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Tamarah Costen  God First🙏🏽 ✈️✈️Travel for a living.. 👩🏾‍✈️ Flight Attendant|Filmmaker🎥 |Doritos Commercial "Past Gas"| Love 2 Educate

I'm Happy to Announce that my big bro and sis Derrious Costen and Shantil Costen will be having The Soft Opening of their Sneaker Boutique A- List Sneaker Boutique.. Today! April 28!! come check out the hottest sneakers in the Game!! #sneakerheads #sneakercommunity #heat #grandopening

This is too adorable! Makes me miss my students! @ronclarkacademy pulled out the Red Carpet for these students .. anything to encourage the students to do well in school!! #students #redcarpet #atlantapublicschools 🙌🏾🙌🏾🤗🤗#ronclarkacademy #future

Miami Layover! Wassup Miami??? Having the time of my life!! ❤️my job! Great crew! New friendships! With the Lovely @the_1_tht_gotaway 🙌🏾🙌🏾

Today was such a sweet day! I had the chance to see my First Loves, my Former Students at CCA!! They were so surprised to see me and they made me feel like a Rock Star😎#kids #students #surprises

Gotta go back to Cali! It was my first time there.. LA was nice.. be back soon! Til next time🙌🏾#travel #relaxation #views #LA

I thoroughly enjoyed my food! The appetizers @ BossaNova in La were soooo delicious! Thank you @jon.chaffin for recommending this spot to us! #foodie #LA #Melrose #imstuffed

Thanks again @lilyachty for the S/O to my brother Derrious Costen @dcosten77 @alistsneakerboutique check out his store yall! Hit up his IG for info on the hottest and later sneakers! #sneakercommunity #sneakercommunity #sneakerheads

You have to smile no matter what is going on around you!! Stay positive and shine your light!! The weather really caused a lot of ripple effects with travel and flights.. my prayer is that everything get back on track soon.. in other news I love the company I work for and my hairstylist @assatasstyle is awesome.. thank you for laying my hair😘#deltaflightattendant #positivevibes #positivity #prayers #blackflightattendantsusa

Thank you @queendown4life for posting.. I saw this last week and thought she was Dope!! I ❤️what she's saying .. #vibing #thatsme 🔥 🔥

Thank you so much @shimawalker for the Shoutout and for laying my hair last week before my first FLight attendant trip! 😍😍😍

Happy for my brother @dcosten77 @alistsneakerboutique and sis @shantilc .. God has really blessed them to have a very nice Sneaker Boutique @alistsneakerboutique and they are touching so many people who are Sneaker heads!! @mikevick shout out to you for the nice shout out to them and their boutique.. if you are a sneakerhead and in the Atlanta area.. check em out

My First rotation was simply amazing! My crews were soook sweet! They took me under their wings!! I couldn't ask for a better first time!! I'm loving this new way of living! I've always enjoyed life, but it has turned up for me. Thank you Lord for giving me the opportunity to work for such a great company and to help and bless many ppl around the world✈️🙌🏾#deltaflightattendant #happy #blackflightattendants #bclassforlife #flights #love #life

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