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Talon Defense 

The first step is the hardest.

Low-Light Applications. Day 1 live fire range work. Day 2 Force on Force. 6-7 October at @mtacmuncie
TalonDefense.us.com for registration.

I'm diggin' the @jedburghtargets system. We've had access to it this week for a contract gig and it's a super cool set up.
Dudes have to acquire the threat by sight or sound. No verbal prompting. Pre programmed number of hits before they fall. 🤘😎🤘

Low-Light CA/VDef.
Having a @jedburghtargets system on site was training value added.
#surefire #PoliceTraining #SWAT

Muzzle awareness and discipline. Your muzzle. Your responsibility. Environment dictates workspace. Temple index, holster index. Know when and why.
#LawEnforcementTraining #LawEnforcement #SWAT #PoliceTraining #Police #Sheriff

Jumped in a couple 2 man drills with this lil' @sigsauerinc MPX. Sweet shooting and fun to run. I kinda dig it. Also, it rained.


Ben and his staff @boresightsolutions dishing out some late summer love. Ben is a genuine good dude and I'm honored to call him a friend and humbled to be associated with him.

If you are wondering where the sparkle pony thing came from.

ssssssSOoooooo seeeppy.

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