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Tamara Omel Broberg  💍 Wifey 🐶 Mommy to the cutest Pomeranian ✈️ Traveling nonstop

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Pregnancy myths:
1. You can’t travel - if you don’t have pregnancy complications you can travel up to 8 month ✈️
2. You will be throwing up on every corner - 30% of pregnant women experience very light nausea or no nausea at all (sorry if you are not one of them 🤢). And only half of the once who suffer from bad nausea actually throw up. 😷
3. You will get fat - your belly definitely will grow but other parts of your body don’t have to. If you exercise regularly and eat healthy you will not gain a lot of weight. So it’s up to you ladies. 👙

Every pregnancy is different and every woman feels very different. But I know for myself when I eat a donut 🍩, pregnancy craving is just an excuse. In reality if you eat a box of ice cream it’s because of you and has nothing to do with pregnancy cravings. It’s all about your goals. You can be whoever you want to be 👑. #27weeks #prego #cantwaittomeetyou

Today the whole world is the same age! ‼️
If you add your age and year of your birth, every person is 2018. The next time this happens is 1000 years from now!!😱
Mine is 27+1991=2018
What’s yours?
#howcome #fact #fanny

I’m just a girl, standing in front of a salad, asking it to be a donut 🍩 😂🙌🏼 #moscow #foodie #mood #smile

There is a Russian saying, that translates something like this: «being a guest is nice, but being at home is better» 🙌🏼. Every time I come back home to Moscow Its like I hit a “refresh” button. Moscow inspires and energizes me. 🔌
But honestly I don’t know where home is anymore. When people ask me where is home I say I have a homeless person syndrome. It’s when you feel home everywhere you go 😅. All I need is my husband and my dog with me and once I get familiar with a city and surround myself with few good friends I’m home 🌎. Anyone feeling homesick today?
🌸🌸🌸 P.S. Спасибо большое @alenapopova_photo за чудесные фотки 🙌🏼

Yesterday I got my mom a baby girl puppy. Today she almost died... 😔For some reason Becca’s sugar levels dropped to almost 0 at night. When we woke up she wasn’t moving and had breathing problems. Luckily, I knew a vet who told me immediately get Becca to her clinic. When we got there, she was already in coma… However, doctors managed to save here life. After 5 hours at the vet clinic, Becca is back home alive and happy. 😊🙌🏼 I wish all the pets had a loving home and were healthy and safe ❤️🙏🏻 #bestfriends #mood #puppy

Our new addition to the family Becca 😍 💕 #pomeranian #adorable #obsession #puppy

I’m so excited for September! So many plans: Moscow, Monaco, Milan, Madrid, Paris ✈️ new projects, new adventures, new ideas 💡 #ilovemylife #packing #onthego

Pregnancy rules: Bra off, hair up, belly out 😉🙌🏼 #25weeks #prego #mood #marbella

I’m gonna have a tan baby ☀️ #Spain #Marbella #alwayssunny

Don’t worry, it’s almost Friday 😉 #nyc #thursday #pink #6monthspregnant

When you trying to pick a casual dinner spot and end up going to a Three Michelin Star restaurant ⭐️⭐️⭐️🤤 #nyc #datenight #foodie

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