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Just what we needed. After being so sick since the start of the month, this is much needed. Nothing better than sitting by the fire, with the one you love, just relaxing and taking in the environment. Tomorrows adventures will be exploring the area on bikes.. wish me luck!! Family time away is amazing!! #family #camping #lovedones #awesomestepmumapparently #lovethemboth #easter

Took Grace down to check her yabby nets this morning, as I was pulling it in for her it felt a bit heavier than it should. We have caught fish in there before, but never have we caught turtles!! She was super excited when she found out we get to release them back into the murray. She then asked what happened to all the yabbies that were supposed to be in there.. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ by 8am this morning we had a nature lesson, and got to get dirty and muddy down by the river. #barmah #camping #turtles #theywerecute #sheevenpickeditup #familytime

Our home for the next 2 nights.. peaceful, away from everything, what we all need!! #camping #family #ustime #nature #barmah #murrayriver

First day back at work after surgery on friday.. currently at home resting on the couch doubled over in pain waiting for endone to kick in.. going to try and nap before getting grace from school later.. . why did i cancel her after school care for tonight?? #inpain #hurryupandworkmeds #anyonewanttodrivemetoschoolpickup? #gynosurgery #thisistheworstitsbeen

Happy birthday to me!! Today is the day my mirena finally comes out!! #happybirthdaytome #surgeryday #goodbyemirena #startingtogetpains

Back to sleep for me.. shit nights sleep, 3 hours max i reckon, constantly coughing from a suspected chest infection.. going to make the most of the house to myself and sleep most of the day if i can. #sickday #backtosleep #sotired #zzzzz

Everyone started fresh jan 1st, lets just say I have already had a pretty rough start to the year, but tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow is going to be my fresh start. Tomorrow is going to be my shit is getting real i need to do this now start.. being an adult sucks sometimes, i am so greatful from the support from my partner, friends and family this past week.
Now to actually do this adulting stuff.. we have plans for the future we need to start looking into, i have to find somewhere to do my study this year, we need to save lots this year.. bring it all on!! #tomorrowismyfreshstart #finallybackatwork #newyearnewme #betterlatethannever #adultingsucks #adultlife #anxietysucks #icandothis

Our veggie garden is coming along nicely, we have corn growing, pumpkins on the plant, and everything is massive. #gardeners #greenthumbhopefully #diy #teachingwherefoodcomesfrom #teachinghowtolookafterplants #loveit

Todays read.. trying to help myself.. its straight forward, direct, and even has swear words in it.. i love it ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ™Š #f*ckfeelings #anxiety #dealingwithit #strugglinglately #book #read #improvingmyself

Fairy garden is almost complete. May add a few other things to it, but pretty happy with the result so far. We did alot better than i thought it would turn out like. We even drew a door on the wall so the fairys know where to go through for the door inside.. now just need to attach the door on the other side... #fairygarden #diy #idobelieveinfairies #7yrold #imagination #herspot

I literally thought I was going to die driving to work this morning. My asthma has been so bad since the weekend. Last night i was struggling to breath, this morning before work i dosed myself up on everything i have for it to just try be able to breath so i can get to work. I made it about halfway from home and work.. so about 30 minutes away, and my anxiety got bad, my breathing got bad, i couldnt breath. I had to pull over and ventolin several times and try and calm down so i could breath and continue driving. I turned my car around, drove back home slowly, took me longer to get home too mind you. I have a drs appt at 12 today about it, and will discuss further with him. I have a feeling i know what triggers it bad but i just need to talk to him to try work out a better plan. Asthma sucks, anxiety sucks, the two of them together.. man that really sucks. I am currently back in bed. I will try and sleep some more, i am exhausted already today only been awake 2 hours.
#asthma #asthmasucks #anxiety #anxietysucks #asthmaanxietytogetherisbad #dayinbed #overit #iamwithmyhappycalm #heknowshowtodealwithit #hehadtolearnquick #feelsafernow #asthmaplan

Our little fairy garden we are making. 2 of the mushrooms are outside Grace's window, to encourage fairies inside her room to the fairy door. The rest will be added into the fairy garden. We have lots more to add up the back too. #usingherimagination #imagination #diy #fairygarden #purpleandpink #looksamazing #childcareworker #tradiepartner

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