in his own bed (he’s been in our bed + Dave has been in B’s bed for 4 months) - we also have to read a million books with him and then lay down with him while he falls asleep. If we try and move before he’s asleep - he scolds us back to bed!

Oh and none of this is negotiable with Beckett. NONE.
Like I said, he has us wrapped around his finger...but I also don’t want to upset him. 😭

So Desiree is here to help 🙏🏻 #babyguru #sleep

While we were in Whistler squeezing out the last bits of summer before school starts, @georgetheairedale was living his best life on Bowen Island @bowenislanddogranch 🙊

Sweet @penelopethechiquita is still at a friend’s house so we can get a handle on her ringworm (🤦🏼‍♀️) and @broccoliandbrusselsprout stayed home with my Auntie B. Cats prefer to stay home!
And yes, George is still sitting on the sofa 🙄

I do enjoy a good cake. Thanks @deedeelum for another amazing birthday cake, we are so lucky to celebrate with your baking. 🎂 📷 by @wwjoyd

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